The Jungle Book 2 – Disneycember 2015

well after the surprise enjoyment of return to Neverland a kind of good Disney sequel I was suddenly reminded of the bad Disney sequels with Jungle Book – by no means an awful movie but definitely a 100% completely pointless one there is no reason to continue this story there is no reason to see these characters again the first one ended on a perfect note Mowgli goes where he's supposed to go and the animals go where they're supposed to go so if you're gonna do a sequel to this you should make it really interesting he'll even the original book had a sequel and it's very very interesting in fact it's downright depressing let's see how the first film barely followed the book I was expecting this one one neither not only was I right I was really disappointing Lee right Mowgli is still a little boy and still in the man village a family decides to take him in he even manages to get a little bit of a romantic acquaintance that is as much as boys like girls at that age but he finds the jungle is still calling him so one day after getting in a fight with his family he's suddenly out of nowhere feels like he doesn't belong and decides to run away and thus finds Baloo Bagheera and all his animal friends his girlfriend decides to chase after him but little do they all know that sheer Khan is back and once revenge from Mowgli humiliating him in the past will he slice into ribbons while they sing bare necessities of minimum four times oh how I wished as some of you know I wasn't really the biggest fan of the first jungle book that is to say it was good it was fine I just really wish there was a better rendition of the story told but it's okay it's passable so obviously in the sequel they try to relive a bunch of scenes that you remember from the first movie look there's Karl look there's the elephant's look there's the vultures and that's really about it the only things they're kinda new in this is the opening and the ending the opening where you see Mowgli in the man village which honestly could have been developed a lot more I think it's a little too happy in the ending where there's a climax in the ruins of an old temple that wasn't for a bit but aside from that it's literally just going from character to character scene to scene saying hey you remember this you remember this yeah I do remember this in fact I can just put on the first movie to watch it they just go from one distracting song to another distracting song actually not even a different distracting song most of the time is just bare necessities the romance between Mowgli and the girl isn't very interesting the new characters they do introduce just seem kind of pointless I get the feeling this was intended for little little kids and I guess as a story for little little kids go it'll entertain them for a bit but again it's Disney and it's The Jungle Book don't you think a little bit more time and effort would go into the development of this I mean on a technical level it's not bad the animation is still really nice especially on the human characters the voice actors are good choices with Haley Joel Osment mold Lee and Jung Goodman as Baloo as well as Tony J playing Shir khan and jim cummings as caught these are all good replacements but just makes you feel all the worse that's being wasted on a story that just has no reason to be nothing is discovered nothing is really furthered it just kind of goes back to what you did in the first film and even then I don't think I'm giving anything away here he just kind of goes back to where he belongs which yeah that's kind of what happened the first film wasn't it with Disney doing another live-action remake of this story and it looks like they're gonna stick to the animated film once again it's such a shame to think we will never see a movie version of this book that's supposed to be like the book I just never got outside of the Chuck Jones short why we never got this version on the big screen it's interesting and kids would watch it and adults would watch it it's the one time a dark gritty reboot would be totally welcomed but as someone who thought the first film was OK at best this one just left me completely empty and I think most people forget it immediately after they watch it I feel bad because there's obviously a lot of work and talent that went into making it but unless you do something new or interesting I think I'm gonna stay out of the jungle for a while

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  1. Has he seen the Jungle Book movie that had Sabu (not the wrestler) from back in the 40s? I heard that was good and from what I've seen it is, like Thief of Baghdad starring the same actor

  2. When I was a kid I fuckin hated the fact that the children could talk to the animals. With Mowgli it made sense because he grew among them, but now the children are talking to them which suddenly means that the animal speak in perfect English???

  3. So is Critic gonna review mowgli? I hear that was based off the book: He seems to really want an adaptation

  4. When I was a kid, I wanted Mowgli to stay in the Jungle in the end. But he didn’t, and I wondered if he did return to the jungle. And that’s the good news about the sequel, because it does show he does return to Jungle. And what could be cooler than that?

  5. I actually really love this movie. Mae Whitman did a great job voice acting as Shawntee. (Is that how you spell her name?) And Sher Khan’s VA was phenomenal as well! Everything was just fine with me.

  6. I grew up with this film. I watched this almost every day for years because it was my favorite. When I was 8, I wanted to see the first one finally. I liked it much better. I only now realize how bad this sequel is.

  7. There is a better rendition of The Jungle Book. You should check out the Russian version. It's far better than Disney's

  8. I don't know if Doug will see this but there is a dark, gritty take of The Jungle Book coming to Netflix.

  9. Netflix has an upcoming "Mowgli" movie, I wonder if that will reflect closer to the original book story? Critic, do you review Stream service only movies? If not, could you work that into your playlists? There are some GREAT Netflix Original movies and series out there that build off nostalgic origins (Voltron reboot, Spirit Riding Free, The Little Prince)

  10. Can you do the live action Jungle book from the '90s Disney did and pretended not to have created. I actually loved that version as a kid way more than the cartoon. Had amazing animal actors I think.

  11. The old stuff feels pretty recycled, but i actually found Mowgli's story arc with his adoptive family compelling.

  12. Such an insult that they would release this bad movie theatrically when the animation was that bad and the story was a retread of the first one.

  13. The jungle book 2 is a beautiful Disney movie and a perfect Disney sequel. It’s funny, well animated, the voices are perfect, the graphics got better than in the first movie, and tbh I think this one is way better than the first. Anyway, this is my personal thought, you are free to disagree.

  14. Warner Brothers is making there version of The Jungle Book it may be the dark movie version you've been wishing for.

  15. I remember liking this film when it first came out. Now? I can't watch it without expecting Mowgli to pull out a Keyblade and start beating up a bunch of Heartless.

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