The Education of María Elvira Arango

mr. daga thank you for having us in your house oh it's my pleasure I'm so glad you could come this is a beautiful neighborhood yes it is very nice very nice and why can't we wear shoes because I grew up in Japan yeah and the custom is to take off your shoes to keep the dirt outside and the cleanliness inside okay I think it's a very good habit you know it's not just Japan many Scandinavian countries Eastern European the Russians all take their shoes off too there are some cultures you like parts from the American many culture of course yes the lad things you don't like that much oh you know I don't know either Latin dances for example cha-cha tango I know some of the reverse you know we traveled this far because we would like to understand yes what is exactly what does it mean to be a a supremacist a white supremacist well a white supremacist is someone a white person or I suppose it could be someone of any race who thinks that white people should dominate or rule over people of other races I don't think anyone believes that there was a time when there was such a thing as white supremacy the colonization of Africa was you could describe that as a height supremacist enterprise or slavery based on race you could call that white supremacist but today no one that I know of or have even heard of could be described as wanting to dominate and rule over people of other races that is a historical term that should be retired but people frequently used it to describe people like me because it makes us sound wicked and horrible I'm not the least bit harsh no and you don't like people to call you because you're not alright I'm not at all a white supremacist and for people to use that term it is just the most insulting and provocative term possible to describe a white person it's really the equivalent of what we call the n-word if you want to be as insulting as possible to a black person you called him the N word if you want to be as insulting as possible to a white person you call him a white supremacist okay that's interesting no no are you a racist I reject that term as well it comes the term racist has many different meanings and the meaning seems to shift all the time but whatever is included in that word is always pejorative a racist cannot be a good or moral person however the term racist is is defined and I have absolutely no hesitation in saying that my views on race are in conformity with human nature our understanding of history and are morally completely unimpeachably so my ideas however they're defined cannot be characterized by a term that is if so fact Oh pejorative then explain what do you stand for in this American Renaissance American Renaissance really stands for two basic things one is a realistic approach to race what do you mean many people now have this silly fashionable view that race is a social construct that it's something that sociologists invented it's some kind of phantasm that is imagined well race is very clearly a biological phenomenon and race is also part of individual and group identity it is a natural expression of the tribal nature of man to feel a kind of infinity to people that you are closely related to and you are more closely related to people of the same race as you are to people of different races at the same time a realistic understanding of race must recognize that the races although there's an enormous amount of overlap enormous amount of commonality on average they are not the same and equivalent and so if you have a what we owe the best-studied way is in average intelligence now I suspect there are other ways that are not as well studied the ability to defer gratification or the inclination to use violence so if I get it there are people intelligent than others because only for the race they have no well you have to understand that intelligence is by and large determined the outer limits of it are determined by genetics a great deal of individual variation in intelligence is determined by genes this is a well-recognized fact and it is increasingly clear that the differences at group averages between blacks and whites and Asians for example those two have a genetic component to them and the idea that this is somehow all purely due to environment is increasingly difficult to support evidence simply does not go in that door you know let's say who are the most intelligent people in the world the most intelligent people the group that is most intelligent is Ashkenazi Jews and then second most intelligent as a large group are East Asians there are many many tests there's much evidence for this and then next in line are Caucasians and then you have different groups that follow after that but the least intelligent on average are sub-saharan black Africans and then also Australian Aborigines and you don't even have to know anything about IQ testing or genetics to realize that over the last 500 years East Asians have created impressive civilizations and even in Latin America there's been a kind of you know the pre-columbian civilizations but there's very little that has come out of sub-saharan Africa that could be described as a really magnificent contribution to human culture so let's imagine that the immigrants that come to the US are East Asia and not from Honduras or what Amala yes Colombia yeah it would bother you I suppose you know well for me if white people who are I want yeah you look pretty white to me yes but white people used to be about ninety percent of the population of the United States but now through a massive immigration of non-white people we are becoming a minority we also have relatively low birth rates and the projection is that by 2042 we will be a minority and in their bones in their deepest most secret thoughts white people don't want to become a minority but they well I look at what they do when the neighborhood becomes majority non-white white people move away and when the school becomes majority non-white they take their children out of that school and put them in a school it is still largely white but they have been so Papa gand eyes and so intimidated they would never say I want to live in a majority white neighborhood but that is what they almost always do not now the trouble is very few white people are I look at what they do they don't they don't say it they're afraid to say it then how do you know that's the reason because I see what they do when Southern California maybe they move because they don't like I don't know the renting was too high when they moved to a white neighborhood the rent is higher okay almost always no in fact when you get white people to speak honestly some of them will admit it but the fact is if you ask a white person name a neighborhood name a majority non-white neighborhood you would like to live in they come up a completely black or if you asked them to name a majority non-white school they'd like to send their children to politically correct oh say oh it's politically very correct to say oh I'd love my child to attend the school that's 50% black and but they don't send their children to those schools