The Entertainer | Black Books | Series 2 Episode 1 | Dead Parrot

42 thoughts on “The Entertainer | Black Books | Series 2 Episode 1 | Dead Parrot

  1. Have been watching the series in order, this episode was excellent.
    And how generous? Bill Bailey had all the best bits.

  2. I love bill baily outside this show. Everything else about this show I fucking HATE. I HATE it. I cant explain how much I HATE this show. I FUCKING HATE IT.

  3. I just recognized the old man…he is the "Blind man in the desert playing hoop-a-loo with the wind", in The I.T. Crowd.

  4. 8:29 I wish something like that would happen to me. It's the funniest, awesomest moment in any TV show.

  5. "i have to go along with all this reclusive genius stuff, she's gonna be very upset when she finds out i'm a reclusive wanker"

  6. – 20:28 Bernard and Frans last duet. Can’t seem to find a duet arrangement of the Castilla though? Unless they’re just playing it in octaves? Sounds slightly more sophisticated though.

  7. You feel really sorry for Manny in this episode they exploit him all through it and then he gets two black eyes from the thug while Bernard and Fran don't give a damn. Bill Bailey sure mustve liked playing a dogs body.

  8. Why the hell would she buy such a good piano as a beginner.. and where did she get the money? I love this episode but what

  9. What is such gifted actor/comic/muscian doing in such a crass comedy? The character of the Irishman isn’t funny, just sad………….

  10. The epic thing about this episode is that Bill Bailey actually played all that for real! Outside of the piano of course! ^_^

  11. Thanks so much for putting these up. Re-watched all of series one yesterday and had a great time. And thanks for the very clear titles 🙂

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