The Enrichment In Vintage Home Economic Books

hello and welcome to Friday night I hope
you’re having a really good day and it’s evening time and I’m gonna share with
you something really special today I’m gonna share with you a little story I’m
gonna show you my love for books you know what the saying is don’t ever judge
a book by it’s cover you know that’s really true the books that I love my
favorite books are very bland in fact they have no excitement whatsoever if it
illustrates playing bucks but I’m going to share with you a story a little bit
about my love for books and how that all started age 22 I had a five year old and
my children attended a small Mennonite school and I was the youngest mother
there I didn’t like school very much in fact I didn’t like school at all but
when my a child my oldest was five years old
I would take her to school and I would pick her up and the waiting area was a
library as I would wait I would look at all the books on the shelves and I would
start to admire them for when I was a little girl school wasn’t very important
to me but as a young mom I wanted to learn at the time the librarian was in
her 70s one day she saw me looking at the books and she said Theresa would you
like to take a book home I never thought about taking a book home but I thought
what a great idea so as the children would take out their
books at the library so would I I took out books that talked
about history and learning things those years that my children went to school I
also went to school in the library I ended up doing a lot of
work for the librarian in organizing the books and it started me with a love and
passion for reading now all the books that I read are nonfiction I really
don’t have time for books that really aren’t true not really too much into the
novel romance books everything that I read is about things that happened in
life or things that teach a lot of people say I should have been a teacher
you know in some ways I was a teacher being a young mom with three small
children I raised and taught them and I learned with them so I did teach but my
classroom was really small then by the time they reached sixth grade I
homeschooled my children they wanted to be homeschooled and it was a fun
opportunity to spend even more time with my children I was a farm wife for many
years and those years spending with my children are years that I will always
treasure my favorite books I’m going to share with you today are just very
ordinary books but they live extraordinary in me because there are
homesteading books hole-making books from the 50s and the 60s this cookbook I
love called the attic cookbook all of these cookbooks are very old but my
favorite books of all are the home eck books it’s sad where has it all gone the
home at classes of the 50s in my home xbox it teaches you everything from how
to save money to how to have that perfect meal to how to wash your
clothing how to take care of children these home making books are very cheap
you can buy them used on Amazon or thread books but it talks about
nutrition it talks about the old ways of living economy cookbook from 1948 was
one of the very first books that I got that was very old 1948
the economy cookbook it just talks about everyday foods and a lot of you remember
the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook almost every mother or every grandmother
had a book like this and these are from the 50s and 60s I love the old ones this
brings back a lot of memories I hope you’re enjoying my videos of my memories
and I’m hoping that you enjoy all of the things that I’m going to be sharing with
you I can’t wait till tomorrow evening to share with you a little more and
Sunday I’m going to be sharing even a lot more about a direction that my
channel is going you know there’s something about a book paging through
the pages smelling a book it just brings the senses so many times we are living
in this electronic world where everything is with a touch of a button
we can find any book or anything we wish just by swiping on the iPad but there’s
so much we’re missing in the written word and the written book we are missing
all these beautiful treasures paging through a book that’s decades old it’s
something that our children are not learning they don’t understand the
written word and the power of the written word in book form so I hope I
inspired you a little bit in learning about the history of the world that we
live in and learning about how our mothers and our grandmothers our aunts
how they had their households how they lived their life what did they learn
what did they do history can come alive all we have to do
is open the book and read this book I subscriber gave me called
housekeeping in old Virginia and what a treasure it is housekeeping in old
Virginia the foods are quite odd some of them but when you didn’t have grocery
stores or the internet you didn’t have the quite the selection of food that he
did then this was one of my earliest books the growing year and this was
written by a woman who had a cottage and every single month she wrote a chapter
and she shared her life in written form many people asked me if I do what my
grandma Fanny did if I write in a diary no I haven’t done that but I am putting
all of my videos I’m putting them all on CDs for my grandchildren someday because
we can always have the new but we always hold on to the old and somewhere along
their line in the middle is perfection a little bit of old a little bit of new
and together it makes it complete so I don’t know what you’re doing this
evening other than watching my video after my video why don’t you turn off
your internet and open a book and sit and read you might be surprised what you
learn take care of one we’ll see you guys tomorrow hmm apple vinegar I want to make that I
didn’t know you plant pumpkins that way that’s really interesting you mean grandma had to set the iron on
the coal stove to get it hot oh my goodness such work that our order
ancestors had to do hmm raising small animals rabbits that’s
something I could learn how to skin a muskrat oh I don’t think I’ll be
learning that not anytime soon boil linens and lemon to make your
linens white and crisp I think that sounds like a video you you

