The Financier. The novel by Theodore Dreiser

Have you heard about a Theodore Dreiser’s novel “The financier”? This is the first volume of “the Trilogy of Desire” which also includes “The Titan” and “The Stoic” “An American tragedy” written by the same author is only of my favorite books I’ve read it 5 or 6 times I think It was inspired by the real story of Chester Gilette and someday I want to buy his diary But back to the book This is a story about a very ambitious and very enterprising self-made financier who by his 30th becomes one of the financial powers in Phili and manages to grow a pretty large fortune through stock speculations But then he loses everything because of financial panic caused by the great Chicago fire His legally questionable acts become known and his both financial and political allies abandon him And by the end of the first book he is sent to serve the sentence for larceny and theft Dreiser is a naturalist. His art is the art of facts and scrupulous description of events and things. His characters are very persevering. They know what they want and they try to get it no matter what I really have no idea how it is going to end, but I believe it’s main idea is that if you are good at something, stick with it and you will find success And if you don’t give up, failure is just a temporary state until you succeed Yes, I do love inspiring stories and I absolutely love “The Pursuit of happiness” I think such books and movies are able to make people better and certainly they inspire us to fight for our future

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  1. good work… really read it 6 times..????
    Anyway…..CONGRATS……..for your work…..KEEP IT GOING….

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