The Education Master of Research(MRes) at Kingston University

I currently work on city manager at the preschool my role is the day-to-day running of the nursery overseen the children and the and practitioners we work with completing the bachelors through kinks and for me I'd enjoyed it so much I enjoyed the level of learning the knowledge that I gained when the Masters came up I wanted to continue the EMAs is a new course because it's very much research based you can actually take it into any kind of area as well isn't just education my particular interest is youth work I thought it's going to use justice and helping in the community so this will give me the leverage and the sort of sounding ball really to get out there your career opens and this path particularly gives you so many different things that you could do and research is a role that actually starting to be seen as quite a key role within education the course has definitely been designed so that you can work and study at the same time for those professionals work in education that wants to move a forwards within their career for the first year was very much about learning the different techniques and methods towards writing a final dissertation and towards research and the final you would be writing your thesis the things we've just bought the online learning into our modules now they're really handed you love the information is there a click since in space-time you're chooses which is really handy personally I like to go into the University and talk one-to-one with their meds the last project which would be my feces I'm looking to base it on children for hazel discourses quite personal to me because my son has direct but part of what emerges works and pediatricians work with the schools talk to families and find out what it is the support that he's going to need to get 3 seconds of school with all the different anxieties they have and hopefully will help other parents with children with behavioral difficulties and how they can transition from the primary school where they nurtured – a second to school weather kind of thrown in the defense go on with that my research and practice here at the nursery thought has really changed the school actually all the theories I've come through I bring into work and then you can see where actually we can really support the children study at Kingston has enabled me to look at future aspirations that I can become more than I thought over they also Viking stern I've been able to put my children and learn about their needs as well and understand them you

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