The Dark Romantics in American Literature

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  1. Long
    in gloom I sat with her, crying, wailing my heart and soul.

    doom beat me to her – the beautiful, Elliva Tor – then I felt a hole, deep in
    my heart and soul.

    as I cradled her humiliated corpse, thinking what horrors befell her, suddenly,
    I felt an ominous presence sneaking, its fowl stench creeping.

    my heart and soul started sinking and then I started thinking, what creature is
    this creaking, and what for does it loom before me and Elliva Tor?

    creature,” it said. “Crinus the Mor.”

    the Mor?” I repeated. “Of terrible yore?”

    then Crinus said, “Yes, you know me sure.”

    of course,” I said. “I have read your lore.”

    you must know the horrors that I bore.”

    still bear,” I snapped.

    he chuckled and clapped.

    do you think I have come to ensnare?”

    perhaps I have simply stumbled upon your lair?”

    witness of your dead friend…aww, so unfair.”

    not mock my friend.”

    is not my intention to offend – only my hand I wish to lend.”

    I turned, I discerned.

    heavy rustling robes of rotten meat and flesh, fresh in my eyes now shot with

    I stared with regret at his grotesque rotting skull-like face.

    fearful heart risking it all at its fastest pace.

    eyes like red moons glaring, transfixing me.

    now, in all this red terror, my deepest wish is to be free.

    then Crinus said, “A deal I offer thee.”

    I thought, what deal hath he?

    Crinus said, “Your word, for the kingdom of darkness.”

    word, for the kingdom of darkness, where all lies heartless, surely you know I
    won’t accept such madness.”

    darkness and madness, I promise gladness.”

     “Never can my word remove this sadness.”

    your word, will bring you solace, for the kingdom of darkness, for horror, for
    terror, for evil, for I, Crinus the Mor, shall avenge my greatest enemy, the most
    beautiful, most kindest, altruist, Elliva Tor.”

    as I thought long and hard about his offer while he displayed infinite patience
    in total darkness, eventually, I gave my answer – or should I say, my word.

    the death of Elliva Tor, the kingdom of darkness has already risen. I demand
    that you remove the mask from the world, this lie of light. I demand you
    convince the world how ugly sin has made it. I demand that at men’s despair,
    you reject forgiveness, you reject mercy. I give you my word. In the name of
    Elliva Tor, purge.”  

    then Crinus placed his branch-like hand into his vile mouth, and pulled from
    the black abyss of his throat, a creature, so small in between his finger and
    thumb, so black, making such feeble unintelligible noises, flailing its many
    arms and legs.

    is that ghastly thing?” I asked.

    seed…and once planted, it will sing.”

    A song…but what will it bring?”

    kingdom of darkness, of course, and a new king.”

    he placed this tiny restless creature on Elliva’s ghostly chest, and then it
    started eating through her breast, burrowing deep inside. Then, as Elliva’s
    corpse started convulsing, there was a harrowing scream.

    have I done, I thought.   

    seemed as if the world was about to end, if not now, then certainly soon.

    ground shook violently.

    light died, its best it tried.

    consuming all.

    darkness gave form – from Elliva, come – the kingdom of infinite horrors.

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