The Future of Education: Sajan George at TEDxUNC

21 thoughts on “The Future of Education: Sajan George at TEDxUNC

  1. All these pointless talks. They are repeating over and over and over the same thing that is common sense and we all already know. There are no solutions coming up, please give the solutions.

  2. yes ok good stuff, but it's not always about the quality of the teacher, it's about students being focused, getting serious about and putting more effort in their education in order to get better grades. It's about adopting a certain behavior towards learning and this is why you see people excelling and others failing. You cannot change a nation until they change themselves.

  3. A great talk by Sajan..But trust me in ground reality implementing isn't a reality in developing countries including India..the biggest issue is lack of participation of teachers in public schools for whom they dont need to do anything extra for what they are paid. Even if they dont work they get their pay cheques on time…So I would really salute if a pilot of 10 schools in rural india is taken and this could be implemented. But TED is all about ideas and its a great idea without any doubt..

  4. Everyone today can have access to a wealth of knowledge resources and information with today's technology just as much as the fancier schools. Teachers can definitely be an even more invaluable guide. A deeper issue is wiping out the elitist mindsets and assumptions that some attach to certain of these elitist schools vis-a-vis the quality of education.

  5. Very good idea, but unfortunately it is very expensive for a society of our ( St. Mary's Higher Secondary School, Thalacode, Mulanthuruthy, Ernakulam, Kerala, India. PIN : 682 314, Mob : +919447664228)

  6. evry person can learn and improved on education but is better to have experience on  what you want to learn befort to start

  7. "not by looking for sure known answers to life with a set job for life, but by answering questions that there is no answer to,"

    Answering questions that there is no answer to? That is a total contradiction.

  8. I agree with this guy. Everyone learns differently at a different pace. The way the education system is, doesn't accommodate for anyone individually but as a collective which is bad.

  9. Everyone doesn't need a college degree or a good public school to succeed! These goals have been vastly improved over the last twenty years, meanwhile our culture and economy plummeted. Fixing education requires the exact opposite–greater emphasis on jobs and true achievement, not official recognition such as degrees and test scores. Especially with the information age, these are outdated.

  10. I'm not arguing in favor of wasteful spending in education, but if we don't make the investments to help these kids become productive members of society, we'll be spending the money to house and feed them and process and hold them in the penal system for much or all of their lives with no benefit to society. The younger generations are the ones who will be funding our medicare and social security benefits because, as it stands now, the government is borrowing to pay for those programs.

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