The hilarious art of book design | Chip Kidd

20 thoughts on “The hilarious art of book design | Chip Kidd

  1. One would wish that such a gifted person could manage to wear a jacket of the correct size – the ironing of the trousers is optional.

  2. In Alfred A. Knopf, the "Knopf" is pronounced "Kno-pf", with both the "p" and "f" sounds pronounced, not "Knoff", with a silent "p".

  3. So basically he appropriated the skeleton art that appeared in some type of journal for use in creating the logo for the book that was later used in the movie. OK….. mediocre artists create, excellent artists steal.

  4. I love books. Have considered a kindle to reduce my book clutter. Dodged the kindle bullet by giving away the books I'm sure I won't read again. Problem solved, now I can keep relaxing in the tub with a book and a drink. 💖

  5. Chip Kidd's broken glasses are part of one of his 'looks'. He wears many styles depending on the occasion/impression he wishes to convey to his audience!

  6. 8:02 More like from someones head, to his hand, to his paper, to his scientific book illustration, to Chips hands, to Chips tracing paper.

  7. Temple: Often called the arm, this is the piece of the frame that extends over the ear to help hold the glasses in place.

  8. By incorrectly reading title, I thought TED Talk was going to be about designing "childrenn's" book covers.

  9. I wish he’d explained why he’s dressed as Billy Bunter. I thought he was going to refer to the illustrations. Brilliant talk though.

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