they send them to other schools believe me if you see the way white people behave in this country they do not want to be imine are okay so let's not talk about the majority I don't know about you you will take out your your kids from school if they were with the majority black or even if your neighbor let's say your neighbors of black family yeah well I chose this neighborhood because it is not only majority white but the schools in this area are majority point and that suits me just as it suits my neighbors now there are many many Americans who can't afford to live in a neighborhood like this who have to send their children to school where there are many people who speak no English if there's a PTA meeting you have to have five interpreters ten interpreters where a lot of the class time is spent teaching people either to speak English or to behave to sit down and listen this is something that is very clearly different from the different kinds of schools depending on who is attending Asians East Asians they tend to do very well in school it's just like whites and so a mix of Asians and whites is generally going to be a very good school but if you have a large number of blacks and Hispanics I can assure you that 99% of the time you're going to have problems that neither Asians North whites want for their children don't believe you you must study the question a little bit better no I don't believe that you think that way maybe they're Latinos what why can't they be bright and smart and they usually speak perfectly English and they a lot of them have had a grow in the or born in the u.s. that is true so there are Americans like the rest of the kids attending the school let's see if one of the most important statistics to understand about the future of the United States is that when by the time they get to 12th grade that's the end of high school in the United States blacks and Hispanics although Hispanics are doing somewhat better than blacks on average they are doing mathematics and reading at above the same level as eighth graders who are white or Asian that is to say they're performing at about four years behind whites and Asians this sort of thing is very well documented if you take the time to look into it and the responsibility is in the because of the blacks and the Latins are not of the system or the teachers or the schools tell me we have 13,000 school districts in the United States that's a great many school districts there's probably not a single one or blacks perform better than Asians or Hispanics perform better than Asians always you find the same pattern is that because in every school district despite the fact that every one of them is trying to get the same outcome for every group is everyone somehow in conscious unconsciously imparting racism holding down the blacks and Hispanics is that why and why is it if it's not a reflection of the students themselves why is it in what is alleged to be a white supremacist Society why is it that Asian students are doing better than white students I think it reflects their inherent ability now there are environmental differences as well in a terrible environment people of any race will do poorly but when you have 13,000 school districts and you have exactly the same results wherever you go the rational conclusion along with many other pieces of evidence is that the groups are simply not identical and replaceable what is the dream of the America you think is the one that you should live in well it's really not so much a dream for America it's a dream for every group in the United States as you no doubt know there's a great deal of racial conflict we've had riots in Baltimore we have riots in Ferguson we have all kinds of controversies whenever there are Oscar nominations are enough blacks nominated are enough Hispanics nominated there's always this constant jostling are enough blacks being admitted to Harvard or MIT are enough blacks becoming police officers or firefighters constant constant tension and this sort of thing something you know why is that because they are Americans oh wait but if those blacks yeah those Latins like those they are Americans also there's certainly American citizens but the point is oh they have the same right of course but we have a situation in which there is constant tension constant conflict because of this attempt to build a multiracial Society I don't think anyone is happy in this society ask black people here are you happy in America ask them does this country is this country the way you want it to be or you ask Hispanics are you happy in America the way it is there is a great deal of unhappiness and my point is I want black people Latin people Asian people to be the best possible people they can and my belief is that they will be the best Asians Latin and blacks if they if they live in a society that reflects their culture their heritage and seeks a destiny for them independently of other groups I believe excuse me where's that well that is where there is a coherent essentially mono racial situation in other words most people are going to be much happier if they have if they have a government that reflects them if they have police authorities if they have school authorities that reflect them but what do you mean they have to go where Oh different culture they were born in I'm not so all talking about any kind of expulsion but there could be voluntary separation and establishment which is which is well that means we already have a certain amount of voluntary separation which is why you have black neighborhoods you have white neighborhood you have Asian neighborhoods but every institution in American society serves let me finish let me finish the u.s. in the 60s make the segregation in the 60s no that was forced segregation I'm talking about voluntary and if if people really do want to live in a mixed society they should have that right – all I'm saying is if I'm a black person and I want to live among black people and spend my time living in black culture and appreciating black history and never have anything to do with white people they should have that right and white people should have that right – but for that you you here in the US but for that purpose we need some kind of understanding that this kind of separation is legitimate instead of every institution in society saying no no you have to mix like it or not if instead it was recognized that that kind of desire is entirely legitimate people wish to be left alone then we could have institutions we could have areas we could perhaps have even independent countries in which there was an understanding that this area is by and large for blacks or Hispanics or white it's a kind of mutual respect and voluntary separation that would be my ideal and that is the kind of situation that you have in some of the most successful countries in the world the Asian countries the Japanese the Koreans the time renews they have a society that is racially and culturally homogeneous they don't have anything like the conflict we have and also in Eastern Europe you have countries like Poland and Hungary that are