The Composer must compose * Citizens of Space * Let's Play 05

let's play citizens of space we have loaded back in we've just defeated crack McCool and one little thing about loading into a dungeon apparently as soon as you do it loads you back to the entrance which today has been for so long friends oh no we're just getting started right on cue all right let's go ahead and zoom out now we can go to our bus station now that they are no longer a problem let's just see if any of the dialogue has changed up nope so we have you know I haven't actually done this maybe it'll lead to a new minigame for the reporter okay very good that's a decent chunk of health so apparently tonight I am just terrible at this we're gonna space orange again oh yes oh and a bottle of space orange and then one other thing we can do currently don't delights we have nobody don't want to boy the assistant equipped let's go ahead and call the teacher I'll help if I can just to get more mini games out of the way zoom that was pointless shiny of the branch more shiny now thanks to a tip from a viewer brewing here we go I had missed the refer table let's just see just a couple of things little luck everyone okay so we have to up quits match the two buttons alternatively okay yeah keep it up just I can smell victory shiver me timbers let's try again another day the feel for it Wow just great that's gonna be a bit annoying you can do it all right and so here we are the Mizzou torreón and just zooming around do you have the rhythm inside of you and how about the rhyme if you feel it as I do you know with music time oh dear wow what cadence such delivery you my friend would make a fine politician I don't mean to toot my own horn or yours but between my charisma and your way with words we'd be an unstoppable duet that does sound nice but it won't survive your bureaucracy themes I don't mean to offend like dull boring meetings without any end he speaks truth rhyme pleasure to meet thanks for coming to great now I must return to my song see you again before too long oh look it's you and all your loyal crew what would you like to hear can you give me a hand I don't have my pan where you need me to do take a what can't you see well make music you and me if you follow my cue I'll join your crew so what'll it be make music with me what a sweet sound to hear let's make music music to my ear follow along it's simple okay just do what I say for us Pleasant come what buttons to play everyone all right this is reminding me very much of a 90s child toy perhaps I was not very good at this toy oh dear I hope it is stopped soon okay what stop it let that be it please oh it was like nails ready got a chalkboard I'm so funny I forgot how to rhyme maybe it'll come back and leave it to me what would you like hey let's try one more time follow along so let's go this is not going to end well my ears are alive with the sound of music and just the ears otherwise that would be copyright infringement you did a great job very well quick flow can you keep it up forever only time will tell but I must come with you much I say if true so off we go we shed delay I'm right behind so lead the way and that's an honor to join your team with regulations of the theme okay we have our composer a new partner citizen joins the team composer he contains the music to suit your preference what a treat you found a friend who will never miss a beat composers met romantic precision and feel-good rhymes make every day with him feel like you're living in a musical of course it's a bit of him loudmouth but what can you expect from a guy with a trumpet for mouth I bet he's in the part yet bees in the partner let's take a look hi hi now he will okay keep our health add zero energy physical attack normal increase special attack but decreased physical defense but increased speed and his vitalizing sonata for two energy grants speed up and regen all allies that's actually extremely useful but it delays the net users next turn even still the regen we found out was very useful early on gold in a day's work boxing business which way now yep I think that might be everything zoom but let's go or not now we haven't done first aid on him but first let's go ahead and clap them only one left keep it up Wow miss so let's check out our first aid press a to stop the arrow oh yo did that kind of super duper let's go ahead and give him the old wing quickie yeah we got this wow just good that was better than good yes tickets kill rat I tried to hurt the hill by witnesses at us you know all right let's see if I can run dope there's a box here cha-ching Genie zoom let's keep going you need chiming more shiny any variation in you okay nothing new that's dangerous team of more shiny more shiny toys you so much more shiny with that you know let's go ahead and take a look at the janitors recruitment first all right 45 out of 200 and let's take a look at the translator we are so close with the translator here we go zum-zum zum-zum alright let's just take a look the one where skies they said that we completed the chemist mission that I don't believe it what's that and we bought the clamper up in the maze but I think now we have enough money to purchase some armor for our good old captain let's go ahead and save better safe than sorry that's what he always says not really it varies from safe to save I'm gonna fight some alright let's see how we do I don't think so hmm it's a static must be lighting based it's done