“The Innovator’s Dilemma” by Clayton Christensen – VIDEO BOOK SUMMARY

46 thoughts on ““The Innovator’s Dilemma” by Clayton Christensen – VIDEO BOOK SUMMARY

  1. Great Thank. Where can i find the subtitles for this summary? There wasn't it in a subscription message.

  2. I 've never in my life left a comment on a YouTube video, your video was so good I was compelled to comment. This is the best ever summary video I have come across, and coming from someone who has read the book a multiple times, you've summarized it quite wonderfully. Keep up this great work.

  3. Great concept!! thanks!!
    Would you consider making one about "Ten types of innovation" from Doblin? 🙂

  4. Excellent summary! One suggestion is to have 15 minutes capsule to give a run down on each chapter's key takeaway! I know I am asking for more! (;-)

  5. Summary: as you become successful, you become really good at doing what you do.
    Whereas Startup is a company in search for repeatable business model.
    One Startup eventually finds something and becomes the new big company and become efficient at doing what it does.
    Landscape changes, new needs arise and new efficient ways become available. Yet your big company is so good at doing what it does it doesn't feel the sting until new lethal bacteria has formed and it wipes out the whole thing……even if you wanted to change, your customers, employees, managers, investors all resist the change. until customer one day realizes what they wanted was stupid, and there are better things (horses vs cars) and you're left with 50 barns of horses that your customer wanted you to have, you had become so good at providing horses that you had all the big customers, and you asked them what they wanted they always said better horses. and that what you did. you just didnt see the future.
    You were busy making customers happy by doing what they ask you to do. while a startup was busy winning them.

    my solution: once best be like nature.

    – Always continue to have variations.
    – Dont aim to be the best but better than the other guy, this way your are on look out.
    – Have competition with in.
    – Exploit all possible way to have life: leave no niche uncontested: dont let others take your underside, (Life lives on grasslands but also at corners of underwater boiling acidic fumes. You dont know where new innovation could make disruption easy, it rather be your business canabilizing your other business then someone else)

  6. Clay Christensen has talked about Uber in 2015, and he clearly pointed out it is NOT a disruptive innovation!!!!!
    Christensen, C. M., Raynor, M. and McDonald, R. (2015) ‘What is Disruptive Innovation?’, Harvard Business Review , Available at: http://www.ey.com/Publication/vwLUAssets/ey-hbr-disruptive-innovation/%24FILE/ey-hbr-disruptive-innovation.pdf

  7. You made a mistake mentioning UBER as a disruptive company. This company does not meet the requirements for being considered disruptive, it is not a product which has a lower performance as the cabs and the most important thing, it has to go after a lower client segment or a new market niche.
    Instead of that, the company goes after the cab's clients, it did not start from one of those segments, therefore, it cannot be considered as a disruptive product.

  8. OMG you guys are just amazing! Thank you for all the information and beautiful drawings, they totally help me a lot with my master course 😀 Keep going guys!

  9. I am participant for this program and for cohort June, 2019. I hope can share the past of my experiences to my peers soon.

  10. Nice summary, but you're missing one key element in the definition of a disruptive innovation. A disruptive innovation underperforms in the characteristics of the old innovation, but it has a characteristic in which it outperforms the old innovation. A great example is the laptop in my opinion. The first laptops were shit, they underperformed pc's in everyway, however: they were portable. To refer this to one of your examples Airbnb… Airbnb rooms might underperform regular hotel rooms in comfort/service etc., however Airbnb offers a 'new characteristic', that rooms can be rented out by everyone and not just established hotels.

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