The Coolest Labels: a novel by Fred Smith

In 1992, Hurricane Andrew was, at the time,
the most devastating hurricane to make landfall in U.S. history. It destroyed everything in
South Dade County. But it didn’t break the people. What people who went
through Hurricane Andrew didn’t realize at the time, especially teenagers
like we were, was the amount of trauma we carried with us after the storm
had passed. The characters in The Coolest Labels have backstories that are rooted in the key events that have shaped Miami’s cultural history: the Cuban revolution, the Miami Riots of 1980, and the Mariel Boatlift. Now, these characters have been through the trauma of a hurricane. Will they come together? Or will they tear each other apart? It’s not that high school kids from South Dade
in the early ’90s were drastically different from kids around the country. But they were
different from each other. And that’s the experience that I’ve tried to capture and put into the book. And that’s what I think makes The Coolest Labels… …a high school story you’ve
never seen before.

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