The Handmaids Tale Part 1: Crash Course Literature #403

50 thoughts on “The Handmaids Tale Part 1: Crash Course Literature #403

  1. Yes, let us hope the Democrats do not pull us back into slavery, for which they were the party of.

  2. If they only knew how bad things really were. Good luck, all (are we still talking about heath care?).

  3. "I don't know how she ended, or even if she did, because I never saw her again." What a heartbreaking sentence.

  4. I finally read this, and that’s because it was required in my English class. So happy to have read this at the age of 27! Any younger, I would’ve been more confused. And older, I would’ve been sad that I waited so long.

    Such a fantastic book, and scary look at a dreary future for women. I’m excited to read the sequel!

  5. One of my favorite authors of all time. She makes every book worth reading. Her name is Paige Turner. Check her out.

  6. Pausing at 2:41 cause, I don't mind reading about how cute a kid is, how bad the flight was, what's wrong with weather, it actually makes it more amazing when the brilliant mind that gave way to an epic fantasy world also it's donuts on Thursdays. Point aside you should totally follow Patrick Rothfuss on Twitter, he's funny, he's clever and it's a delight to read his simple comments as well as the witty, poetic ones

  7. Theres two seasons in the backwoods of Québec:
    1) Giant hoards of bugs trying to suck out your soul season and
    2) Minus 40 degrees freezing depth of winter season.
    You cant win.

  8. Life in Gilead for women is still less horrible than real daily life for women in many countries.

  9. wow is there really a box with handmaid's tale's background at u of t's library? I'll go check it out xD

  10. Spends 12 minutes taking jabs at conservatives and preaching about women's health, spends zero minutes actually talking about what happens when you voluntarily give up your liberties and then how a tyrannical government enslaves you. Bravo on missing the point everyone

  11. he talks so goddamn much and very few of it is registering in my brain
    it's like a university lecture and this is why im a uni drop out

  12. Offred is also off red. She's not just another Handmade dressed in red. She's different. We get to hear her story.

  13. Ive been studying dystopian for a levels and i can honestly say that i don't like any dystopian movies at all but oh my god the Handmaid's tale is by far the more confusing and complicated thing ive ever had to study !!!

  14. This book left me feeling haunted and almost lost, with my foundation shaken. All that said, It's a beautiful, and I enjoyed it so much. Has to be a top shelf keeper.

  15. A mind needs to be sick to dream about such disgusting things. These stories are tainting the souls of people who are already full of dirt. Focus on utopias, and realize them.

  16. anyone focused on some obscure idea like "fascism" … is projecting their internal compass that shows they are indeed those attributes that define what they state they disdain — they themselves are authoritarian, cruel, vicious and brutal to those around them who differ from them.

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