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Chris colfer became a household
name in 2009 playing curt on” Glee ,” but he has been writing
stories his whole life since the age of 7. He’s a” New York
Times” best- selling author, released his 13th book, and his
sixth book entitled” Worlds collide” and joins us now.
Chris, we are so excited, but sad this is the last one in this
collection. But I want to go way back. It says you started these
at age 7. So what was going on in your mind at age 7? Oh, too
much. That’s why I found writing so therapeutic. I could out the
voices and the crazy bubbling inside of me. But I started
writing them when I was about 7. And it was very difficult to
write a novel when you’re 7, because I had a limited
vocabulary at the time. It’s still kind of limited, actually.
So I promised myself then that I would try to get it published
one day. And published the first one five years ago. And now here
we are at book number six. I hear you have the toughest
editor. Tell me who at 7 years old — who was reading your
books. Yes, my grandmother was my editor when I was 7. And I
would write up a chapter or, so and I would get on my big wheel
and I would go down to her house and I would hand her the
chapter, and she would spell check it, grammar check it, and
if she liked it, she would keep it in a pile, but if she didn’t
like T she would crumble it up and throw it away and say,”
Christopher, you can do better .” I need to know more. What is
her name, what do you call her, is she still your editor? I
don’t know if I should reveal her name because she is wanted
in four states. I knew I liked her. She’sonderful. She’s always
been my biggest cheerleader and champion. Oh, that’s fantastic.
So tell us about this latest book. I mean, you conclude the
whole series here. Is this something that you envisioned
from the very first book that you started writing? Kind of
like jk Rowling, how she mapped out the whole thing? No, I wish
I H known that we were going to be doing six books. But I just
started off pursuing one and one only. And luckily that one did
well, so I did a sequel, and that one did better than the
first. And so I said, okay, I’ll do four, but I’ll stop at four.
And then, of course, I decided to do two more because I didn’t
want to say goodbye to the characters yet. So I really wish
I had started with a more thorough plan of where things
were going. But I was surprised just as much as the readers
were. How are fans going to feel about you wrapping it up? How is
the ending? Because your fans are fanatical? You know, I would
never, ever, ever use the word” Perfect” to describe anything
I’ve ever been a part of. But I really do think this series has
the perfect ending. So I really hope the readers agree. For me
personally, it was exactly what I would have wanted to read if I
was in their shoes. But this, you know — the cool thing about
this is it may continue on into film, right? You’re already
talking to 20th century fox, and I understand you want torite and
direct? Is that right? Well, that’s what’s happening. 20th
century fox, I bought the film rights, so they’re going to let
me write and direct, so I could not be more excited, nervous,
terrified, every human emotion at once. Chris, you know
everybody in this town. So let’s talk a little casting, okay? Oh,
yeah. Let’s put the big players in the book. Who do you like?
Give me your dream team. Well, I think I’m just going to send the
script to Meryl Streep with a post- it that says” Anything you
want .” I have lists and lists of
different actors and actresses I’m fortunate enough to work
with on this. I don’t really want reveal them now, because I
don’t want anyone to feel like they’re second choice. I’ve been
that guy many times. What about you? Do you see yourself H a
part in it? My readers do. I do not.
Come on! I think it’s a little self- obsessed to write a book,
adapt it, direct it, and then cast myself in it. Do it, hey!
They do it all of the time! I enjoy being behind the camera
these days, the older I get, you know. Interesting. So is it a
change in you, you are no longer thinking acting, you’re going on
into directing and producing and writing full- time? Know. I I can
continue everything. I haven’t really quite made, like, a
choice to stick to one or the other. I’m just trying to take
whatever — whatever is coming my way when it comes. I was
thinking about all of the TV musicals that are out. Would you
ever do one of those? I was thinking, you have had to be
approached for all these in the past. You would be fantastic on
those. Oh, thank you. I can’t imagine, like, the adrenaline
those performers feel when it goes live. But I would love to
do one. I would like to see him in that. Speaking of musical
theatre, I know you were supporting amber Riley in
London, who is starring on the stage there. What was that like,
getting reunited with your “” Glee” star? We text at least
once a week, so it wasn’t much of a reunion. But it was
wonderful to see her on stage. She made me cry. She made me
laugh. She got, I think, four or five standing ovations before
even the curtain call happened. So I was so, so proud of her.
What play is she in there? She’s in” Dream girls” in the west
end. And I saw her opening night. And I was blown away. She
never ceases to amaze me. Well, you amaze us. Chris,
congratulations on this. We can’t wait to see who you cast.
” The land of stories: Worlds collide” is available right now.

70 thoughts on “‘The Land Of Stories’ Author Chris Colfer On His Book Series’ Epic Conclusion | Access Hollywood

  1. OMGoodness!!! I loved the book, bought it the first day it was published and read it that same day!!!


  3. My Dream cast
    Meryl Streep should play the fairy God mother
    He should play Charlie Charming/Froggy, did you ever realize the charming brothers have the same initials as him
    Lili Reinhart should play Red
    Just some ideas just had reply if you have any more so we could make a huge list

  4. There should be a movie, but, Chris should have his own cameo. In one of the scenes.
    I really love the book, and I’m quite upset that I am far behind. (Still on the second book cuz I am re-reading)
    I really hope there can be more books in the future. I love the books and the series.

  5. I have a question do Aladdin and the other Arabian Nights characters exist in the Land of Stories or no? I don't think Chris Colfer ever included them. I can't see why.

  6. When is the movie coming out? I can't wait! I'm done and most of my friends that read Land of Stories. Most are done
    With the whole series. We really wish there is more books!

  7. pls make a sequal of them as grown ups and their kids going onto the land of stories and they go in and save them pls pls pls

  8. I love the idea of having a movie, but I just don’t think these books are big enough to do a movie. I just don’t think it’s right.

  9. Termites ate half of my copies of the whole series I’ve collected…I’m hating my life, but the books made my days whenever I read them!

  10. I love your books I asked for them for Christmas last year and I never check out books from school I just bring your books in ♥️♥️


  12. I am so sad that the series ended !!!!! I read every single book of the land of stories five time !! I cannot give up reading it . I am so upset it is done . I love ittttt !!!!!! where I am from not many people read books . knowing that there are other people out there reading the book that I love with all my life seems a bit funny and weird ………..
    and waiting everyday to see wether the movie is out or not is driving me crazy !!!!!!
    and believe I am the biggest fan you ever had .
    continue your writing (especially the land of stories) and your talent

  13. If doesn't want to be one of the cast, he can do cameos! You know, like what Stan Lee, James Dashner (Maze Runner) and John Green (FIOS) did 😍

  14. Chris is making a prequel series set in The Land of Stories called, "A Tale of Magic". I can't wait to read that series, and watch the movie!

  15. I have read each of your books AT LEAST a dozen times. I’m not exaggerating at all!! In fact, the Land of Stories series has been almost the only books I have been reading since this year January. I’m just reading them over over again and it just never gets boring. This book series has inspired me to believe in magic and fairies, although my parents keep on telling me fairies aren’t real, but after reading this series, I believe in fairies and magic with all my heart. One day, you will be old enough to read fairy tales.

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