The Broadcast Club Episode 13 – Untranslated Visual Novels and Learning Japanese

hello everyone and welcome to episode 13 of the broadcast Club I am your host Ron a tri-color I am me for this episode we'll be talking about untranslated visual novels focusing primarily on Japanese and we have brought for the first time or a peek guest mister a Cornetto man hi there it's me Cornetto or corn whichever is easier gonna briefly reintroduce yourself for anyone who may have forgotten in the long long interim since the last time you were here I wish master my name is I think like five or six years or something and most people probably know me from my rather long stint as moderator of the visual novels subreddit which I recently stepped down from but yeah I'm still I know this leader is probably a lot of people who will know me from still being a moderator of the discord but yeah I started reading on translating visual novels around this time two years ago and I think I'm at about almost 100 titles finished in Japanese since then so it's been a hot damn it's been a good it's been a good two years I liked how last time we had you on you it had you had read like a hundred titles like in English he's like an impressive thing and now in just two years since you started reading Japanese it's like I yeah I just yeah I started I started my first like Japanese untranslated a visual novel was my 100 vote on the NDP so it's like my hundred visual novel finished and then since then I've you know I've I think I'm close enough to about a hundred finished now since since that point which has been which has been a pretty crazy two years as far as the stuff that I've read and my tastes and that kind of stuff so but ya know is it was like as far as like visual novels being a pretty important part of my life and obviously my May hobbie Lauren and learning Japanese was the best choice I've made with regards to that by far you know it's just been it's been a huge part of my life since then and also just like was really really fun to do let's dive into that because I think the whole process of learning Japanese something that gets talked about on the subreddit a lot but at the same time I think you know maybe identifying some of the motivations for it might be a good idea aside from the obvious of well you know you can read stuff in Japanese but like what is the the real sort of benefit and meet of the of the process that people might not necessarily know about or really like understand the significance of yeah I mean I guess the the big thing at least like for me personally and especially over over the last year specifically as I've kind of improved the last in any way like ability to read is is just being able to like you know you might run across around a visual novel randomly you know in chat or even you know some wooden game I like to play is to go onto the NDB and just hit random until I find something that looks that looks different or interesting and the coot-tha cool and like one of the biggest benefits I found is the ability to be able to find random stuff like that and just be able to pick it up and read it like straightaway you don't have to worry about you know whether or not it's translated love big thing you see when people are recommended things that you don't have to see if there's an English translation or not whereas you don't really have that issue you can you can you know start taking really deep into like the more niche side of stuff and find your own really specific area games that you really like to read and really really enjoy and not really have to worry about whether or not somebody who can translate really well will ever care enough to actually pick up that game and and translate it so that you can actually read it it just opens up a whole new new way to approach which games you actually want to read which is a huge thing for me personally yeah I've seen that with a lot of people coming in and saying hey you know I want to read like I'm read this thing what's something like it that I like I could read or I'm interested in these types of things what's out there for me and having only the English translated pool to draw from gives you an incredibly small amount of titles to choose from whereas sometimes sometimes the only thing that could fit what somebody wants to really really wants to read and is looking for is something that isn't translated and probably never will be translated so it really just opens up the doors to being able to find what you are really interested in rather than the kind of titles that have been curated for us by the people who translate or the localization companies who choose what to translate yeah that was the big thing inside like I mean even even for popular stuff like like mo a gay are obviously so popular among among the English readers as well but a couple years ago I like when people would come and ask me for recommendation since I was always a big fan of those I found it really hard to actually like give those recommendations because there wasn't a whole lot at the time and there is there's more now obviously but you know you're still kind of at the whim of of either both fan translations aren't really a thing anymore as as much although they kind of have been recently but you know you're kinda you're kind of stuck with whatever whatever the localization companies decide which can lead to some really weird stuff like a recent example being the rants games which I've I've been getting really really into as a play you're getting to the end of those now aren't you yeah I'm I'm on ACE you know oh and I start I start I've read all eight or seven of those this year but you know like manga game or have the license for either soft and have announced most of the runs games already but they've like kind of randomly skipped over the remakes of the first second and third one and a third one in specific it kind of introduces a huge amount of the of the world and the plot for the later game so like skipping over it just completely randomly just doesn't really make much sense and like at least as far as up to the seven goes it's like by far the best game in the series that I you've played so far so you know you know just sometimes the companies can make DS really straight seemingly strange