The Clearest Verse in the Bible

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  1. Poor Daniel…
    Christianity is ROOTED in humanity.
    God BECAME MAN, and dwelt among us…
    The Bible is FROM God, and it came to us THROUGH the Church. STOP creating false dichotomies. Try to view things like an adult, not like a little baby with a limited intellectual comprehension…
    STOP with your bigotry and blind unjustified hatred. STOP with your paranoia with everything that is Catholic.

  2. I've been asking this question for years now, with no answer…
    Where is the KJB, or any other 66-book Bible BEFORE the 16th century?
    What Bible would you be reading if you didn't speak English?

  3. Joseph having sex with the woman who conceived virginally and gave birth to GOD in the flesh… You are insane… lol
    Jesus didn't have any brothers and sisters… Why would be intrust his mother to John at the cross if he has siblings??
    NOWHERE is Mary described as "mother" of anyone else but Jesus. Jesus's "brothers" and "sisters" are NEVER described as Mary's children.
    Mary's perpetual virginity has been believed in the Church for always.

  4. You didn't listen to the videos I've sent you…
    Knew her NOT… Sure it refers to sexual intimacy. And that is exactly what the text says: he knew her NOT.
    Now… you EXTRAPOLATE and ASSUME that he THEN knew her… but notice that the text NEVER says that explicitely.
    You are fightning against beliefs that are well established in the Church since the beginning. The testimony of the Fathers is clear on the topic.
    So, answer: would you have sex with the woman who gave birth virginally to God?

  5. I don't need to listen to the videos you sent. I have the Word of God.

    The Word of God says he knew her not "until" after Jesus was born. The word "until" puts a stop at a certain point to the previous words "knew her not"

    After Christ was born, Joseph knew Mary his wife intimately. Sorry, Gadzo01, but your doctrine is seriously flawed.

  6. As to your question as to whether I would have sex to a woman who gave birth to God, I will not answer. The Bible tells me not to answer foolish questions.

  7. "I have the Word of God"
    That is obviously not enough, as the "great" Protestant experiment shows… Countless denominations, which all have the "Word of God", yet contradict each other in their interpretation…
    Even if you "have" the Bible, you still need guidance to understand what it means (Acts 8:31; Heb 5:12)… You should know that the Scriptures are hard to understand, and they get easily distorted (2 P 3.16). That is why God gave us a Church, through which comes proper interpretation.

  8. "The word "until" puts a stop at a certain point "
    You show no respect for 2000 years of Sacred theological Tradition and interpretation. You seriously believe the Church Fathers and Doctors don't know the Scriptures, that this silly objection is all that it takes to make a timeless dogma fall?
    The word "until" doesn't NOT automatically mean there is a change.

  9. "UNTIL I come, give attendance to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine" (1 Tim 4.13) What was Timothy to do of this? AFTER Paul had come, he should STOP all of those?
    "I charge you to keep the commandment unstained and free from reproach UNTIL the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ" (1 Tim 6.14) What should we understand? Should we STOP following the commandments, and start sinning, AFTER Jesus comes?
    "The whole creation has been groaning in labor pains UNTIL now" (Rm 8.22) Not true anymore??

  10. "For your fellowship in the gospel from the first day UNTIL now" (Phi 1.5) Ok… so AFTER Paul said that, we DON'T have a fellowship in the Gospel??
    "And the waters decreased continually UNTIL the tenth month" (Gn 8.5) So… does that mean the waters DIDN'T decrease passed that point???
    There are many more passages with "until" in the Bible. You now see that your interpretation is flawed, if you base your objection strickly on this single word.
    HUMILITY… LEARN Truth, strop being arrogant.

  11. There is no foolish question, just foolish answers.
    Reality is, Joseph would NEVER had sex with his virginal spouse, specially in the context of her having been made pregnant by the Holy Spirit!! She gave birth to God in the flesh. She is the Ark of the Covenant! You honnestly think Joseph would have sex with her?? What is wrong with you???
    Learn who Mary is: /watch?v=c4I9e126E1g

  12. Read my answer to Ronald Robey.
    The word "until" doesn't not imply there is a change going on after. You are assuming this.
    Learn how to read the WHOLE Scriptures, not isolated verses out of context.

  13. "You don't think Jesus would let His mother die?"
    SUPPOSE for a second Mary remained sinless all her life. Then there is no need for her to die, since death was brought forward in this world by sin.
    Learn about Mary, and stop being so arrogant.
    "I would have used other preserved Bibles" There were NO 66-Book Bibles prior to the Reformation. That is historical fact. What should we conclude of this? Did God abandoned His Church for 16 centuries before finally intervening?

