The Espresso Book Machine

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  1. The machine as a whole is great. My first espresso machine and I love it.>>> Make frappes and lattes like a pro. It is a little loud at first, but quiets down.

  2. Evidently no longer being made by Xerox? Too few of them in California. Great idea. Hope that it is revived.

  3. They had one of these at Village Books in the Fairhaven neighborhood of Bellingham, WA — until the machine broke down. They apparently decided that it would be unwise to replace the machine. The fact that one couldn't print color photos inside might have had something to do with that. They went with another company for similar on-demand books which DID have that option of color photos. The Espresso DID allow one to print full color covers, and that might have been find for some projects.

  4. Imagine being able to go to your local barnes & noble with a pirated copy of a book and have it printed for a couple cents a page. I'd publish my entire digital library if that were true. I'm sure they would check for this kind of thing, but they did say "any pdf".

  5. The video tell us how to product a book,but it only product one by one,CM color printing company has his own publish factory,we could printing a large number of books by once.You must be shock when you see our factor.

  6. They are meant for bookstores, so they can sell various books without having to carry them physically in the store. If you are asking about publishing your own books with on-demand technology, look into CreateSpace (dot com), owned by Amazon, and LightningSource (dot com), owned by Ingram. They use similar technology but with much better (and more expensive) printers. All you do is upload the PDF of your book, they do the rest.

  7. Meh. You've got the PDF files? Then read it on your tablet or Kindle, where the hyperlinks in your notes will actually take you somewhere when you click on them.

  8. "Library quality paperback books" is a contradiction in terms. Paperbacks were invented for single use. Try circulating a paperback book more than ten times. – a librarian

  9. Very very cool but it costs $150,000 to own one which makes them well suited for a copy shop but not your house. Maybe in the future we will be able to print our books off at home on a 3D printer costing a similar amount to own as a regular home/office printer.

  10. The rights to the book would have to be more expensive if the author is to still make a living, but if that was taken into account, this has a ton of advantages.

  11. have you ever heard the phrase "never judge a book by its cover" before? it applies literally in that situation

  12. Like every other printer in the world, the "CANCEL! STOP!" button doesn't stop anything. It just shows you what you're going to yell when the button doesn't stop anything.

  13. Entertainment is fat tailed.

    TV provides almost exactly what youtube provides, except no TV-exec would have predicted that what my four year old niece really wanted to see was funny cat videos.

  14. I'm one of those people. Its not that I wouldn't be caught dead with an E-Reader, it is that I find them incredibly difficult to use, and they are just plain uncomfortable.

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