fighting very hard to maintain their racial and cultural homogeneity because they don't want the problems that they see in the West if we could apply that kind of understanding to the United States I think we could arrive at creative solutions that are entirely moral and based on voluntary choice you know people come to the United States because they have opportunities and because this is a culture made of immigrants what usually went nowhere my ancestors were not immigrants my ancestors my ancestors were pioneers they built this yes they were pioneers they built this country to which immigrants now come at the same time of course when they built this country their understanding was that it was going to be a country for Europeans the very first nationality laws naturalization laws in the United States passed by the very first Congress limited citizenship to free white person's of good County they had an idea this was to be an extension of Europe not some sort of mishmash and grab bag it was never intended to be that it became that after a new immigration law passed in 1965 that chain began to gradually change the entire character the United States and I would say against the wishes of the majority of whites if you had told whites back at that time in 1965 when the new law was changed if you told them you're 90% of the population now but in 60 70 80 years you're going to be a minority you think they would have agreed to belong like that impossible you have black friends or only Asians I have black acquaintances I've worked quite yes I've worked I used to do a lot of music I played in various musical groups and I've got a lot of play well with clarinet and saxophone and are you good oh I used to be but no I have look I can get along fine with people of any race and individuals can always get along with individuals of another group when you have it when you try to get large people large numbers of people to live together once you reach a certain critical mass of those numbers they don't want to assimilate you have many blacks who want to maintain a black culture a black society and that's fine but you have to realize that that kind of side-by-side cultures constantly in contact constantly in conflict and it causes troubles in every part of American life if every every time you open the newspaper if it's a story about welfare use if it's a story about crime if it's a story about immigration it's also a story about the inevitable conflict that arise from trying to make a nation multiracial don't you think that is because people think like you all people at some level have some sense of racial identity unless they have deliberately tried to suppress it and in the United States today it's only whites who have tried very very hard to suppress any kind of racial identity if you if I were explaining my views if you were a black journalist and I were explaining my views you would have no trouble understanding me because black Americans have a sense of race they have a sense of identity they have a sense of association with the people that they consider their the people they call brother system because they have a biological sense of kinship to them they understand me you would be surprised to know black people often understand my view much more easily appoints because they have a sense of race it's only whites out of whom the sense of race has been severely beaten and battered by years and years of being told no no no you must not have a racial identity every other group does are you gonna continue even if the years past being there there's gonna be always a black race a white race I'm Asian race even you it keeps mixing well there might not some time ago I debated with a black professor at an American University and the question was is diversity good for the United States and he said yes it's wonderful and he said one of the reasons it's good is because with immigration from all around the world and with more and more intermarriage in two hundred years there'll be no more white people and that's a wonderful thing I don't think that's a wonderful I don't want my group to go extinct I like the idea of there being people who listen to the same music I do who have the same myths who have the same heritage the same artistic sensibilities I don't want to go extinct no healthy person does but the way the United States is heading now if every single institution of society says mixed marriages are fine immigration from everywhere is fine everyone is the same don't worry then whites will disappear I don't want that to happen ultimately it's a question of the survival of my people and I have absolutely no apologies for working for the survival of my people okay are you a father yes I am how many kids you have two choice and grandchildren already not yet what happened one of your you have a boy or girl I have two girls two girls if they fall in love with a black guy oh well um be alert they're very handsome bright and nice oh right nice Colombian yeah well that might be a possibility but well oh I mean that might not be so bad I think mom so bad well depending on what the Colombian one nice Castillo Colombia but anyway no this is a question people love to ask me they say what would you do is your child married a black person well I believe in complete freedom of association and so if that is what they choose to do I will not oppose them I will explain to them why I am opposed to it but they are free to do whatever it is they choose to do I don't think they will I think most people naturally are attracted to people like themselves not to people who are unlike themselves physically and culturally linguistically I'm not very worried about that to tell you the truth but again I think it is perfectly natural for most people whatever their race for to want their grandchildren to resemble their grandparents there's a kind of continuity a loyalty to your family line to your heritage to your race to your family to your language to your religion all of those things are natural they're natural and entirely good and healthy and that's why when people want to call me names white supremacist racist no no what I want for my people is I think entirely healthy and I recognize the desire exactly those same desires in every other people you have Jews who want their children to marry Jews and their grandchildren to be Jews you have black people want their children to marry other black people and to have grandchildren for a black Asian this is a very common attitude it's only when it's expressed by a Hartford white person then it's considered some sort of hate bigotry okay I never thought it over it that way from that point of view well I'm glad you came and had a chance to talk to me what's very nice meeting you sir all right that's no more no more questions no no no I do have more talk about politics Oh what happens what happened with you in inside of you yeah I'm not talking about your your a your political view but what happened in in this house your conversations when Obama when President of the United States Oh bother you well it was symbolically a very important