The Everyday Items Author and Motivational Speaker Gabe Smith Needs for Success

Headphones are a wonderful tool for keeping people out. (wheeze) Well, that was his agreeing wheeze. You should write a self-help book, Noodle. It would be called, “Help.” You wanna smell this? Approved! Ooh, you better treat yourself, Gabe! You guys, he took a nap and
now he’s bathing on camera. You are such a floozy. (upbeat music) Hi everyone! Thank you
so much for watching this week’s episode of Tools of the Trade. My name is Jonathan and this Noodle had a very long day at the office, but he’s taking a nap. So, honestly, we’re just
gonna let him do it. He’s such a sweet prince and he’s also an unconscious prince. Today’s box is curated by Gabe Smith Sr. who is the writer of The Definition, a self-help, motivational
book written based on his own personal experiences
on how he got to where he is. So Gabe is an absolutely
incredible person. He’s a single father of
four based in Los Angeles who had quite the life. (wheeze) Well, that was his agreeing wheeze. So he had a really complicated
life and at one point he was homeless and he
didn’t have a laptop and he wanted to write a book
and he just made that happen. And his story is one of the
many reasons we featured him as one of our icons. So many obstacles has been
placed in front of him, so I’m sure a lot of
you can identify with, you know, one after another. When it rains, it pours,
it storms, it’s a monsoon. And some people just make the most of it and they’re able to overcome
and he is one of these people and we’re so excited that
he took the time to curate this box for us! And Noodle, I would love if
you started paying attention. You guys, he took a nap and
now he’s bathing on camera. You are such a floozy! There you go. Okay, so the first item we’ve
got in the Gabe Smith box is– did you put Velcro on this one? Every single box has another sort of layer to it. I can’t wait till we
get to like episode 40 and the box is like one of
those Russian dolls, right? And it takes me forever
to get inside of it. Okay, the first item we
have in this box is… Ooh, you better treat yourself, Gabe! This is Caffe D’Vita
mocha cappuccino grounds. So this is the mocha cappuccino powder that I can imagine is just
like that hot chocolate powder. Oh, got it! Just like
hot chocolate powder. So you can put this in
things to make it better. You can put this in coffee,
you can put this in a smoothie, you can put this in iced coffee,
right, you can go all out. Ooh, I bet you can even maybe
put it in like something you’re baking with, right? Not to get crazy but I
do think you could do it. This is obviously a creature comfort. This is something that this man loves! He loves how this tastes, he loves a mocha and I think a lot of people
can sort of identify with that, right? You get your Starbucks
order in the morning or you make it yourself and it’s gotta be that
one thing that you wake up that starts your day off right. And I also kinda like the idea
that he’s a father of four and that this is a huge value size, right? This can’t just be for him. This has got to be something
that a lot of people enjoy in his family. And it’s been around since
1974 which, let me tell you, was a wonderful vintage! Are you participating now? Look at this prince. You should write a
self-help book, you know. It would be called, “Help.” (laughter) That’s what it would be called. Okay, the next item we have
in the Gabe Smith box is… Oh, a wireless charger! I love these. This is one of those, like, my mom reached out to me and was like, “What do you want for Christmas?” and I was like, “This.” So this is fabulous for a couple reasons. It’s super easy to use, right? You put one of these
guys down, you plug it in and you can just charge your phone on it. I just like this because
it’s like high tech and you can kinda leave
it wherever you want like if you got a
consistent workplace like I have my iPhone cord with me, but, you know, that cord I
also take with me everywhere that’s like the one that I have. So this is really great
because you can just kind of set it and forget it. If you are a writer, if you
have overcome the kind of things that this man has, you deserve
the finer things in life. My roommate actually got one of these and for the longest time
she wouldn’t use her phone cause she just loved
that she was charging it. It was one of those ones that
when you put your phone down on it, it like lit up it had some lights and she was so obsessed with it that I don’t think she used
her phone for three days. Love a wireless charger! Who needs wires? You know what? No, we’re
not done with this. It’s 2019. Wires. Also, I don’t know if
you guys have done this, when I plug my phone in, it’s not like the Mac charger
where it’s like a magnet and it just kinda comes
out if you run into it, my phone goes flying across
the room when I run into it. Flying across the room! However, if you have one of these and you just kept it plugged
in and you didn’t have to move it, that would be so streamlined, so easy, and– Do you wanna smell it? Do you wanna smell this? Approved! That was an approved item,
that’s what that was! Okay, I love this. This is a great thing
to include in this box. The next item in the Gabe Smith box is… A pocket prayer mat. Religion is really significant to, obviously it’s a huge
huge portion of humanity. Obviously, you have to have
the support of your family and your friends, but a lot of times what happens
is people are able to find a lot of strength in a higher power or in something that they believe in and I really, really
love that he’s got these. Got a little pocket prayer mat. And it’s got a little
compass on the back of it that will always point, um,
I’m assuming it’ll point to where Mecca is. And I really think this is really special. I’m not a particularly religious person, but it does not fall short
on me the unending utility of having this in your life. So, once again, Gabe has
a really incredible story and if you read his book
you will hear all about it. The book is called The Definition. And one thing that he let us know is that when he was homeless, he
obviously would stick to his religion, he’s Sunni
Muslim, and he’d pray. And instead of having a
prayer mat he would use a paper towel, which I think it speaks
deeply to his character and his commitment to
his God and to himself and this is also now a
symbol of what he’s earned and what he’s created for himself. I’m really, really, really moved by this, and so is Noodle. Noodle’s meditating right now– Could you please stop?
He’s meditating right now. I’m gonna stay very quiet
he’s in a place of zen right now. The final item we have,
a favorite of mine. I’m so glad these are here… Bam. They’re wireless headphones. Can I tell you? With a wireless charger,
I feel like we’re living in the future here, right? We’re living in the future. Most people who submit these
boxes include headphones of some kind. I think whether you’re a writer
or you’re a business person, being able to have your space, right? This really does create
some head space for you, so whatever it is, once
again, like I listen to a lot of podcasts and he
might listen to a lot of music, right? He might
listen to the news on something like this. Yes, sweet man, where you going? Where you trying to go? (gasp) Look at that! Yeah, so I can’t say enough about these. I really do, I think headphones are, I don’t know what I would do without mine. And again, I have to stress this. Headphones are a wonderful
tool for keeping people out. Oh my God ,being a father of four, “Oops! Oh no! I can’t hear you, what?” Oh my God, I’m sure he
would never do that. So I really do think
this is a special item. I thought this was a really special box. Major quality items in
there and that’s it! That’s all I got! The box is empty! There’s nothing else in there. Gabe is someone who clearly
has his priorities straight. He has his creature comforts and he knows what it’s like to
build something from nothing. And I also think you should read his book. Once again, it is called The Definition by Gabriel Smith Sr. And it is an absolute wonder of a book. It’s so inspiring and
I think you will take so much away from it. Thank you so much for
watching today’s video. We really hope you liked it and if you did and you wanna see more content like this, ring the bell to be
notified for all new content coming from GoDaddy. Again, Gabe is a hugely
influential person. He speaks across the globe
and it’s such a treat that he took the time to curate
one of these boxes for us. So, for Noodle, for myself, and for honestly, honestly, for the vat of cappuccino mocha. Mocha cappuccino? Either way, it was from 1974. From Noodle, from myself, from the 70’s, thank you so much for watching, we’ll see you next time! Thank you so much for watching, please make sure to subscribe on YouTube if you did like watching this video and be sure to tune in next time.

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