The Dr. Dave Astronaut books for kids

I’m Dr. Dave Williams, astronaut, aquanaut, physician, and co-author of four books for kids who dream of exploring outer space. We’re at the Ontario Science Centre celebrating
the ways astronomy and engineering give us a greater understanding of our place in the
universe. It’s skills from these sciences that also
form the building blocks for training to become an astronaut. The Dr. Dave Astronaut books give you an insider’s
look at what it takes to achieve these goals whether it’s in space, or right here on
Earth! The Dr. Dave Astronaut series is perfect for
all kids interested in space. How do you eat, or take a shower in zero-gravity? TO BURP OR NOT TO BURP: A GUIDE TO YOUR BODY
IN SPACE has all the answers! Want to be an astronaut? GO FOR LIFTOFF! HOW TO TRAIN LIKE AN ASTRONAUT shows you how! Calling all makers, coders, and scientists! MIGHTY MISSION MACHINES: FROM ROCKETS TO ROVERS
is for you! Will humans live on other planets? DESTINATION SPACE: LIVING ON OTHER PLANETS
offers a glimpse into what adventures lie ahead! Visit your favourite bookstore to pick up
your Dr. Dave Astronaut books and check out for further information, lesson
plans, grade levels and more!

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