decisions that's you know and accompany the messes up the the english-speaking site because you know a lot of people now will go and probably play Sengoku quests 9 and possibly even 10 when I was ever playing one two or three because they're just they just can't yeah I think I didn't even really appreciate till recently to its just how different the size of the pool is for English translated viens vs. Japanese I think it was not a Tai Chi who's running a contest on the suburb the most desired English translation for VMs and I think when the first round came out of like the group stages in that pool I may be recognized 5% or fewer of the titles okay I have like I you know I hear about a lot of the you know the highly desired VM translations but that still isn't even come close to really properly encapsulating like just how big of a difference the amount of available reading material is yeah that's like and then like the cool thing is like even even like from the stuff that I've read over the two years like most of my favorite games or you know stuff that I've I've loved like more than the other stuff that I read are games that the most people on the English side have probably neither never heard of or would you know you know they're not really on that you kind of be able to get into that stats space where you can find those you know the kind of more different things where as everyone knows the big names like a lot of people when they start learning Japanese and I know I did as well like I have a couple of games that I specifically started to learn Japanese for and I still haven't actually read them because I've just found all this other running in the prospect of getting to read this stuff know there's huge amount of stuff there like I like I said I've almost like a hundred I haven't finished and they're still like an endless amount of things that I that I still want to play in still plan on getting around to it's it's it's pretty crazy you know there comes a point when I was reading and English when I definitely felt I was going to like straight the bottom of the barrel of stuff where it really is you know it's kind of bad but I once think once you kinda get at a point where you're comfortable reading things in Japanese at a decent pace you just kind of it's it's like it's like you're getting back into the medium for the first time again where it's just like it's like there's so much of this stuff oh yeah that's super exciting actually because yeah I mean I think I think if this is one of those things where everyone on the subreddit hears those big like chase vnz who think it's like why Alton to Muramasa these things that like yeah sure the best way to experience them is just to learn Japanese and even until recently some of you know like these here are those kinds of things just yeah like the rate of translation is certainly increasing but at the same time I think it's never gonna really make up for the the breadth of experience you can get by picking up the language and really diving in yeah Anna meters obviously kind of to consider like the fact that the Japanese syusai are still releasing games you know it's still uh it's a bit of pretty it's it's declined a bit obviously but instead a pretty active market that's releasing you know dozens of games and ones and as far as my quality goes you can still look towards may be dependent like your standard to do is you know two or three games came out this year which were which were like huge releases that like as funded like the the Japanese reading site were like highly regarded others like runs:10 came out to his a new katashi came out which which had a you know a really really amazing response and it was a couple of smaller title as them as well they've got really good responses but you know there's there's also you know like I found on average of at least one or two things most months comment that I read and enjoy you know and so you know you have constant it's like a constantly increasing number of stuff that you know when you when you get to that point as well where you kind constantly have access to all of these new things coming out as well it's just the ever-growing backlog I think personally something a little bit this is kind of changing topic a little bit but something I think underrated about like why reading on trying to do visual novels is if you kind of look at the scope of learning Japanese as something you know that is not necessarily just for the ends but something that is useful maybe not entirely useful but you know it has some value outside of reading the ends I really feel like reading the ends has some unique advantages that like practicing and other media does not for example like you get kind of a good visuals are pretty like diverse medium in terms of you have to audio you have text and you have pictures which really kind of helps capture our space like looking at manga you have text pictures looking at anime you have pictures and voices and looking at like you know light novels or just novels you just have text so it kind of like hits a nice spot where I find that actually really helps because I know I've been reading just a bit so work on my first but I think the being able to piece things together in context from not just like the images on the screen and also listening to the voices for kanji I mean they recognize and then also having the text option has been really helpful for me like picking things up that might not have been the case if I were starting on something like a deer trying to read a light novel yeah that's something that a lot of people kind of getting into something we'll talk about later but a lot of people will say about when you're starting off reading in Japanese having something that's really dialog heavy so that you can hear the voices for everything can be so helpful in getting you started because you'll just just just hearing it and seeing it all at once rather than just having this mass of strange-looking characters in front of you that have no real meaning yet you just kind of help accelerate the process of learning the language there's also like something I found like personally and understood just a certain element to it although it's not as as bad for me anymore but like because visual novels tend to like