swashbuckle hammer um this is interesting yes I thought that was a good action two trues no not that it looks like you've unlocked in action with the more difficult minigame see this are writing accompanying the minigame instructions yes yes I do the more stars the heart of the game is to play but since harder games accompany stronger actions still worth it if you can master the more difficult minigames you'll be unstoppable okay to the plank with ye server done the line what happens when you fall with McCool haha and he heals by ten let's go ahead and swashbuckle definitely cost one we can do Anchors Away nice you can't touch me that many times let's really do clamp huh your God must feel good shiver me timbers hmm time for a space orange hold down the way we have to do full with McCool alright let's do the old clap again your site was filled up a decent amount of money we're gonna try one more time we're gonna see the effectiveness of the composer I think Oh who's your talent actually skills the composer defense goes down health goes down energy goes down and just about everything else goes up best beware ahoy ahoy ahoy ahoy what does this say his talent it this says he can use his talent okay so his talent is battles as he please pull again oh nice dodge alright it's a vitalizing Sonata yoho-o battle hell speed up but our next turn should have been delayed it wasn't so let's get me ol clamper as we say out of this world down the line what happens when you fall with McCool ha ha alright that's know what's gonna clamp them yeah that'll help nice oh dear and now Anchors Away you got this clapping capture excellent all right and yes I say all right a lot shorter Kevin who was most uncool I appreciate the assistance do you need something from me I have a new formula what to try do you need me come with you I don't know if I could pry myself away from my work I've got a fascinating formula brewing here it's going to be revolutionary although I am a few ingredients short I okay let's just move along now any Chinese up here no what would you get to know that they will still remain in their spot now that we've gotten back I feel as if we could let's go ahead and go back to the bus I hate to do it because we're so close to getting that translator but I don't feel that we could do it without going to the moon there we are here we go oh you don't want to do that so like I said we've gotten our weapon today what would you like today we have the cadets shirts which will raise quite a bit this one will raise the defense up by 5 points and 2 points respectively this one by 2 points and 2 points respectively but the physical attack goes up I'm definitely thinking cadets shirt buying equipped alright here's some shinies legal there we go see just looking for more Chinese no here we go oops well we talked that McCool character a nice big fist filled lesson alright I just heard fistful a I don't know why maybe I'm thinking about fish but I think she's her at fistful a listen he shouldn't be bothering you anymore thank you kindly me hearty if that be the case I can head out when he be ready then let's go to earth right away that'd be impossible boyo remember earth be missin it's good to hear someone who can pronounce earth correctly I can take you to the moon maybe he can find someone there to tell you about this whole Lost Planet thing alright let's go to the moon mayhaps I can find some old lunar loot Hey but that achiever me timbers it would I love the parrot the parrot is all oh where do you want to set sail for matey alright so we have three options the moon let's explore space first I'm not ready yet give me a hoot when you're ready to lift anchor arms like a job well done then let's go 200 stop someone there to tell me about this hole and me yes I am not ready yet what I'm gonna do is just go quickly through make sure I'm not missing any of my agendas oh do I need you how can I serve you today we found the recipe now you can make the special blend right not by a long shot that's just step one there's more ah well finding the recipe wasn't that hard how much more work can make got some coffee take yeah apparently I can't talk again you might find it takes a whole lot eh sounds like a plan what do we need to do well it won't be easy first we need to get the ripe beans try somewhere with a lot of vegetation maybe our Borah prime next you gotta roast the beans but you'll need extreme temperatures I suggest a visit to cha Frost so many quests lead to char finally you'll need to grind the beans unfortunately you can only do it at the moon bucks on earth that's two who are only available on earth but fortunately they're in the same yeah if you need a reminder of that well I'll be here alone working indefinitely wait there's more we come in peace here elsewhere and you'll have to join us next time to find out where we do go better safe than sorry if you liked the video don't forget to give us a thumbs up if you want to make sure to catch the next episode to see where we end up going make sure you subscribe hit the bell notification then come on by when it notifies you I'm knitting auskey as always have fun

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  1. I have learned when you trying to get the reporter that its individual battle games it doesn't matter if the move is different it matters at the requirement for the attack is different from one you've done before

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