100 thoughts on “The Enrichment In Vintage Home Economic Books

  1. Always good to have books like that lying around. You never know when the grid going to go down. I just had my power turned on after 3 days. Definitely showed me places I’m weak, and with no internet books like those are invaluable.

  2. Sweet Tessie, you ARE a teacher! Once a Class of 3 Precious Souls, now a Class of 2 Beautiful Grandchildren, and over 21k+ followers. Watching you, listening to you, and learning from you. Be encouraged! You are rich with knowledge and you are rich with friends. You make a huge difference and you have a HUGE impact on this world. God bless you Sweet Sister.

  3. OMG Tessie I LOVED this video!
    They have been bringing back Home Economics classes in area high schools for ALL students. Topics covered are making a budget, balancing a checkbook/debit card, cooking, basic cooking, nutrition, preserving foods, They also have FFA (Future Farmers of America) and 4H groups in area schools.

    Being longtime homeschoolers and having done home school conferences, math, science, history were incorporated into our day to day lifestyle. And we still have groups we are involved in that use a lot of the ideas the Foxfire and the Storey Publishing companies guides. Do you have any of those?

    We also have a home library and for decades have has a serious monthly book budget for NON fiction books. Have never been a fiction reader,

    Do you have a copy of Jennifer McGruther's book
    The Nourished Kitchen: Farm-to-Table Recipes for the Traditional Foods Lifestyle Featuring Bone Broths, Fermented Vegetables, Grass-Fed Meats, Wholesome Fats, Raw Dairy, and Kombuchas OR Sally Fallon's book Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and Diet Dictocrats? If not I may have extra copies since I gift them to friends.

  4. Greetings to my Brothers, Sisters, and Friends πŸ™‚
    Happy Friday πŸ™‚ A very Good Evening ended πŸ™‚
    God Bless you all, Love Ya!!!
    "Remember to Pray for One Another "

  5. I'm the youngest in my family and my older brother would buy me books as a child. He gave me such a gift; the gift of loving to read. I enjoy home economics books; learning how to follow a recipe (a great way to teach kids math); how to clean efficiently; creative and inexpensive ways to decorate and make a home. Love your channel, Tessie and God bless you and your family.

  6. Good evening TESSIE!!!😁
    Yes indeed book reading is a treasure all on it's own!!!
    I love reading my Grandma and my Mother's cookbooks!!! They were not just cookbooks, they had how to make sausage, cheese, yogurt, mincemeat and more than i can list here. 😁 YOUR GLASSES LOOK COOL πŸ˜πŸ‘“ Have a blessed evening πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  7. I saw on one of your videos you had found a couple Beverly Nye books and I loved that. I was given those at my bridal shower 36 years ago. I too love old books.

  8. Good Evening, Dear Tessie πŸ™‚
    Hope you and Kenny doing well πŸ™‚
    Great video, Tessie, I grow up with a home economics class in school, I did learn a lot. History books are great too.
    Have a great evening Sis, God bless you and Kenny, I Love Dear Sister πŸ™‚

  9. Tessie, you are a teacher. I have learned so much from you. I love books, I have over 3,000 books. I'm known as the book lady haha. Thank you for all that you do.

  10. I love old books. I have a Pillsbury it was my mother's 1909 cook book. I don't like electronics stuff I use the internet to listen to you.

  11. I really enjoy my books. I have some from the days of my youth. Others from my college days and others still from my working various industries, companies, and jobs in my life. I even have books that are 200 to 100 years old and I cherish them the most because it shows how far we have come form a matter of opinion verses scientific proof. Cook books are my favorite because they do bring back memories of the foods that I have eaten as a child.

    Books can take you places if you allow your imagination to run freely. And as you can see if have a vivid imagination. LOL LOL πŸ™‚

  12. Hi Tessie I am always amazed by the amount of chores the housewives of the past had to do I don’t think we realize how talented these women were

  13. I'm glad some of my grandkids are home schooled. Public schools need to bring shop, home ec & budgeting (dave ramsey style) back to school.

