The Core and Border | The ‘Verse Part 01 (Firefly)

So it’s often claimed that you can’t take
the skies from me, but that’s a lot of space to lay claim to. Hi Ric here and were going
to take a look at constructing a map of the known ‘Verse.
Full disclosure, this Video has been split into parts as I wasn’t satisfied with the
amount I’d have to drop to make it all fit into one video and still have it release on
time. So part one will cover the core and border worlds. So this was a nightmare to
record with a lot of words I’m not familiar with from all sorts of cultures and I’m
not multilingual like your standard resident of the Verse, so I apologise for any mispronunciations.
Most of the information comes from the “Complete and Official Map of the Verse”, and while
it expands upon space as seen in the show, it was never shown off exclusively in the
program so consider this video with that in mind in case a news series contradicts this
information. It could still happen! It’s not going to happen.
From the year 2020 to 2028, a survey of the stars revealed the location of a Star Cluster,
termed 34 Tauri 2020 and it was discovered that it many planets and stars orbiting a
central point. Over the following decades, Earth became overcrowded, resource starved
and no longer able to support the population of humans on its surface. So a mass exodus
was planned to this newly discovred star cluster which observation had revealed to have an
unusually large number of terrestrial worlds . Worlds with a solid surface.
While these exoplanets varied in shape and distance from their suns, Terraforming technology
had been created that could alter every aspect of a planet, including gravity to make it
resemble Earth, at least from the surface, blue skies and all. The Sol system had been
used as the test bed for much of this technology but many of our local planets were deemed
too resource poor and Earth itself was running low, so sharing wasn’t an option.
Multigenerational ships were launched from every country towards the Tauri cluster in
2097 and over the years, these cultures mingled and created a blended society of languages
and traditions. In 2220, these ships arrived at the White Sun System, the targeted star
in the middle of the cluster also known as Bai Hu, the White Tiger. This system consisted
of fourteen planets and many more moons. Londinium, the second planet was first settled and the
beginnings of the Allied Union of Planets was established based on the Global Exodus
Alliance from Earth. To this day, 2518, the Parliament remains in control of the systems
from its seat on Londinium and its capital city is New Cardiff. It had two moons, Colchester
and Balkerne. Starting from the Sun and moving outwards,
we have Bernadette and its two moons, Nautilus and Spinrad. Bernadette was the second planet
to undertake terraforming and its capital is New Paris.
Sihnon is the home of many learning institutes and the Companions Guild is also based here.
Due to a large number of settlers originally being of eastern origin, it has a stronger
eastern aesthetic than Londinium and shares much of the Alliance’s power structure,
many even consider it a capital planet. It has four moons, Airen, Xiaojie Xainsheng and
Yunnan. It’s also only 100 Km larger than Earth-that-Was too, so that’s nice.
The fourth out is Liann Jiun and its two moons, Tiantan and F U. Wait, sorry, Fu.
Gonghe has one moon, Xing Yun. Rubicon is the sixth planet, then Osiris. Osiris is the
home planet of Simon and River Tam and houses numerous prestigious universities though not
all was shiny, there were shadier sides known as Blackout Zones where security feeds couldn’t
reach and where shady dealings went down. Tannhauser and Epeuva were its moons.
Qin Shu Huang orbits the White Star and is a Protostar. This was originally a Brown Dwarf
that was Helioformed into a new sun in 2271. Orbiting this small “star” is Santo and
its two satellites, Tethys and New Luxor. Then we have Valentine and its moons, Selene
and Chons. Bellerophon houses numerous luxury estates that float over its considerable surface
oceans. It has three moons, Tyrins, Hanthus and Parth. Ariel marks the port of call between
the inner and outer systems and is a major trade hub. This was the planet that Simon
Tam planned the hospital heist for the Serenity Crew. Ariopolis, Shiva and Poseidon are its
moons. And Ariopolis is the leading exporter of pharmaceuticals.
Albion with its moon Avalon are next out, named after the old name for England, then
another Protostar. Lux was originally a Brown Dwarf too before being ignited. Orbiting were
moons, now planets Persephone and Pelorum. Persephone had two moons Hades and Renao and
