The Ending Of Spider Man: Into The Spider-Verse Explained

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse has finally
arrived in theaters, giving everyone a chance to dig into one of the most anticipated movies
of the year. The movie is also fairly complex, blending
a massive cast of characters with different animation styles, multiple villains, and a
plot line that hops dimensions. If you’re still trying to figure it all out,
we’re here to help. Oh, and that weird feeling? That’s your spoiler sense tingling. “Hey guys.” “Wanda?” “Gwen, actually.” “Oh, you know her. Very cool.” From the moment she’s revealed as in the film,
Gwen Stacy makes it clear that she’s not interested in making friends. Of course, that changes over the course of
the film, and by the end she’s definitely interested in a friendship with Miles Morales. Luckily, these spider pals have figured out
a way to stay in touch across dimensions, when she seems to visit him right before the
credits roll. The film doesn’t take the time at the end
to explain why or how this is actually happening, but it’s an obvious setup for a Spider-gang
in the inevitable sequel. Miles Morales learns throughout the film that
he can’t just be Spider-Man in some kind of magic, automatic way. He has to take the leap of faith and become
Spider-Man in a way that’s true to him. We see this in a thrilling sequence in which
he creates his own Spider-suit and heads out into the world with his own unique threads. In the final moments of the film, we see that
he’s continued his street art tradition both as Miles and as Spider-Man. In the end, Miles carries on the long tradition
of refusing to kill his nemesis, and instead turns Kingpin over to the authorities. We know two things about this universe’s Kingpin
for sure: He has considerable resources, and he is absolutely relentless in his pursuit
of getting what he wants. Chances are that what he wants most after
the credits is vengeance upon the new Spider-Man. Don’t be surprised if he manages to show up
in some fashion in a sequel. Into the Spider-Verse is largely Miles’ story,
but he’s not the only Spider-Man to learn a lesson. In teaching Miles how to use his powers, Peter
B. Parker also re-learns the lessons of great power and great responsibility that he had
to internalize all those years ago. “We’re a little team! Me as the teacher who can still do it. You as the student who can do it but not as
well. I’m proud of us!” When we first meet him, he’s a Spider-Man
on auto-pilot, shrugging his way through crime-fighting while his personal life is in shambles. In meeting Miles, he finds an opportunity
to teach and to learn about what it is to be a hero all over again. By the time he returns to his home universe,
he’s a changed man. Not just an Amazing Spider-Man, but an amazing
man. A couple of months before Into the Spider-Verse
hit theaters, Sony released another film based on a Marvel Comics character with a very close
Spider-Man connection: Venom. That film included two post-credits scenes,
one of which seemed to be just an extended clip to promote Into the Spider-Verse, which
included an important title card telling us that the upcoming animated film was taking
place “In another universe.” Does this mean that Tom Hardy’s Venom could
show up in future installments of the Spider-Verse franchise? “I HAVE PROOF!” The answer is a definite…maybe. But that would be a truly wild crossover indeed. Miles’ father Jefferson is a police officer
who views Spider-Man as a menace — until, that is, he sees the new Spider-Man in action
at the end of the film. His very vocal change of heart during the
final battle helps Miles to defeat Kingpin, and Miles returns the favor by finally telling
his dad he loves him — well, sort of. “Officer, I love you.” “haha, wait, what?” It’s a big emotional payoff in the film, giving
Miles the opportunity to covertly tell his father what he’s been holding back. It might also be the new Spider-Man accidently
hinting at his identity. If that’s the case, it might not be long before
Miles is outed as Spider-Man to his parents. In the end, Miles Morales is able to send
all of his friends back home and defeat Kingpin. Still, this is a superhero universe with a
sequel on the way, so we know his version of New York City won’t stay quiet for long. So who will Miles fight the next time around? The clear contender could be the Green Goblin,
who shows up in this film for its first major fight scene but is ultimately relegated to
a minor role. We’re betting the Green Goblin, and his alter
ego Norman Osborn, could have a much larger role to play in the sequel. The film’s post-credits scene reveals yet
another Spider-hero, as we see a costumed figure named Miguel jump into the past and
get in an argument with the Spider-Man from the 1967 animated series. The Miguel in question is Miguel O’Hara, a.k.a.
Spider-Man 2099. In the comics and in the film, he has the
ability to hop through dimensions, which means he could show up alongside any of Into the
Spider-Verse’s heroes at a moment’s notice. Keep an eye out for him in the follow-up. Of course, we all know who we really want
to come back next time we visit the Spider-Verse: “I just washed my hands, that’s why they’re
wet. No other reason.”