  14. We are not told in the Word of God to "respect tradition". As a matter of fact, over and over in the Word of God tradition is shown to be vain, useless when it comes to the Word of God.

    You are greatly deceived by your "sacred theological tradition."

  15. "But we DO speak English, the universal language of the world that GOD ORDAINED "
    Typical American egocentrism… If you spent less time looking at yourself for a change, you'd realize there is a WORLD outside the USA…
    MANY people don't speak a single word of English, and we're talking 21st century here.
    You surely don't have a CATHOLIC (=universal) vision… That's what makes your belief a SECTARIAN belief.
    "we would all be a latin speaking world" You're nuts, bigot!

  16. "None of His siblings believed at the time. He wanted her to have Christian comfort from a Christian."
    Nice try, but your personnal interpretation if worst nothing. Who cares about feelings? If Jesus had brothers, Jewish customs COMMANDED that THEY take care of their mother. Entrusting Mary to John, if there were other siblings left, was AGAINST Jewish Law.
    "NO, that was a pope's edict." Stop it already with your bullshit bigotry, and LEARN something different than anti-Catholic propaganda.

  17. "We are not told in the Word of God to "respect tradition"
    Are you for real??? The Bible ITSELF is the product of tradition!!!! You refer to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, for example… THAT IS TRADITION!!! The Table of Content of your Bible is part of TRADITION!!! Most of the NT authors didn't even know Jesus, and relied on TRADITION to write their text.
    "Hold the TRADITIONS which ye have been taught" (2 Thess 2.15)
    "We receive the WITNESS OF MEN" (1 Jn 5.9)
    ETC…ETC…ETC… many more

  18. Mt 23.3 speaks about the CHAIR OF MOSES…
    Find me this institution in the OT?? Again, that is part of JEWISH TRADITION, which all the Apostles knew, and that Jesus and them ACCEPTED!!
    We could go on ALL NIGHT… You Protestants are living in some sort of fairy land, where Jesus and humanity have been disconnected…
    God became man! Christianity is ROOTED IN HUMANITY!!

  19. The Word of God tells us that Jesus had brothers and sisters. It also tells us that Jesus was Mary's firstborn son.

    Firstborn… meaning there were others born to her after Jesus' birth.

    You can choose to deny the truth, but it is at your own peril.

    Your heart is so full of idolatry it is pathetic.

  20. You are deceived by that great harlot, the Catholic church.

    You say most of the New Testament writers didn't even know Jesus. You are wrong. Paul wrote 13 of the epistles… he knew Jesus.
    John wrote three of the epistles and the Gospel by his name… he knew Jesus.
    Matthew knew Jesus

    That is seventeen of the twenty-seven New Testament books.

    But wait… Peter knew Jesus… that's two more books, nineteen out of twenty seven.

    Get out of that den of iniquity before it is too late.

  21. I have given you five examples, from the Scriptures, where the word "until" is used, and where this word does NOT mean there is a change afterwards. Therefore, your argument is invalid.
    "He knew her not UNTIL"… DOESN'T mean he THEN "knew" her. To assume he did based, strickly on the word "until" would be a mistake, since I have shown many others passages in the Bible where the word "until" doesn't serve that fonction in the phrase.
    The testimony of the Fathers is clear!

  22. "She was not the mother of God"… Oh boy… Here we go again…
    Listen, Jesus is a SINGLE and UNIQUE person. Not two persons, but ONE person. He has two natures: perfectly divine and perfectly human, in hypostatic union in his PERSON.
    Mary is his Mother. She gave birth to Jesus, this unique DIVINE PERSON.
    To reject the title "Mother of God", is to reject that Jesus is FULLY divine. You are making the same error Nestorius did, 1600 years ago.
    Read about the First Council of Ephesus.

