THE FNIA CANDY ROUTE… | FNIA: The Visual Novel (FniaCircusBaby)

35 thoughts on “THE FNIA CANDY ROUTE… | FNIA: The Visual Novel (FniaCircusBaby)

  1. FNIA… Candy? Well, that happened!
    Hope you guys like this one and I love checking out all these FNIA Novels, but I wish they atleast had different names XD

    ANYWAY, if you enjoy the FNIA Novels check out our playthrough of the one by Turner J Frost! TONS of characters and TONS of routes! –

  2. Mairusu: "Yeah u know whats gonna happen right?"

    Me: yah i know whats gonna happen so please just show meh those glorious jugs

  3. The part that you said that the part where Spring BonBon was asking you if you wanted to have some fun and you said it reminded you of the meat you had with Candy a few minutes ago,that kinda sounds gay for some reason.(Sorry if I offended you)

  4. If one Fnia goin to me iam destroyed!!!!!!
    Whit POWERRRR UNLIMITED!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Uses Force Lightning

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