  14. Food storage reality – Going to get a couple onions or potatoes from your hoard, and smelling a rotten one in there somewhere. No matter what you do, it's going to happen sometimes, and you gotta deal with it. yuck

  15. My first Betty Crocker cook book was delivered in parts week after week by the Sunshine Farms Milk delivery truck with the weekly milk delivery. I'm old enough to remember the horse pulled milk delivery cart that came every week to my neighborhood. We use to get cottage cheese in aluminum colored drinking glasses.

  16. I have always loved books. I would read Christian fiction, non fiction, history, anything I could learn from. I have homeschooled my son since kindergarten until now. He will graduate in June and that makes me sad BUT he and I have a relationship that is something. Even though I face daily challenges with my health he is still very protective of me. I use to feel guilty about that but he told me, β€œmama, you protected me when I was little, I want to show you I learned to love from you.” I guess I did ok. We still learn together. Reading about old ways is so fun. It makes me look forward to the day we can get our homestead. We are saving now for that. I look forward to simple. That to me is my happy place. Have a great night Tessie. God bless you.

  17. I’ve always loved books. Cursive is no longer taught in school, therefore the written letter in this generation will not be known. You are a great teacher.

  18. What a refreshing video. Love the old books, there is something magic about them. You are an oasis for me in crazy California, thank for being that.

  19. I have many vintage homemaking books also- they taught how to run a home and even how to care for the sick. We have lost so much knowledge. This is off topic but do you still use your coconut shampoo? Your hair is beautiful!!!

  20. Honestly Tessie
    I’ve been enjoying life more without so much TV and social media. I’ve been enjoying my family more and enjoying the housework more too knowing I’m taking care of my family that I love πŸ’— lately I’ve been going to my local library πŸ“š and just enjoying the old cookbooks. I just got the β€œ Little House Cookbook” today and how interesting what ingredients they used back then! Any little house on the prairie fans, you must go check out this book!

  21. Nice story Tessie! I love to go to the library and checkout books. Reading is one of my favorite things to do as well. I really love books….the older the better. Have a blessed weekend my friend. πŸ‘πŸ™βœοΈ

  22. Awesome advise, Tessie. Put down the electronics and pick up a good book! I also homeschooled my kids. I wanted them to have a great love for learning and reading. I'm in the middle of an awesome book, titled "The Oracle" by Johnathan Cahn. It's based on prophecies of which many have already come true. And before that I read "Sevek" about a little boy who survived the Holocaust. He watched most of his family die before they were liberated. I already have a long list of books I hope to read next. Nothing like a cup of tea and a good book. God bless you Tessie, and much love.πŸ€—πŸ’—πŸ•ŠπŸ’—πŸ•ŠπŸ’—

  23. Never needed a book for keeping house or doing laundry and such I learned that coming up mostly seemed like common sense to me I’ve skinned lots of musk rats used to trap and sell their hides my love of books were any kind of medical books and I’m a Louis Lamar fan….

  24. Wow, Miss Tess, I never liked school either…but after we had children we started homeschooling…I learned with interest then…I should of been homeschooled…my paternal grandma would read to us…she instilled the love of reading in me…we had many adventures with my grandma, NonaπŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°my maternal grandma was a cook…she had cataracts, so she couldn’t read, but boy could she cook…every recipe she made was in her head…I loved going to both my grandma’s house’s…my childhood was covered in love❀️πŸ₯°πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹blessings…
    P. S. You look like a little girl sitting there with your glasses on😁😁

  25. I love books too they tell so much of our history in the old cookbooks, I can often date dishes and household kitchen items by looking through old cookbooks. I also love my fiction books and have a collection of both. And vintage kitchenware is a real passion of mine. Anna In Ohio.

