The Greatest Poet You've Never Heard (Is 12 Yrs Old)

forgotten I feel sorry oh no a deep breath from my lungs that sees all the pain from what I have become i sat there and cried that doesn't forget me not what the forgetful have never forgot but now I see with my eyes I feel with my hair is that coil around anger I touch it and it feels like silk to me I come closer and let it take me it invites me with that evil sound I love it so I embrace it I become the insecure Mack my criticized not obliged and that I never wanted to be me I still kiss it to me it smells good for I have no things to give my passion to but what I am now made of a boiling hot kettle with the temper it will rise so I cannot meet with my mind me and good cross paths we glare but we stare frightened of what we have been not begin but still we shake hands still remembering that were enemies still not friends but to begin this is the start not my heart on my part I'm so trying to forget now recommend but there's one more thing I need to say before I and just start anew I said I grew but I already knew that the forgetful have never forgot first person coming up she's been doing this a very long time and she's only 12 years old put your hands together make a lot of noise for Miss popcorn

45 thoughts on “The Greatest Poet You've Never Heard (Is 12 Yrs Old)

  1. Im 20 years old and I wrote seven books already, four of them being while I was still in High school. Where's my prodigy video? lolzz

  2. Nothing against this girl, but this is not "good" poetry. Look, I'm 26 now, and I've been reading and writing poetry since I was about five, consistently. I've generally avoided the public scene because publishers aren't good poets. They aren't supposed to be. They just sell. And this is just exploitation. Poetry is an art, and art is expression. When expression is perfected in the areas of articulation, prose, and also the factor of linguistic relativity, that's the measure of a good poet.

  3. if she actually wrote that without any help then it is amazing. If she got help from her parents or teachers, then not so amazing.

  4. I don't like poems that do not rhyme,
    I wouldn't even buy one for a dime.
    Just a bunch of words that make no sense,
    (and btw…I am just putting in… my two-cents)
    written vertically from up to down,
    the lack of innovation makes me frown.
    Always about some negative thing,
    that leaves some people with a sting,
    and in the end all they provide,
    are thoughts of suicide.
    Such thoughts should not be written,
    as the negativeness should be smitten.
    (Only have room for one more rhyme) So get a kitten.

  5. OK….. carry on and you might discover a poem about how poetry is about expression and not competition about good grace but most of all get out and express it………..She is and I respect her for it whatever I think of her poetry, how it effects me or misses me.

  6. That was very good. So deep and meaningful. I really understood what she wrote. I feel like I'm going through those sort of feelings now.

  7. now if you could read it says she is the greatest poet you never heard not implying that she is the greatest ever simply stating that she is an amazing poet .and "not bad for a kid" lets see you do better at 12

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