deliver lightens and you know the average game maybe one or two lines per per like bells clanking kimonos you know upwards of some certain games we might get up you no longer take full progress or whatever but you know the feeling of when you like turn a page and you know if your reason like novel or even just a website or anything easy just like huge amount to text it then frontiers can be kind of intimidating iPhone when I first started out but you know 100 like a single sentence or two is much more manageable long lines in the text box two main kinetics of today's writers who were pretty infamous like I was reading I was reading swan song and a little while back and it's like you know you click the mouse once and it will fill up the entire page already entire like display with text and it's just like okay yeah it's the thing I remember starting off and I tried to read so do it sooo pretty early on and I stalled that because it has not only does it have a smaller smaller text in general then then most of the other things that I've read but they like to fill the box a lot and I just several one of those I looked at I clicked and there's still the entire boxes like oh yeah you have to deal with the like Oh Jackson prologue in that game as well yeah it was very very intimidating starting off which I should actually get back to that now that I'm a little more comfortable myself yeah I've been meaning to get around to that series as well oh it's another one that everybody keeps telling me I need you know I just kind of don't speaking of that do you want to kind of maybe get into some recommendations then I mean I think I know for example we have like the chart on the V and subreddit that has some good guides and this is certainly a topic that I'm less experienced on just because I don't have kind of that X level of time spent reading the ends but like what would you say are our good examples of either like Vivian's people might not have heard about or like good starter viens kind of for reading untranslated that's a good question actually like Ferb because you mentioned that like this it's a good way to get access to stuff that like you might never have heard of its own kind of style that just doesn't exist in the translated like big over like the past the past kind of six months to a year to kind of embody this this is a just opinion of like a good starter VN is like anything that you personally want to read more so than like something specific then you know like you know honey here is one is always wrong it's just like the most boring a name like right numbing stuff they like people end up quitting learning Japanese because cable so like and whereas I find like picking up something specifically that you that you actually have an interest and you know it'll see might struggle luck there's obviously things you want to avoid like like I think I'm RNA or like we were talking you know some of the like you wouldn't pick up all right super straight away obviously mm-hm or anything by Masada at all would be a terrible terrible idea but if you're going to picking from the kind of much larger feel of I'm hanging around the same level of difficulty whatever whatever it is that you think looks interesting that you'd like to reuse and much better pick because it'll keep you motivated to actually keep going at it because everything is going to be difficult to first whether it's in Maui gay or an action game or a you know more serious character driven story or whatever everything is gonna be difficult so it's very much about making sure that you have that motivation to keep you know taken away at it over and over until suddenly you realize that you're 15 years but yeah so start your recommendations man and you know just obviously just there's stuff that's memes they're bad ideas that are probably are gonna be bad it is I think certain comedy things can be tough to start off with like Nora Toto is a isn't pretty it can be a bit of a tough one to do at first because it relies really heavily heavily on slang which can like mess up and text or anything like that because it can't pick up on a lot of that slang or like shorten words liking yourself so but beyond that you know beyond that kind of stuff whatever you'd like go friend you know you know it's all about it's all about just finding something that's gonna keep you going which is the big thing cuz once you get over that first one I find it's good to get a lot easier after that because you're like okay I've done one now I can do this so yeah we can keep going but for just kind of general recommendations of stuff that people might not have heard about like I'm probably like not the best because my my like opinion on taste and visual novels is kind of scared off into a very odd direction over the power I think you mean right or is that we're just kind of gloss over that like my favorite visual novel is chrono box and like a lot of people really hate that you know like I read the Saku before that played the same parts and that's a that's a poor nuke again like you know it's you know there's their certain stuff like some cacao you know simulacra by a cob a soft it was not it was applique which is anneka be soft sub-brand is a nice short it's about like like ten hours maybe at most mister kind of mystery romance drama game which is just it came out last year I think and it's just a really really cool and really short really really to the point it's super well paced and it's just a really really cool fun game I really like that one it's nothing that's how I'm flattered it listed yeah not a lot of people tend to kind of stumble onto that one too much which is which is a shame because it is a really really cool little small game you can you could like like I could like I think I read it in two or three days which is which is you know it's a it's a short enough read and there's some other stuff like the the Eero games like non-euro reincarnation and okay hero our boat super super excellent and both people tend to know those games and i think like if nana hero is getting a translation as soon enough so anyone who reason english should definitely definitely check that game over as well when it comes out beyond that like there's a couple of things like i have a couple of like authors that