  26. Good Morning Tessie, Brother's, Sister's and friends, I wish you a wonderful blessed Saturday and weekend filled with happiness and joy:) Get out that book and read it's good for your mind and soul:) God Bless you:) Love you all πŸ™‚ Keep smiling:)

  27. Very interesting topic, as has been said. "The pen is mighter, than the sword " Intresting that whilst listening in Japan, all the adverts are in Japanese πŸ™‚

  28. Ahhh, books!! We own a lot of books!! I mostly read non fiction. But I really enjoy rich classical literature. Can you tell that we are Charlotte Mason homeschoolers? lol This was a wonderful video!! Have a blessed Saturday!!!πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–xxx

  29. You are so right Tessie. I hate that the schools did away with home economics. I am so thankful to be living with my Son, Daughter in law and two Girly Girls (Grandaughters) My oldest will be 14 tomorrow and my youngest is 10 will turn 11 next month. I so enjoy teaching them how to cook, bake, money and making different crafts. God Bless You and Your Family.

  30. I love old books! Especially the housekeeping books. We have so many convenience items today that we are so distanced from our own homes. I have a copy of a poem somewhere that's about how you know how your neighbors are doing based on the laundry on the line. And even the act of choosing produce instead of canned or frozen food can connect you to what you are eating. I love that!

  31. Oohh, I liked this one Tessie! ☺️ I love to read my Bible, books about the old pioneers, cookbooks, and books about different countries that I'll probably never get to see (except for Canada. Been there 5 times during my childhood)
    I took Home Economics my Freshman year of high school, and I loved it! I remember we learned how to make sauerbraten, and it was so delicious!
    When I was homeschooling my daughter, 2000 – 2007, my neighbor at the time was getting rid of an Encyclopedia set from the 1960's, and I snatched them up mighty quick! LOL They sure came in handy when you needed to look something up. We didn't have internet or cell phones until 2011, so those old books were a great resource!
    You look so adorable in those glasses! πŸ€—πŸ’–
    Have a wonderful sleep, and take care! β˜ΊοΈπŸ’–πŸ™

  32. Old books are wonderful. Mrs Beatons was a birthday present I really enjoy. Picked up 2 cookbooks for 3.00. Summer Delights by Noel Richardson gives tips on growing and recipes for herbs. Creates and Omelets will be tonight’s read. Please keep making your great videos. Thanks.

  33. Tessie I love nothing more than going to a bookstore and browsing for hours especially a used bookstore. There are not to many used bookstore anymore, but their is one in wheeling, west virginia right across the border called the Paradox Bookstore I need to go there and look around.

  34. Hi, Tessie, thank you for sharing, we share this deep interest, too. I’ve some old housekeeping and gardening books, I love. They inspire me, to keep it simple, they tell me about old times, teach me and give me peace and rest. In the last years, here in Germany some people had the idea of 'open book shelfs', there you can get rid of books you don’t need anymore and you can take books you’d like to read. No costs. Wonderful A lot of people throw their books away, they have their kindle…even thrift shops don’t take books anymore…they have too many already and nobody seems to care about them. That’s quite sad. I saw my first library at the age of 10 remember this paradise-like feeling there and never stopped going there until today. And until today I try to inspire people to read and use the public library. Love, Monika❣️

  35. Love reading , going to start going to my half price book store or thrift , more books for less, we need to read again , I think those days will return very soon have a great weekend

  36. I love books too. I’ve picked up several older cookbooks at yard sales. While I do read some online, I just love the tactile sense of holding a book and turning its pages. And the smell of books! I have a hard time parting with books and they take up a lot of space in my home as do binders of collected recipes and other diy information.

  37. Lovely video! Books are awesome. I also love the home ec books from the fifties and sixties. So much practical information. Reading on the Kindle just isn't the same. I like holding the book and turning pages. I'm still looking for one I used in school, it was late seventies, but the book itself was from 60's. It had three recipes for dry shampoo in it. I would love to have it again. Have a restful Saturday.

  38. Awesome video πŸ‘ Tessie! I love old books too. I have started looking for the old Foxfire books at thrift stores. Such a wealth of knowledge. Love you have a great day

  39. I have a old cookbook it came from my Husband's Grandma from the 1800's. Larkins product had a little cookbook but what's interesting is it tells you how hot to get your wood cookstove. Larkin product was like they sold their name brand baking ingredients. That's what I was told. It is a shame they don't teach Home economies any more.😒Good video!

