hi this is jr. today we shall see the fate of the apostle's bike in a Volvo we have already seen that kind of wolf was a wandering Glee man and a lover of pressure he was well educated and he was very fluent in Latin later he had a mission of cross and thus he got converted and he should have lived either in Northumbria or in Murcia and he started writing religious composition he was a man of church he was well educated in ecliptic collec listicle means about the Christianity and the hagiographical literature hagiography means the history of the saints of and he was also educated in the degree and dogma and doctrines of the Catholic Church this means about the principles and the preachings of the Catholic Church though many works were thought to be have written by him now the scholars feel that the following four are his particular works the first one is the faith of the positivist second Juliana third Ellen and fourth Christ the second or the assertion and all these poems were actually drawn upon Latin sources such as homeless and hagiographies that is about the preachings of Christianity and then hagiographic so now we shall see about the fate of the posters we know very well that apostles means of the followers of a religious leader and here in this poem of kind of ISM kind of wolf is referring to the followers of Christ and actually the fate of the post offense is the shortest of cannibals work so it is a written in 122 lines and actually it is a very brief Marty ology Marty ology means people who die because of their faith they are not willing to give up their faith but they are willing to give up the life form and this is about the Martyrology of the tula postures that is the followers of christ and it is written in standard alliteration versa and the fates recites the key events that subsequently befell each of them apostle's after the accession of Jesus and it is written and the first person throughout the poem so let's see what happened to the followers of Christ one by one Matthew Matthew was killed by a SWAT wound in Autopia because he was preaching the gospel mark he died in Alexandria in Egypt and how he died is he was dragged through the streets by horses until he died then comes Luke Luke was hanged in Greece for preaching the gospel then we have John John is also called John the Evangelist and actually it was boiled in a huge basin of boiling oil during a wave of persecution in Rome but miraculously he did not die he was then sentenced to the prison island Petros where he wrote the book of Revelation this Apostle John was later freed and he returned to serve as a bishop to a dresser in Turkey and he died an old man in fact he is only a pasta fill to die peacefully peeta peeta was crucified upside down on an x-shaped cross and what the church has recorded is that he told his tormentors that he felt unworthy to die the same way the dayss Christ had died so he wanted himself to be crucified upside down on the ex crosser James he was the leader of the church in Jerusalem and he fell over a hundred feet where he was thrown from the southeast Binaca of the temple because he refused to deny his faith in Christ but even then he did not die and when his enemies discovered that he survived they bet him to death with a foolish class and what should be noted here is that this was the same pinnacle where Satan had taken Jesus during the temptation James the Sun Nevada was beheaded at Jerusalem for preaching the gospel the same Roman officer who guarded James during his trial escorted him to his execution touched by James testimony and overcome with conviction the soldier accepted Christianity and Christ and knelt beside James to accept the sentence they were both beheaded Bartolome he was also known as Nathanael and was a missionary to Asia Turkey but Rama was killed for preaching in Armenia where he was behaved eaten to death with a whip Andrew he was crucified in Greece for preaching the gospel he was whipped severely and hung on a cross by cords to prolong the agony it took two days for him to die and he continued to preach the gospel to his tormentors until his death as he approached the cross he made his Proclamation I have long desired and expected this happy heart the Cross has been consecrated by the body of Christ hanging on it Thomas Thomas was killed by a spear during one of his missionary trips to establish the church in India Jude Jude was killed with arrows when he refused to deny Christ Matthias was supposed to fill chosen to replace Judas Iscariot he was stoned and then beheaded Paul Paul lived in a present for many years where he wrote many of their pastels he was tortured and then beheaded by the Emperor Nero in Rome in 67 ad and kind of kennywood's ends the poem by asking would we be able to stand the test of persecution or possibly death for Christ now let's read the poem the fate of the bastards listen I discovered this poem theory of the road inside my second soul I gathered it widely how these Robel men revealed the courage brilliant and blessed in glory they were twelve glory fast in the deeds selected by the Lord cherished in life they praise Springs broadly they power and repetition across middle-earth no small majesty of these Tunney's of the prince the casting of lots guided that press of saints way they must glorify the law of the Lord reckon before warriors certain men Peter and Paul gave up their lives in the Roman city Caelius and bold in battle through the narrow treachery of neuro this apple stick state is worried widely across the nations of men likewise Andrew in archaea ventured his life before ages not at all shrinking before the majesty of any nations King upon the earth instead he chose for himself a perpetual and longer-lasting existence the light eternal after the valiant man was stretched out upon the gallows after the battle play with a clamor of the army again we have also have heard reckoned upon John a lower voice men accounting is lineage that man was as I have learnt dearest to Christ through his country in human condition after the king of glory the source point of angels sought the earth through a woman's womb the father of mankind in upas he instructed the people for all time then he sought his journey upon the life's way the joys of Evan the bride prosperities of home nor more his brother's slow reluctant to venture but through the bite of squads among the Jews Jacob must part for his life before Herod his soul away from his flesh Philip was among the Asians then he sought forth with this eternal life through the killing of a cross after he was hanged upon the gallows in hero Phyllis by a battle Banda indeed the event became widely unsecret so that the battle crafty warrior led is living into India bartylla more Astrid is Ethan and heart blind ordered him in Al Burnham to be deprived of his head because he wished not to be the pagan rites nor honor their ideals his way the joys of glory the full life dearer than those false gods likewise Thomas as well ventured boldly into another portion of India where minds were enlightened for many firming up their hearts through his holy word after the Kings bread the golden spirit was awakened by glorious craft before the armies through the power of the Lord so that he arose from death young and bold in battle and his name was gat and then he gave his gone soul to the people in strife the rush of the sworn seized him through a Heath in hand where the saint fell a wound for the sake of the multitude from there his soul sought the light of glory of victory as recompensa more we have heard through the holy books that the truth was revealed among the sand Jewelers the glorious judgment of God the start of day awoke be belief in the light the land was purified by Mathias famous of Lord after has ordered him with that angry mind a slaughter cruel King to be put to death with weapons we have heard the Jacob in Jerusalem suffered a killing before the priests through the swing of a club the resolute fell down blessed because of the malicious he holds now eternal life with the glory King as reward for his war fairing those two were not slow to fighting the play of shields they sought the land of Persia eager to journey Simon and Tara's warriors but those two together had one single dying day the noble men must suffer the deed through weapon hate seek glorious reward and celebrate the truthful joy after death when they life was separated from the body and they despised all that loaned treasure those idle hurts of wealth thus these noble men were given the end these twelve excellent in mind the Townies of glory better renown unbroken in the wits the boy means like this I hope you liked the poem and if you have anything to share about this please to write it in the comment box like the video share it with your friends and if you've not subscribed my channel please do subscribe and encouraged thank you

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