15 thoughts on “"The Dying Poet", by LOUIS MOREAU GOTTSCHALK

  1. Right now, I'm playing this piece in my piano lessons. Among all the classical pieces out there, this is the most ancient-sounding and most classical piece.

  2. Questo brano testimonia il valore di Gottsshalk, musicista colto e popolare, originale ed eclettico.

  3. It is wonderful to see so many performers taking on the music of Gottschalk. What a treat for the ears.

  4. I'm a closet homosexual, I know that me saying this means that I'm technically not a closet homosexual but whatever.

  5. I am just learning it on the violin. I was doing well but those fast 'clusters' are proving quite tricky 🙂

  6. this is the kind of piece I could listen to forever. the scene constructed in my head, accompanied by the music and the title, for effect… it's so beautiful. each note tugs at my very soul. amazing work.

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