  23. "She was not a perpetual virgin" Yes she is.
    "She was not the queen of heaven" Yes she is (Rev 12.1)
    "fairy-tale purgatory" Purgatory is real. Simply put, many people die in a state of imperfection, yet nothing unclean can enter Heaven. Therefore, there needs to be an intermediary temporal state, where the soul is purified.
    Purgatory is in the Bible: /watch?v=XoQKo6YXqCM

  24. Instead of those silly comments, why don't you adress separately each of my five biblical quotations with the word "until" ?
    You honestly think you know the Bible better than the Church Doctors?? …

  25. "The Word of God tells us that Jesus had brothers and sisters"
    Not necessarily, because the word that was translated as "brother" can also mean half-brother, cousin, or even kingsmen. YOU assume they were blood brothers, and discard the POSSIBILITY of them being anything else… Intellectual dishonesty.
    "Jesus was Mary's firstborn son."
    Yes, firstborn. Nothing else is said. Every FIRST child is by definition a FIRST BORN. You are ASSUMING there was a second (and more). But that is NOT written

  26. Paul knew Jesus, regardless whether he knew Him after or before the resurrection… he knew Him.

    You, on the other hand, do not. Nor do your Bishops, Cardinals and Popes. Your adoration is more fixed on a demon apparition that called itself Mary. Your heart is fixed on worshiping that demon so much that you have made her the queen of heaven and a perpetual virgin able to hear and answer your prayers.

    Well, unless you repent of your idolatrous ways, you will never enter the gates of heaven.

  27. The woman in Revelation 12 is not Mary, contrary to the false teaching of your pagan religion.

    She is Israel. And Revelation 12: is speaking of things that are going to happen during the tribulation. They have not occurred yet.

    Notice Chapter 4: Revelation 4:1 After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter.

  28. That woman that John saw was not Mary. Mary is not up in heaven pregnant. Nor will she ever be pregnant again since her earthly life is over.

    The harlot church and its foolish doctrines are easily refuted if one relies on the Word of God as ones guide. But until you make the choice to believe the Bible and it alone as all that is needed, you will continue to be manipulated by the false doctrines and ungodly traditions of your ungodly church.

  29. You must learn English if you want to work on the international level… That is true. But even then, it's not NECESSARILY true. Some head of states don't even speak in English…
    But learning English is not required for every single individual on this planet. To assume that it is is what I call American egocentrism.
    And the English used in the KJB is NOT the English used today, btw…

  30. Hahahaha typical Protestant non-sense…
    Continue your "good" work, I'm impressed with your impecable logic and strongly constructed arguments…
    Continue your fallacies, specially your question begging and your strawman attacks…
    Mary is Queen of Heaven (Rev 12.1). She is the Queen Mother, since her Son is King.
    She is a perpetual Virgin, as I have so eloquantly demonstated… I notice you can't respond to ANY of my arguments.
    She can hear prayers, just like other saints (Rev 5.8)

  31. "The woman in Revelation 12 is not Mary"
    Says who? You? Your pastor? Your man-made tradition??
    Well, sir… I don't care much about your opinion. I stick with what has ALWAYS been taught in the Church. The testimony of the Fathers is clear: the woman in Rev 12.1 IS Mary.
    YOU and your protestant reformers have CHANGED this timeless interpretation to make ways to your novelties and heresies.
    I STICK WITH THE CHURCH, not self-appointed "teachers" like yourself.

  32. The "great" Protestant intellectual display…
    Nice arguments…
    Sure, it's fun to call me a "troll" on a protestant video, where there's only protestant people to back you up and support you.
    Why don't you adress my argument, instead of attacking my person. Relying on ad hominem attacks is usually the proof one has nothing intelligent left to say…

  33. I don't have "time", being a physician and working my ass off…
    I FIND time, because evangelizing heretics in a Christian duty.

  34. I see the pagan troll Gazdo01 is back.

    Not only does he speak falsely concerning what the Bible says, but he also falsely calls me a Protestant.

    Sorry, but I am not, nor was I ever, a Protestant.

    And Mary is not the woman in Revelation 12. Nor is she the Queen of Heaven. Nor is she a perpetual virgin. Nor can she answer yours or anyone elses prayers.

    Your pagan priest has lied to you and your filthy language reveals that you are not of God. Christians don't talk like you do.

  35. The "clearest verse in the Bilble" is evidence against the man-made and anit-Biblical concept of sola scriptura

  36. Instead of acting all offended, you could try and provide EVIDENCE for your claims. I have demolished every single one of your arguments, and offered some positive proofs from Scripture to support my view.
    BTW: you ARE a Protestant, no matter how strongly you deny it. You use a Protestant Bible, you are the spiritual product of Reformation. You base your faith on basic Protestant principles, (the Solas…), etc.
    You reject the authority of Rome, therefore you are DE FACTO a Protestant!

  37. Your interpretation contradicts almost 2000 years of interpretative theology…
    Sorry, I stick with the Church Christ founded, not your man-made doctrines that were invented during the Reformation.
    The woman in Rev 12.1 has always been viewed as Mary. It is you people who don't want to follow the evidence where it points.