thing for you well for the entire country I was not surprised I mean this is the way the United States is headed I didn't vote for Barack Obama but for him to be president we've had blacks who are Secretary of State blacks who are Supreme Court justices blacks who are heads of Fortune 500 companies it was only a matter of time before a non-white person became president of the United States what what I found hilarious about the election of Barack Obama was the complete naivete of almost the entire country in assuming that somehow this meant that all of America's racial problems were over I don't know if you remember they just almost religious hysteria of how America welcome this first black president all our problems are solved and as I as I I want it was a big thing it was a stuff it was an inevitable step more symbolic than anything else and I was on a radio program at the time and I said look I live in for June we had a black man elected governor of Virginia and people said all the same things this was part of the Confederacy oh these storied land of racism and bad white people finally elects a black governor I said look does that suddenly mean that black people are going to stop killing each other at a high rate or is it suddenly mean that white people are going to want to have Mexican neighbors does it mean that more black people are going to marry their girlfriends before they have children none of these things is going to change none none and to think that just because we have a black chief executive we're in a post-racial America it was so naive so naive and many people will tell you that when he was elected all the polls showed that Americans were much more optimistic about race relations by the time he left office people in America were as pessimistic about race relations as they have ever been changing the color of the president does not change the immense difficulty of trying to build a multiracial Society it doesn't make it go away but what happens when Trump gets into the White House well you for me yeah well I did vote for Donald Trump uh-huh do you think America is better now America the processes that I opposed the processes were buying whites are being reduced to a minority have been slowed down there's no question about that there are fewer refugees he is making sure that more illegal immigrants are sent out of the country he has tried to look into the whole question of Muslim immigration and all of those things are good he's talked about yes all of those things are good and but I don't think that he has per pound ADIZ policies because he thinks the same way I do he not racially conscious he has instincts and his instinct tells him that illegal immigration is a bad thing people should come legally and he also has a sense that if illegal immigrants come to the United States and go on welfare or commit crimes that's absolutely preposterous what about the people who come and work if they come here illegally he is absolutely right to be opposed to them and when he was campaigning he said he was going to send every one of them home I wish he had what about all the stories of these kids excuse me the kids that we saw in welfare separated from their parents well if you break a law in the United States and you have to go to jail you're gonna be separated from your children it's too bad those people crossing the border they broke along it's illegal entry into the United States and you do not put children in jail with parents who have been detained because they broke along who is ultimately to blame for that separation it's the people who illegally tried to enter the United States that's what you think that's obviously the case that's obviously the case if they'd stayed on they'd be together wouldn't think if they had not tried to break the laws of the United States they would still be together what the people who are saying or separation is terrible what they want is these people who came in illegally to be released into the United States and we will never see them again in effect they're saying anyone who can cross the border with a child and say you can't separate me from my children then they have a free access to the United States that is in effect what they want and I say no you have a choice you can break our laws or you cannot break our laws if you break our laws these are the consequences it may be very sad for you and for your children but you have the choice whether you observe our laws or break them you know I read these numbers before coming here yes about the groups of supremacists I know you like to be called away a since Trump got into the White House until today there's like nine 154 groups all over America who's counting well the sames that are doing the studies you told me before no no you know if there's there's that there's a group there's called Southern Poverty Law Center yes I've heard of that okay they think they hate I imagine and it's their job it's their job to say oh these people are bad those people are bad and by saying these people are hate monitors then they're trying to make sure that nobody even listens to us because the Southern Poverty Law Center in its wisdom and it's infinite blimps have said this Jerry Taylor guy he is such a bad guy you better not even listen to him and he's a white supremacist whether he admits it or not they're mind-readers you see they know what I think even better than I do are you a religious person I don't like to talk about religion I don't think that's relevant but I would like to know when you in your life where you a Catholic I don't I don't think that's relevant to these political is to know who you are well I'm sorry what do you mean that will have to be left of mystery okay what do you believe oh I believe in many things I believe in love I believe in liberty I believe in freedom of association why don't you share that with us I'm sharing it with no no white-clad so private well there are things that are private yes okay and that is one that is fine yes I'm sorry to disappoint no but no you you were asking about the number of these groups these so-called weights or groups uh-huh yeah have I said anything that makes you think that I'm motivated by hatred no but you know when you talk yes I think when people listens to you maybe they get to hate other races but why would they do that why why is anything that I've said why would that make anyone hate anyone yes of course because you don't want to be together with the black people because you want your kids to be in the same school because you think there are less intelligent because the crimes in the u.s. are committed by black or Latinos more than white people that tell me this tell me this if you have some neighbors and you disapprove of the way they're rearing their children and you would rather that your children did not marry their children can that only mean that you hate them no you have you have you made decisions in your life all the time maybe you prefer wine to beer does that mean you hate maybe prefer opera to rock and roll do you hate rock and roll this is very very silly I have a loyalty