  40. Wonderful video, Tessie ! There's nothing like Vintage books ! I would love to get that book, 'Housekeeping in Old Virginia' , since I am in Virginia. I found a canning book @ a yard sale that shows the old methods of canning, before they used pressure canners. It even shows canning in 1/2 gallon jars.

  41. Love Home Ec books, they have so much information and it's fun to see how things were done seems like some schools are forgetting to teach the fundamental life skills everyone needs, ps who's "bright" idea was it to stop teaching cursive writing in schools?! guess we'll never get hand written cards again….sad, glad I am "old" thanks again Tessie for all your wonderful, helpful videos, we need more people like you in the world, it would be a far better place <3

  42. I also love ole home economics books. They need to teach this in schools again. It's very important. Things seem to be so mixed up in this world. Thanks for sharing.

  43. Hi Tessie! I watch your channel everyday. I really like it. I hope young people watch this channell so they can learn the things that are truly important.{How to run a household} etc. I took home economics for years in school. Now everythings different.

  44. A lot of vintage cookbooks have hints and tips (what we'd call hacks). It's never to late to learn. Be proud of yourself. I home schooled my son in middle and high school. He has special needs but is more level headed and mature than most 21 year olds.

  45. I love books! When I go to someone’s home and I see no books I have to wonder about them. Lol I homeschooled for 20 years. I read every book my children read before I let them read it. I wanted to make sure it was appropriate. I learned so much when I homeschooled. History, that didn’t interest me as a child, really came alive. I loved it. I miss it.

  46. Thank you for this video. I love the vintage cookbooks and home ec. books. My library book sale is next week. I wonder what I will find this time. I will be thinking of you and wishing you were here to dig through the books with me.🍁🌻🌹🌷🌺

  47. One thing my dad did. And did right. Was instill in me a love of books. My dad was a dumpster diver back before it was fashionable. My first and second bicycle, my second bicycle was brand new. I often wonder what the circumstances were that caused it to be thrown in a dumpster.
    My dad took three boxes out of a library dumpster.
    These were books of every style and description. He found one bookcase, and built another. We had books in our house at all times. Dad took paperback detective novels, in the garage. Thinking they might be a bit much for a child's taste. I got my first introduction to Earle Stanley Gardner, of Perry Mason Fame, I made the acquaintance of John D MacDonald, one of the greatest Minds ever to put pen to paper. This is where we disagree, politely, Tessie! Fiction introduces you to human interactions. Thoughts, Concepts, extremes! Without fiction, Robin Williams would have had no Outlet to express himself. He never wrote any fiction himself. But he brought people to life. His performances will live forever.

  48. Tessie, Oh, my pictures from my childhood. I grew up most of my first 5 years in the hospital. Somehow, I think the residents taught me to read because they used to take me down to the mice lab and let me read to them. Although I was always 'dying' little children have a zest for life that can't be squelched. And, I escaped with glass IV container off of the wall as much as I could until they contained me. No way to treat a little one. Anyway, not much to do but read and I still prop myself up on the arm of the sofa or bed to read – guess it was an early habit. And, I played solitaire – with real cards! What a concept – now on the Kindle. So, thanks for the memories.

  49. LOVED this video!! You are a teacher!! You teach homemaking to thousands of people online. I bet that 70 yo librarian never thought you would be a woman of the technology age πŸ™‚

  50. Good morning Tessie.Β  Very nice story and about the books.Β  I love the old books.Β  To me, reading is learning.Β  I read the occasional fiction, ( John Grisham is my go to author), but other than that I prefer to read anything that I can learn something from.Β  The old school books would be amazing to review again.Β  Mine would go wayyyy back. lolΒ  God Bless and keep you safe.

  51. Love this video Tessie! I have always loved old books, especially antique and vintage Bibles I inherited from my Grandparents, Uncle and Mother. You are absolutely right . . . there is nothing that can match turning the pages in a book and holding it. You can mark notes in it and of course, have a place for the keepsake bookmark you got from your Grandma or Mother. Looking forward to more of your videos and glad I found your channel πŸ˜‰

  52. 1948 was the year I was born…lol A long time ago now, but I agree that old books are such fun to read; I have a lot of older books too, Tess and I love them all. I don't care to do on an Ipad or the listening ones; I want to turn the pages of a real book! You & I are too much alike…I love the smell of old books too. love you, gfπŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ’–