100 thoughts on “The Ending Of Spider Man: Into The Spider-Verse Explained

  1. Took my 3 year old daughter to see this, I was not expecting much from this movie, it’s kinda corny to say it, but it gave me hope for not just future movies, but hope in general for the next generations, we loved it.

  2. The movie was awesome. Since Sony is planning spinoffs I'm REALLY hoping for a Spider-Man Noir film, or at the very least, a good 15-20 minute short with him. Nice Cage was absolutely perfect as Noir and very funny.

  3. Miles:peni go first
    Peni:thank you miles
    Noir:i dont know with this thing but i,ll bring it
    Spider-ham:here have my wooden hammer it will fit in your pocket

  4. The fact that they have to put a black person as a white superhero blows my mind…. we Americans have lost are balls.

  5. Imagine having kids with a women from an alternative earth what are the kids gonna say in school how there parents met lol

  6. In the sequel I would like to see Miles Morales, Ghost Spider aka Spider-Gwen, The Spiderman from Japan and Leopardon, Spider M'am and Spider Ham and Spiderman 2099.

  7. Miles morales was the wrost spiderman who doesn't even learn how to use his powers and is incredibly stuipd for most of the film also i wish the other spiderman had way more screen tim and what the hell was with the size and look of king pin

    One more thing when the spidermen get pulled into the other dimension why didn't the villians to?

  8. I already watched it in Cambodia theater and it so cool but I love there are six character and spider man is so fat but how do he can fight if he wear sweater pants

  9. Worse than my Ex-wife some days! Oh this was terrible. Difficult to describe how bad this thing was. Any animated movie, heavy metal, Batman the red skull, just anything was better than this probably worse the Avatar the last air bender that I walked out of in the first 30 seconds. If i were alone i would have left and ask for a refund, wow this was bad. I will never watch anything people involved in this thing!!

  10. Isn’t anyone weirded out how Gwen literally came to Mile’s dimension a week earlier but didn’t receive a single glitch?

  11. Actually i noticed something,
    Peter B Parker is actually from 616

    When kingpin activated the collider for the first time
    A scientist says Multiple universe are appearing
    if you see the screen
    it shows Earth 616 and other 4 earths connected to 1610 which is ultimate universe

  12. Did anyone notice that the timeline of Spider Gwen is weird? She was already in Miles’ school before he got bitten which is also before all the spidermen got sucked into this dimension. But when she really introduced herself, she said she came to this dimension when the young Peter Parker died. What happened there?

  13. My theroy is at the end where niles is sleeping and then gwen says u have a minute. I have a feeling that they used this thing called the seige perilous ( in thr ultimate spiderman) and thats how they communicated

  14. Dude if this is not nominated for anything ill give up on life, I had to watch this three godamn times cause i love this movie from the beginning to the end

  15. Guys, i need help! I am very hyped and i cant wait for it, but i am not sure if its true or not! Is it true, that they are going to make a sequel about it? Spiderverse 2 is going to be about Miles adventure with gwen together and their relationship will grow into a love? They also work already on a Spin-Off of only female Spider characters… and the main female will be Gwen? … i am very confused by this and need answers. thx

  16. The end of the movie, when Gwen talks to Miles (across dimensions somehow?), was enough to make me smile. And I’m really not the kind of person that smiles a lot.

  17. I have a plot hole. During the first few minutes of spider man Gwen Stacy was revealed before the Collider was shown. but the screen showed 5 Dimensions when it was activated

  18. It was a bit confusing at the end when Gwen talked to miles through some portal


    so confusing

  19. I was thinking about why doest Spider-Gwen teleported to the past so she can save her best friend Peter parker. ????
    And what about her relation with Miles ? Does she made a friendship with him…. mmmm •_•

  20. Never understood how the spider that gave Miles his powers got there. It's from another universe, but how? How did it get involved with the particle stuff?

  21. Well, at the end KingPin is in a web and on him is a paper that says, “From your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man” but it is in Miles style so his dad probably knows

  22. If the spider glitches when miles finds it, does that mean miles got bit by a spider from another universe so does that mean miles can switch between two universes

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