The Happy Poet | Official Trailer | CLS

it would be all organic mostly vegetarian really healthy tasty food at a reasonable price and eventually I'd like to get it running completely on solar so basically it would be the only food stand of its kind good luck people don't understand that what you do the way you live your life gonna be a work of art what do you think of the happy poet it's cute new food stand dude come check us out to that's really good new organic food stand guys like vegetarian food come to happy poet food stand so you gonna ask her out of what if you don't do it I'm gonna do it oh god i'd really like to read some your poetry sometime it's called chasm look I don't know what you're trying to pull here first payment is due a week from today you want to know what you can do you can go back in time and not betray me what happens if I get arrested I die every morning when I wake in the chasm bruised buttocks bouncing on my bed is the easiest thing always the best thing you have no idea how much I believe in the happy poet nitrates get nitrate hot dogs I think it's the food stand of the future so I'm talking to a kitchen how's the poet doing he's happy just remember I'm the happy poet I'm not naming it bad to get laid okay you

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