The great KK (singer)& legendary Mehboob (lyricist)on their careers &’Lashtam Pashtam’ with Hrishi K

30 thoughts on “The great KK (singer)& legendary Mehboob (lyricist)on their careers &’Lashtam Pashtam’ with Hrishi K

  1. I love you kk your big fan pagal hojata hu aapka gana sunke mere life ka subse best man of kk mera life change kardiya aapka gana ne from nepal

  2. ये उम्र क्यूँ आड़े आ जाती है। तुम बूढ़े क्युँ हो रहे हो। एक पँचम,एक तुम, भगवान का वरदान हो भारत की जनता के लिए।

  3. Thanks a lot for this video ,,KK is just a living legend and his magical voice goes straight to the soul from our heart…A real mesmerizer and yes mehboob ji also lots n lots of respect for his unmatchable unbeatable writings ,,and lastly bt importantly..Sana's work Rua Rua is mind blowing..a very different very unique touch with negative notes with high notes composition is yet super awesome to listen.. very beautiful song.loved it

  4. Best lesson for all the singers, song lyricist and mucis directors.. Love you my Idol The KK and Mehboob saab. 💙🙏

  5. Its really true that You dont have to prove that you are best…..enjoying life is more important. Thank you kk….will miss u….

  6. For me, KK sir is the closest phenomenon to God.
    His velvet voice is one-of-a-kind: He makes you feel his songs like you are going through that particular situation with his unbelievable feel. He is Versatility King, Power Incarnate, Soul of a song.
    Just because He has not been in the limelight; He is not known enough. He is admired by his peers and worshipped by fans. Every song of His is a milestone in itself and with all this professional extravaganza, His personality is so endearing. I was blessed to meet him a few times, He always greeted a fan like me with a child-like smile and warm hug. May he croon for decades to come and His music will live on till end of time. #Mesmerizer

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