The importance of Outdoor Education

hi there you know where I am this is an Outdoor Education Lab school this one here is run by a school district in this case the school district of Jefferson County Colorado you know what's sad is that this isn't commonplace right there's not an outdoor education lab school in every school district in the country why is that well I think it's up to us to advocate that environmental education is fundamental to not only education but to the greater society well what do I mean by that well in our interconnected 21st century world it's more important than ever that we think about the hydrosphere the atmosphere the lithosphere under our feet the geosphere and the anthro sphere the human imprint the human impact on the landscape in all of our decision-making from local to global and that's because all of the essential issues of our time have an environmental and a geographic component for example natural hazards water quality population changes the ocean health all kinds of things related to the environment again at different scales and at different processes and at different time periods so some things act on a very short time frame like water quality changes or wildfire or the current hurricane going on on the East Coast while other changes are more gradual let's say a slow-moving landslide like the one we've got over here in western Colorado or subtle changes in soil moisture over time or the movement of glaciers for example so some things are even longer time periods than that yes or the the evolving landscape in this area of the the gradual erosion of river valleys in the uplift of mountains anyway the point is is that the students up here are studying all kinds of things ranging from archery to which is where they learn about physics and fluid mechanics and things like that to geology to hydrology and it's also hydrology that's related to human impact so for example where does this lab school get its water from where does the dispose of its water how can it maintain a good healthy relationship with the environment so the students up here are really learning about not just the physical environment but also their role in the environment and how they can make better decisions in the future for ourselves for our children for our grandchildren etc so advocate for outdoor education in in society it's very important that we do that Thanks

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