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so hello everyone my name is nimesh so all of us here we are part of the internet generation we have grown up with laptops and mobile phones we are used to getting everything at the snap of fingers but that is also meant that our generation has gotten somewhat disconnected with our cells as well as the outside world so my poem is titled the Generation Z and here it goes I'm from a generation that believes in tinder dates instead of falling in love in coffee shops I'm from a generation that wants the world on their mobile phones instead of seeing it through the eyes we want the latest cars the latest trains memes on the internet we follow Instagram accounts that make us hate ourselves living a moment comes second to posting it online we may be starving but God forbid you forget to put up a story before taking the first bite we have clothes for every occasion the gym look the just out of bed look the office look the party look the classy look the casual look when will be realized we don't need so many clothes we just need to learn to love ourselves better our pockets are full but the hearts are empty we have so much money that we spend 200 bucks on a cup of bitter coffee we work hard and party harder trying to climb the corporate ladder but when someone asked us when was the last time we were really happy we don't have an answer everyone says they're young and just trying to have fun but how is it that you have a hundred fun stories about when you're drunk and not one about when you're sober a priorities are all messed up we don't want happiness we want pork roast meals in 5-star hotels we spend a hard-earned money on tight t-shirts trip jeans and high heels the highlight of a day is when we take them off and breathe a sigh of relief the problem is we want the money we want the fame we want the part we want everyone to know her name but we don't want the struggle no we want to pass over to success it's like watching a video on 2x speed on YouTube and we can't even hear the words of enjoy the song we all want to be different and make our own identity but in the end we end up doing the same things that everyone else is doing we eat at the same fast-food joints visit the same tourist places and use the same pickup lines so no nothing makes us really special with just another face in a really really long line we listen to music that is order tuned we watch television shows that are staged we follow celebrities that are fake we letter promises go to we make viral sensations Auto hello friends chai pillow auntie's when there's an undiscovered path EQ HOD in every street and we may be living in 2019 but we still discriminate on the basis of caste colour religion and shape don't tell me this isn't true because it is happening in every city in every state we want a coffees darker and the love of a life's fairer we want a climax s2 last in a relationships to end so we can move on to the next best thing we are building bridges but creating distances we have a friend list of 2000 but no real friends we're destroying ourselves and everything that matters our cities are turning into gas chambers the rivers are turning in to see which pipes of farmers are dying our daughters a crying and all we care about is the Instagram photo that has the most likes so maybe it's time we stop changing our profile pictures for tragedies and start changing our hearts and maybe it's time to stop looking at our mobile screens and start looking around thank you [Applause] you

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  1. Bhai mujhe puri video m sirf song or chayi pilo aanti bs ye samjme aaya hai or sb sarr ke uprr gyi ye englash😂😂 yrr kuch hindi main bhi bata dete kuch

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    Social house bhayi log mr.pushkar ko bulayo
    Nidhi to gayi aap ke chenal se.. in dono ka hi best hai

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  8. A Dil ♥️
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