to my culture and my people that doesn't mean I hate anything about anybody else I can like Mexican food I like it very much I like Japanese food there are many characteristics of black people that I admire they have a kind of spontaneity in a kind of generosity I think they have many uninhibited good points about them it doesn't mean that I want to be replaced by those people it's basically a matter of wanting my tribe to survive ok excuse me let me finish with one more point when the Japanese say they do not want to admit refugees into Japan because Japan would change do you think that's because they hate Iraqis or they hate Iranians or they hate Syrians do you think that's why no they just want to preserve their own culture hate has nothing to do with it and it's the SPLC who has promoted this idea that my survival my working from my own survival can somehow not be motivated by my love and appreciation from my own people but for hatred for everyone else this is completely wrong but they have been very successful in promoting this completely topsy-turvy distortion of what is an ordinary healthy normal way to feel about your own ok let me ask you from a different point of view then are there groups hate groups in the United States oh I think the Southern Poverty Law Center certainly acts as if it hates people like me they would like me to be out of a job they would like for me to have no source of income they want to shut me up that sounds very hateful to me I don't try to shut them up if you have a group of Latinos who want to celebrate they're a lot rising numbers and to think that every illegal immigrant should be amnestied and become granted us city I don't try to shut them up no no they have every right to say that if that's what they want now there may be there may be groups like for example the new Black Panther Party the head of the new Black Panther Party Kings Shabazz he says that the only way that blacks can be free is if they kill all starting with the babies that sounds pretty hateful to me I don't know of any white group that takes that attitude now I don't know the minds of every single person but I've know of no group that's talking about killing people or running them out of the country or stripping them I don't know if anybody was talking about how close or far are you from let's say the Ku Klux Klan I have nothing to do with it no in any case I can tell you what I think but if you ask me what some other group thinks what some other person thinks you have to ask them I can tell you what I think you you have nothing in common with them well we both know if we'd all breathe the same air I mean I don't pay attention to the Ku Klux Klan no no but some people gets you to a kemal they compare your kind of thinking as the Ku Klux Klan for example or other like a white supremacist they can compare my thinking to that of the Communist Party or the National man-boy love Association if they wish that's entirely up to them I speak only for myself after so many years of civil rights battles yes don't you think this race things this issue which is very very a strong not only in America yes in the world it's a big challenge that it has no boundaries that maybe we could it shouldn't have so we should all get together and leave whatever we want respecting the law I understand that for how long has the civil rights struggle been going on in the United States for years and years a long time yes have we really made any kind of fundamental progress decade after decade decade after decade we're told the next generation just a moment the next generation is gonna all hold hands and sing Kumbaya and as you say live happily ever after and it never comes doesn't that doesn't that raise the possibility that vision may be mistaken that is futile to try to build a nation or a world in which race can be made not to matter you are making my point when you talk about how long this is going on that is a worldwide phenomenon doesn't that suggest to you that we are better off recognizing that it doesn't work in the United States blacks and whites have been living together for what three hundred years now I think it's time we recognized this marriage has failed we need a divorce you can't go on making the same mistakes generation after generation century after century if as you say this struggle has gone on for this long and we still haven't succeeded maybe the gold was mistaken okay I don't know how we would succeed it was from New York point of view it would succeed by recognizing that this attempt to build this mixed society in which everyone is equal and everyone respects each other and everyone lives happily under the same laws it's not working and so if you have a small number of people want to live that way let them do so but those who think that this is a mistake let them live separately that's all I'm saying do you think your ideas will succeed you know I hope they will but it makes no difference ultimately if they do or not because I feel as though I have a duty to my ancestors to preserve their way of life and to my son and their children to create a world in they in which they can continue if they wish in the heritage of Europe okay so I do hope that my ideas will succeed and I can assure you of this more and more Americans all the time are waking up to the racial crisis they face as white people as they become not just a minority but a despised minority blamed for everything that ever goes wrong for black people who her for Hispanics and as they realize this they are going to if they care about the future if they care about their country eventually they'll do something about and there are more and more of us I can assure you and the reason is because the way we see the world is correct and there's idea that racism myth that everyone is equal that we can overcome this sense of racial loyalty all of that is simply a mistreating of human nature and when you try to build a society on a misreading of human nature it will not work just the way this one is not working okay when you're not here when you die when you pass away yes how would you like to be remembered I would like to be remembered as a man who worked for his people come on say it because you'll be epitaph in a hotel Oh what is it oh I don't know people don't have the right I suppose they shouldn't write their own epitaph let's say oh I don't know he stood up for his people I think that would be all the epitaph that would be a fine epitaph what defines a white people why did you say the white people well I think most of the time it's not too difficult to see Jewish white and who's not the people whose ancestors were living in Europe a hundred years ago or five hundred years ago in fact when it comes to affirmative action in arranging for special preferences for people who are not white you know about this situation in the United States people have no trouble distinguishing whites from non-whites but in any case I don't think that that's a particularly difficult problem terming who is white the people from Europe are are white okay thank you sir very much it's been my pleasure