  38. So now what… open war against physicians?? What is your point exactly?
    Must be fun to be you: quote the Scriptures completely out of context and make them say whatever pleases you…
    Real Christians, who are "of the Bible", don't do those things. They know how to read the Book as a WHOLE.

  39. You haven't demolished any of my arguments at all, you only think you have because Rome has deceived you into rejecting the truth and embracing a lie.

    You bet I reject the authority of that harlot Rome. The Word of God tells me not to company with idolaters… which Rome is replete with.

  40. Christ did not found the organization you so vehemently defend. His Church never called Mary the queen of heaven, nor did they exalt her to such a blasphemous position that the papists have exalted her.

    Nor did any of the Church that Christ founded pray to or encourage praying to anyone but God alone.

    You are so deceived by your religion that you choose to walk its dark path rather than choose the light of truth.

  41. Catholicism condemns idoltary… I don't know where you get your information from, but it is clearly false.
    You refer to the "Word of God"… I suppose you mean by that "the Bible"…
    Tell me, why do you trust the Bible? How do you know it is reliable? How do you know every single verse is infaillible and was in fact "written by God"…?

  42. Admitting your are not a real Christian, eh? You really didn't have to, Gadzo01… we knew that already from your posts.

  43. Well… historically, Christ DID found the Catholic Church. Our bishops are DIRECT successors of the Apostles.
    The historical episcopal lineage confirms this.
    Example: the Pope is, historically speaking, the direct successor of Saint Peter. We have the complete list. That is simply a FACT.
    "encourage praying to anyone but God alone." That is incorrect. Read Paul's epistles. Many times he asked other Christians to "pray FOR HIM", which is exactly what we do when we "pray" to saints.

  44. What in the world are you talking about?????
    BTW, learn to spell… It's Gazdo, not Gadzo. Shouldn't be that complicated, it's a merely 5 letter word…

  45. Lol… Typical protestant argument… I wonder who you're trying to impress…
    Let me guess, mid western american, are you? Been fed all you life with anti catholic propaganda? Just asking… Wild guess

  46. And the more YOU post, the more you reveal how disconnected from reality you are…
    Sorry old man, but we have FACTS that actually back up our claims, unlike you…
    I let you live in your fairy tale…

  47. Actually, I knew nothing of the catholic's idolatrous ways until my early 30's. So, not only are you wrong about the Word of God, you are wrong about me as well.

    I am not surprised.

  48. God has no mother, He has no beginning. Mary was only used to bring forth the fleshly part of Jesus Christ, that is all. Jesus' divinity was in His blood, He had God's own blood. He just had to be born of a woman like any other living creature. God has no mother. The only queen of heaven mentioned in the Scriptures is the female demon mentioned in Jeremiah 44. Stop exalting a female demon.

  49. in Matt 1:25 it says that Joseph knew not Mary till she gave birth to Jesus. this means that something did happen between Joseph and Mary after she gave birth to Jesus, it means that Joseph and Mary had children of their own. it wasnt dirty nor disrespectful for those two to have children of their own.

  50. the bible never records Mary as the Mother of God, it records her as the Mother of Jesus. Jesus is God in the flesh, but Mary was still human in the flesh. calling Mary the Mother of God is going too far.

  51. I never said God has a beginning…
    You make the typical protestant error of associating the fact of having a mother to being created…
    But what is really the case with Jesus? He is GOD, the ETERNAL WORD… in the FLESH.
    Jesus is ONE DIVINE PERSON, who became man, through his MOTHER.
    You have to be very careful before trying to make wild assertions like that. Twisted logic is not good.
    Let me quote from Saint Thomas Aquinas (Summa Theologiae) and from the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

  52. Every word that signifies a nature in the concrete can stand for any hypostasis of that nature. Now, since the union of Incarnation took place in the hypostasis, it is manifest that this word "God" can stand for the hypostasis, having a human and a Divine nature. Therefore whatever belongs to the Divine and to the human nature can be attributed to that Person: both when a word is employed to stand for it, signifying the Divine Nature, and when a word is used signifying the human nature. (cont.)

