The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA)

who oversees accreditation in the United States what is the council for higher education accreditation where can we find information about schools or programs that are accredited the council for higher education accreditation or Chia is a non-profit Association that focuses exclusively on higher education accreditation she has a membership of 3,000 degree granting colleges and universities that value the benefits of accreditation Chia a private sector organization recognizes accreditors as does the US Department of Education this means that both Chia and the Department of Education accredit the accreditors there are about 80 accrediting organizations recognized by either Chia or the Department of Education a number are recognized by both chia is accreditations central the Chia website is full of in-depth information on accreditation and how it works Chia also maintains a database of more than 7,700 accredited colleges universities and vocational schools and nearly 19,000 accredited programs throughout the United States the database is available on Gia's web site visit our website to learn more about Chia and accreditation you

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