was considered rather rough for a core world. Well rough, by Alliance standards. Kaleidoscope
was the moon of Pelorum. An asteroid belt, known as the Halo effectively
marked the edge of the core worlds and end of what was considered the “civilized”
space. Among its rocks though were several Dwarf Planets such as Dukkha and Ra Amiran.
These two have their own moons and Ra Amiran is a low priority candidate for further terraforming.
Orbiting the White Star system are two suns of equal distance. These two are the Red Sun
system and the Georgia Star. The planets that orbit these two stars are considered the Boarder
worlds and many of these declared for independence during the War in 2506. The star of the Georgia
system was called Huang Long, the Yellow Dragon and we’ll start here.
Again, from the closest planet and moving out, we have Ezra orbiting which is nasty
bastard Adelai Niska’s Station and the planet’s moon, Herschel.
The next planet out was Regina a planet where the terraforming had caused a degenerative
musculature disease called Bowden’s Malady. Paradiso and Hancock were two towns on its
surface. Boros is the third planet and the Alliance’s
hub of operations for the Georgia System. It had one moon, Ares.
A world called Kerry was fourth, with its satellite, Madcap. Ithaca and Priam are two
planets that seem to orbit each other as they pass around the Georgia Sun. A strange phenomena,
I’m not sure if it’s natural or the result of terraforming.
Prophet is next, that’s about it here. The Next planet out is actually a Gas Giant, Elphame.
Though the planet cannot support life, some of its moons may be able to.
Di Yu is the next planet out with its single moon, Yama. Athens beyond that, one of its
moons is called Whitefall and that appeared in the first episode of Firefly. Its other
moons are Anooie, Argabuthon and Ormuzd. Then there is a second Gas Giant, Daedalus.
Its moon was called Box and is inhabited, being terraformed in 2360.
Beyond that lies New¬hope and its three moons, Commons, Splendor and Godfors Aken. Well,
that last one is still being terraformed so hopefully that’s not its official name,
but judging from what we’ve seen so far it could be. Three Hills is the twelfth planets
and it has three moons. New Lafayette, Conrad and Bob. Yes there is a moon called Bob.
Meadow had two moons, Salyut and Mir and all three bodies were being terraformed. Then,
on the outer edge of the system, there was another converted Protostar, called Murphy.
Orbiting this were three planets, Hera, Aphrodite and Shadow, which also had their own satellites.
Hera was orbited by Bullet and Eris and was the location for the Battle of Serenity valley,
the climactic moment for the Independents, and the namesake of Malcolm Reynold’s Firefly
ship. Sturges, Hill, Thornley and Anton orbited
Aphrodite while Branson’s Mark, Ossolambria and Summerfair spin around Shadow.
Opposite the Georgia system, orbiting the White Star at near equal distance was The
Red Sun, Zhu Que, the Red Phoenix, but that’s where we’ll have to leave this part as already
they skies are getting a mite crowded. As you can see already, the Core Worlds are much
more established with many worlds in the Georgia system not even finished terraforming yet.
They outer planets are also much more sparsely populated and receive very little aid from
the core worlds. It’s understandable that humanity had to start somewhere, when they
first arrived, and the middle system is the obvious choice, but many feel that once the
core was established , then that was where the effort stopped.
So I’m already working on part two which will cover the second boarder world and beyond,
so thanks for watching and It’ll be out next Friday. I haven’t even covered the
system with the most worlds in it yet. So until then, thanks for watching I’ll catch
you next time for part two. Goodbye.

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    That all these orbiting suns and protosuns balance each other out is highly unlikely, and how they got all these planets to get just the right amount of sun (look up habitable zone)… Yeah lets just not look into that.

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    I also had no idea that Earth Tech was advanced enough to Ignite Brown Dwarfs! 0_0
    I think I recall in one of the '2001' sequel novels that the 'Monolith Builders' realized that the new star 'Lucifer' (the ignited Jupiter they made) would burn out in only a few thousand years, and so the took it away to parts unknown. Seems like these new suns would do the same thing, so the government should start making plans for that eventuality, if they were smart.

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