  53. Now, conception and birth are attributed to the person and hypostasis in respect of that nature in which it is conceived and born. Since, therefore, the human nature was taken by the Divine Person in the very beginning of the conception, (Q 33, Art 3), it follows that it can be truly said that God was conceived and born of the Virgin. Now from this is a woman called a man's mother, that she conceived him and gave birth to him. Therefore the Blessed Virgin is truly called the Mother of God.(cont)

  54. For the only way in which it could be denied that the Blessed Virgin is the Mother of God would be either if the humanity were first subject to conception and birth, before this man were the Son of God, as Photinus said; or if the humanity were not assumed unto unity of the Person or hypostasis of the Word of God, as Nestorius maintained. But both of these are erroneous. Therefore it is heretical to deny that the Blessed Virgin is the Mother of God. (taken from the Summa Theologiae)

  55. In the chapters of Cyril, approved in the Council of Ephesus (P. 1, Cap. xxvi), we read: "If anyone confess not that the Emmanuel is truly God, and that for this reason the Holy Virgin is the Mother of God, since she begot of her flesh the Word of God made flesh, let him be anathema."

  56. Although the name "God" is common to the three divine Persons, yet sometimes it stands for the Person of the Father alone, sometimes only for the Person of the Son or of the Holy Ghost. So that when we say, "The Blessed Virgin is the Mother of God," this word "God" stands only for the incarnate Person of the Son.

  57. Catechism #466: The Nestorian heresy regarded Christ as a human person joined to the divine person of God's Son. Opposing this heresy, St. Cyril of Alexandria and the third ecumenical council, at Ephesus in 431, confessed "that the Word, uniting to himself in his person the flesh animated by a rational soul, became man." Christ's humanity has no other subject than the divine person of the Son of God, who assumed it and made it his own, from his conception. (cont.)

  58. For this reason the Council of Ephesus proclaimed in 431 that Mary truly became the Mother of God by the human conception of the Son of God in her womb: "Mother of God, not that the nature of the Word or his divinity received the beginning of its existence from the holy Virgin, but that, since the holy body, animated by a rational soul, which the Word of God united to himself according to the hypostasis, was born from her, the Word is said to be born according to the flesh."

  59. you deny the plain words of Scripture to cover up a lie put forth by the whore. The Bible mentions cousins and other relatives by words. Like when Mary went to visit her COUSIN Elizabeth, the mother of John. The Scriptures use "brothers" when describing Jesus Christ's half-brothers, the children of Mary and Joseph, because that is what they were, His brothers.

  60. This was an argument of Nestorius, and it is solved by saying that, although we do not find it said expressly in Scripture that the Blessed Virgin is the Mother of God, yet we do find it expressly said in Scripture that "Jesus Christ is true God," as may be seen 1 John 5:20, and that the Blessed Virgin is the "Mother of Jesus Christ," which is clearly expressed Matthew 1:18. Therefore, from the words of Scripture it follows of necessity that she is the Mother of God.

  61. Again, it is written (Romans 9:5) that Christ is of the Jews "according to the flesh, who is over all things, God blessed for ever." But He is not of the Jews except through the Blessed Virgin. Therefore He who is "above all things, God blessed for ever," is truly born of the Blessed Virgin as of His Mother.
    So, friend, I'd advice you to watch before coming to conclusions… You'll notice that the word "Trinity" or "Incarnation" are not recorded in the Scriptures, yet we believe they are true..

  62. the only reason anyone would call me a protestant is because I do protest, and always will, that whore you call a church, which the only reason is still around is to fulfill the prophecy of Revelation 17

  63. No no no friend… I don't deny anything 🙂
    Read the original Text in Greek, the word is "συγγενίς" which simply means a "relative".
    YOUR traduction in the KJB says "cousin", but that is the 17th century interpretation of the authors… The word "cousin" is NOT used in Greek.
    The ORIGINAL text says nothing like that… when in doubt, one should definitely stcik with the Original… Just saying…

  64. don't feel sorry, It is God's will, the Lord does hate the catholic "church". He tells us so in Psalm 119:104 "Through thy precepts I get understanding: therefore I hate every false way." KJV, and is described perfectly in Mark 7:6-13

  65. the "originals" do not exist, what you are referencing is a manuscript that was found in the garbage dump of an abandoned monastery.

  66. There have always been 39 books in the Old Testament, that is until the mother of harlots came to and declared there to be more. Your religious leaders do not even know how many books belong in the bible. No sane Christian would take their opinions seriously

  67. and I will NOT suppose such a thing as a sinless person, unless you are speaking of Christ Himself, all have fallen short of the glory of God. To say otherwise is clearly a heresy. You need salvation, sir.

  68. when in doubt, a Christian sticks with the Scriptures, the pure words of God. Not something pieced together by some occult heretics.

