The Clinical Medicine Publishing Process

a new book project begins when an acquisition editor such as myself reaches out to a potential volume editor or author usually through a conference program or through contacts that we have we begin the conversation with a discussion of the idea itself whether we think it has merit whether it warrants a book project and then if so we proceed to an outline of sorts from there we go to a proposal and once the proposal is approved the hard work of writing the book begins part of the conversation with the potential author or editor is asking them to consider who is the audience what kind of competition might this book have what is the scope what makes this unique and what is the need for this topic in the field once an idea is fully formed into a proposal and a publishing agreement has been signed we'll move into the developmental phase where will a sign of developmental editor to help with administrative work and with the submission of the manuscript the production process involves a number of things copy editing the creation of typeset page proofs review of proofs and then final approval by the volume editor along every step of the way there's a subduction coordinator who oversees these and is in constant contact and make sure we get the book together just the way the volume editor wants it once their work has published an author and editor can expect to see it up on Spiricom and our unique platform springerlink comm where chapter level and title Lobo metrics can be viewed with our partnership with book matrix we also promote the book through various social media like Facebook and Twitter and included on email blasts through Springer alerts through our book reviewer alert service book review editors are able to sign up to receive information on newly published titles the main thrust of our marketing is toward libraries and institutions and bulk sales eBook sales things of that nature but we also cater toward individual sales as well along with becoming available on all major book selling sites we also bring newly published books to relevant clinical medicine meetings at which Springer exhibits we are constantly evolving and changing our systems and our processes to adequately meet the current and future needs of all of our volume editor we have a commitment to producing quality books and eBooks of the highest caliber all of our processes and all of our workflows are arranged in a way that makes this as seamless as possible you

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