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  11. because Taylor the interviewee we deserve, but not the one we need right now… so he'll get shitty interviewers, because he can take it… because he's not an interviewee, he's a silent guardian, a watchful protector… a white knight? (scratch that, he's a southern gentlemen).

  12. I would like to see the "edited" version of this interview. Being in video production for many years, the placement of the lighting is conducive to an over an the shoulder shot at Mr. Taylor. I believe this footage was shot for documentary purposes to protect Mr. Taylor's viewpoint .

  13. I'm thankful that we have at least one "leader" as intelligent as Jared. Most of the other "pro-white" e-celebrities are such a joke.

  14. 30 seconds in and I can already see how this is going to go : trap questions and uninformed assumptions aimed at Jared's beliefs

  15. I'm an American white man . During a business transaction I had to speak in Spanish to a Colombian girl who spoke limited English. When we were done she said "You have a Mexican accent.". Of course, coming from a Colombian that meant that I spoke like a peasant.

  16. I'll say it, we have a beautiful house but now there's trailer parks full of Mexicans all around us, were putting the house on the market next spring and moving to an area that's over 80% white.

  17. This lady is nothing but rude. She is setting there proven his point for him. If she is now a adult could you imagine her as a child in school.

  18. Wow! Way to enforce your opinion on others and attack the person interviewing you  by labeling  the video " The EDUCATION of  Maria Elvira Arango."   Spoken like a typical salty  old white man who longs for the days of segregation.  In all your interviews I see you are the only one who whines about  not being given a fair platform or some other nonsense like how you are so- called EDUCATING people.   Your arrogance  and ignorance is very much on display when you seek to enforce your own point of view by labeling the video as  EDUCATING someone instead of labeling the video as a interview.

  19. 10:55 "They be bright and usually perfectly speak English." They are bright and usually speak perfect English. But corrections aside at least this interviewer gave Jared a chance to answer without interrupting.

  20. Mr. Taylor handled this interview so well I wouldn't be surprised if Maria Arango later sees the wisdom of what he is saying. He planted a red pill seed that may bloom into her seeing the world truthfully one day.

  21. I love this dude.
    he hits the nail on the head.

    i would love to run
    an experiment,

    could we program the kids
    of different groups
    to perform at a high level
    using classical education methods?

    this would be fun to see!

    what do you think?

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