  69. I did answer, you just did not like my answer.

    As to where I was born, I was born approximately two and a half hours from Tel Aviv.

  70. Excellent response!

    And Mary declared that she herself was a sinner when she declared God to be "my Saviour."

    If she were sinless as the great whore teaches her members she was, why did she need a Saviour? How could God have been the Saviour of someone who, being sinless, did not need Salvation?

    Makes no sense. Yet the multitudes of deceived masses will continue to embrace the lies of the great whore and worship a sinful woman.

  71. I don't see the words "Catholic Church" in the verse you quoted…
    You only beg the question… by associating a "false way" to "Catholicism"…
    You work is still ahead of you.
    Stop your blind hatred…

  72. The original does not exist?? Lol
    Well it depends on what you mean by that. If you're talking about the PHYSICAL original piece of manuscript on which the Text was written, then yeah, I agree, it doesn't exist.
    But the Text ITSELF, in the original Greek, DOES INDEED EXIST.
    I'm curious… so you're a KJB-only person… But what manuscript did the translators used to produce this Bible, if not the "original" text? Are you saying God's Original Word is LOST?

  73. "There have always been 39 books in the Old Testament"
    Well, I'm ready to believe you, but show me some evidence…
    I've been asking Protestant the same question for 3 years now, and never got an answer… I'll try with you: show me a HISTORICAL PROOF, a Bible that PRE-DATES the Reformation, and only contains 66 books…
    It was Martin Luther who REMOVED 7 books from the OT. That is simply historical fact.
    The original Canon was fixed at the Councils of Rome and Carthage in the 4th century.

  74. The fact remains though, ALL (I mean every single one) of the oldest Bibles we have ALL contain 73 Books. The FIRST 66-Bibles were produced after Reformation. That is simply a historical fact…
    85% of the verses in the NT referring to the OT come from the Septuagint, which contained 46 books.
    The NT was written in Greek!! What OT do you think these authors used, if not the Septuagint?
    My religious leaders know very well how many books (73) are in the Bible. The list was RE-AFFIRMED at Trent.

  75. If "ALL" have fallen short of the glory of God, are you saying that is the case for Christ?
    Mmmm… no, obviously not, as you said it yourself.
    But if you say that, it means you are ready to admit there is AT LEAST one exception to that verse, which means this verse cannot be read litteraly and ridigly.
    There are great reasons to believe Mary was sinless, by God's super abundant Grace.
    Until then, only SUPPOSE it was the case, if you want to follow my argument. I can't force you to believe.

  76. Yes, I agree. That is sound Catholic doctrine.
    Only God is eternal, He is the Principle of all things.
    Mary is only a creature.
    All those things, Saint Thomas Aquinas not only ascerts them, but proves them, in his Summa Theologiae.

  77. Again, all you're doing is begging the question…
    That has always been, and still is, a Protestant specialty…
    I'll stick with what I said: when in doubt, go back to the ORIGINAL TEXT, which are the "pure Words of God", as you said.
    It can help shed some light.

  78. Catholicism doesn't teach Mary doesn't need a Savior.
    You see, all your criticism are based on strawman arguments…
    You are attacking a false version of Catholicism. If only you stop being arrogant, and hateful, and actually opened your hearts and minds to a respectful dialogue, you would come to understand the beauty, and truth, and rationality behind Catholicism.
    All I see from you guys is arguments based on bigotry, hear-say and anti-catholic propaganda…

  79. Can I ask you one thing? Can you listen to thist short video?
    Some food for thought about the person of Mary:

  80. An affection is not the same as guilty. God is not gonna say "you have been affected by sin, Mr. Baby." No, He has to find you guilty of sin. And also, NOBODY in the entire Bible got baptized as a baby. Jesus got baptized as a grown man! Why is that you ask? Well, it's because baptism is a choice a comprehensive person has to make. And we all know babies can't make decisions for themselves.

  81. Is the Eucharist symbolic of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross, or the actual body, blood & Spirit of Jesus Christ?

  82. "This IS My Body… This IS My Blood"… How could anyone doubt what our Lord said? The Cross can only be understoof in the light of what happenned at the Last Supper, which is a pascal meal. The Cross was only an execution, UNLESS you understand it as a Sacrifice, which starts with the institution of the Eucharist. This was the interpretation of the very first christians.

  83. once again, you fail to understand the most clearest things in biblical construction. But then that's what I expect from you and the publication practices you espouse.

  84. Beautifully demonstrated. A masterful indictment of NIV philosophy and support towards the preserved word.

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