The Hidden Tools Of Writing Comedy – Steve Kaplan [FULL INTERVIEW]

36 thoughts on “The Hidden Tools Of Writing Comedy – Steve Kaplan [FULL INTERVIEW]

  1. Thank you Steven Kaplan. I just bought your books. Amazing advise. Very unique and unusual. Love it

  2. wow this is so amazing, I had to take notes, very helpful. I am not really writing comedy but I was curious, I think this guy is a genius and so genuine and generous to share his vast knowledge. thank you so much.

  3. Another great interview on Film Courage. I love hearing Kaplan talk. His book is sure to be another from Film Courage interviewees that I'll be buying.

  4. Wow! The best interview I've heard so far, so interesting and informative.  Steve, I could have sat and listened to you all day, but as a new writer I have to crack on.  Wish you ran workshops in Cardiff UK, I'd sign up in a heart beat.

  5. This is a great interview that's actually giving me a lot of insight on how to tackle my story ideas.

  6. I'm sat here trying to write my time travel comedy and all I can say is there are some real pearls of wisdom.

  7. My mind is being blown about the Art of movies. Acting, screenwriting and all. I love it all. So raw!

  8. I love this guy. He seems so knowledgable. And more than that- he's eager and willing to share his wisdom with such joy. 🙂

  9. One day i will be saying that i had been seeing a great youtube channel called Film Courage to learn about film making.

  10. @ElenaDiaz What is the timecode?   Number 2 is Michael Hauge.  Off of memory, Number 3 might be Christopher Vogler.

  11. Thanks Steve! Great pointers and great insights into the inner workings of comedy. You helped me see why some of my comedy scenes worked, why others didn't and what principals I could employ to make them all work.

  12. This was a super insightful interview and such an interesting guy. He says a lot of stuff that I thought about myself but I've never heard it come from someone else. It's nice to know that you're not the only one, it's very encouraging. I love all of the stuff that you guys are doing, it's very much appreciated because it's necessary. 

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