  53. I took Home Ec in school and it's sad that it no longer exists. We had guys signing up for it when they found out that we made cakes, brownies, and cinnamon rolls. πŸ˜€ They were all thumbs when it came time for sewing. Hope their moms liked the aprons they made. Cough, cough. I read a lot of dystopian novels. They're fiction but include tons of homesteading and survival tips. I learn while being entertained. Blessings. πŸ’œβœ

  54. Such a lovely video Tessie. My husband and I are both bibliophiles. Many of my books are vintage cookbooks, homemaking books and books written about life on homesteads, farms and/or rural areas. I do enjoy some novels, especially if they are wholesome and faith based. I was given a "e-reader', but rarely use it. In fact, I haven't touched it in almost a year. LOL I much prefer a book in my hands because I feel when we touch a book, we someone also touch the soul of the writer. I don't feel that same connection with electronics.

  55. I am just like you with books. I LOVE books so much. If I could, I would make every available space full of books shelves and all sorts of books. I've enjoyed reading since I was young..about 11 or 12. It is a true gift.

  56. I love to read, always have. You have inspired me to read more non-fiction books – the how-to's and cooking books. I want to learn more about herbs and essential oils. I better get some books at the library! Have a good evening! God bless you!

  57. Tessie you get me so tickled. I am a book hoarder. I hoard books. I have loved books since I learned to read in school. Once a week we would walk down to the library. I still remember getting my first book and the smell of books. I have hundreds and hundreds of books. You would not know it by looking in my house. I have them boxed up. plus I have a Kindle that holds a thousand books. I have not read for a few days tho. I have just been too busy,,watching you. LOL But when you talked about Muskrat I did get tickled. My mother and her family were so poor they ate Muskrat. I alot of Islanders did. I would go and visit my cousins and dead muskrats would be behind the heating stove in the kitchen. I think they tasted like roast. I only tried them once. I didn't have to eat them but a lot of my cousins did. By the way my grandfathers nickname was Muskrat George. He is mentioned in a box about the Island I grew up on/…..

  58. I love to collect old cookbooks! I always try to find them at yard sales! Home Ec classes should be put back in the schools! Thanks Tessie! πŸ’•

  59. I love books too….something about the paper and the bindings… I've gotten some books on how the Victorian's lived. I also love the 50s since I grew up during that time, so I'm going to look for some of those homemaking books you have. All of that home economics should be taught today.

  60. My mother loved to read, so naturally I learned to enjoy reading too. I was a single mother (married at 17 and divorced at 20) without much money to spare. But I found really fun things to do with my son that cost no money. We spent lots of time playing in the park, going on nature hikes, riding bikes & roller skating (it was so cute that as we'd be biking or skating around the neighborhood, so many kids would join us, and I would be the only parent, lol) But the best thing we did every 10 to12 days: we would go to the library! We both had access to all these wonderful books! What a huge blessing! πŸ™‚

  61. Maybe sometime you could read some from the wonderful books you have. Good night and God bless you and your family Tessie 😘

  62. I really treasure my old books too – really important to teach our children and grandchildren the value of books 😊 …. there may come a time when we can't access the internet and we'll be so glad to have our books xx

  63. Hi everyone thank was the opportunity I got your it all over the time and now it’s just a wonderful person and now that they have the right one by i☝🏻 I am going crazy right now

  64. Your still a teacher….to us….i learn a LOT of good stuff…..β˜•πŸ³πŸœπŸ—πŸπŸ£πŸ€πŸ₯πŸ“πŸŒΌπŸŒΉπŸ€πŸŒΎπŸŒ³πŸπŸ‘β›ͺπŸŒžβ›…β˜„β„πŸŽ΅πŸŽΌπŸ”πŸ“šπŸ•―πŸ—πŸ’―βœ…

  65. I believe those old time schoolhouse books will be useful. Handwriting, letter-writing, shop, home economic, budgeting etc. Even sewing. Handy skills to have.

  66. Five book cases full of older books all or most are how to make things in the shop, kitchen or so garden or repairs around the house. My children keep telling me that they take up to much space and all the information is online now. I also look out for the older hand tools that don't need electric to be used. Oh well I could go on and on but I think you understand. Thanks for sharing. Blessings to you and your family

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