I really like like say Oh John who does kind of not so more gay style more gay for Alcott's sister brand he has a couple of really really great games that I'd be like I'm a Tsutsumi is one that I that I have to throw out there by purple soft it's it's one of it it's absolutely excellent it's one of my favorite visual novels that I read over the two years and has absolutely unbelievable art as anyone who's ever seen a screenshot from it can probably attest to the purple soft has got really high production values in the art and their art in general so which which at least yeah speakers should know from at least seeing a crown o clock which is yes yeah cuckoo cuckoo did the art for some of the art for chronic left is kind of initiative which with what I'm let's assume a chronal Cassadine the auditory has it as well aware there's always the second artist who's like in comparison it's it's really funny to see like the the sprites done by one hour just you know I'm screening with the sprites done by another and it's been really really really obvious who did which but it's a rosca yeah it's a it's super noticeable endures I thought there was a point in I'm assuming me side route where it was like the art just just kind of game fun right yeah that's a great game there's a the big the big release from this year which came out that like really shocked a lot of people with how good it was was definitely new katashi and new key game eaten achievements in dairy watashiwa dosoo really deskah which was it like from too tightly even like a lot of people eater suspected it was going to be like a new kekkai or you know there was a window site originally went up there with a button you can click up at the top which turned all like this super spy trailer we totally talked about this actually yeah that was that was like unbelievably good like I I was expecting it to be like kind of silly and ridiculous and kind of fun end up being just like spectacularly written in so many ways it was so so funny the action was amazingly bizarre with like dildo battles and all this kind of crazy being being used but I managed to pull off these really amazingly amazing the emotional character arcs and just this really bizarre thematic depth and ended the whole thing kind of functioning on another level is like a meta commentary on arrow gay as a whole it's just it's this thing that really sure worked but like really doesn't was so so good but that was definitely worth checking out I think anyone who enjoys arrow gay as a medium would and I would really like that game but yeah like I don't know I like a lot of weird stuff so you know I can kind of give some of the some of the big name titles that people can read out of alright could read obviously like sue Vav in Sacramento two big ones I haven't read the liar I mentioned earlier actually I'm getting into the rants games lately which are actually really really damn good and I kind of wrote them off for a long time and I don't know if I regret to have but I got into a lot recently and read like like six of them over the past the past couple of months which is bad which has been a really interesting couple of months but yeah those games are really really cool anyone anyone like who can read Japanese should definitely give the the first remake a shot at some point and and see how it goes the third game is when two series kinda release gets go and what that was I really surprised me by how good those games actually are and they're just kind of like the adventures of rate matters recently popped up on Twitter as but ya know I think those kind of covers a pretty decent wide area of stuff that you could you could stuff defeating may not have considered or thought about or heard of before um I know you said earlier that like you know just try to stick with something that actually interests you but is it true like I'm speaking as someone who only really recently started learning Japanese like I only just most people in hiragana like a little bit of grammar and vocab and yeah very little bit mom so is it but is it too like in Moy gay that like don't have like you know particularly but interesting games it's kind of just like a standard like boy a high school romance Kombi kind of thing like there are the true like those kind of at least stick to like hiragana an easier kanji which could be an easier for new readers and I'm a bit to pick it honestly depends like I'm afraid I prefer some boy egg a bit of had random info dumps on random topics you know there's like there's there's a couple of games that just randomly go off topic hunter weird stuff like like there was there was one IRA I read a little bit of a couple of months ago where the protagonist was just inexplicably like really into smoking food like you know like smoking that kind of stuff and so we're not done when they go into management song on how he does this stuff and it's you know it's just like there's a lot of games that like tried to get these really weird oh yeah this really nice stuff like at first like I you found like I read it my way as my first game and like I found it it was tough like I'm like I think view it was like everything is going to be tough at first and it's just a case of you get used to reading it as you go like you're gonna pick up like most games will kind of cover a lot of a lot of basic until you and you'll start to pick up them word more you see of the matter where you read and like some more gate will have like less complicated plots Eve and say you know it'll be there's a lot less to kind of confuse you you know oh there's the kind of the opposite like stuff like I talked about earlier where stuff that's super heavily dependent on comedy can probably actually be a pitfall for you to start off with because you might not get a lot of the jokes yeah like that like that author I mentioned say Oh Johnny his games are like super heavy like there's a lot of actual thought there as well but is like common roots especially in a lot of the and the the basic scenes and roots not kind of stuff it's super heavy on comedy and you know it's the kind of comedy to like kind of based on word players something of times real you know if that kind of stuff sex the fall flat again your first time you might just kind of get frustrated us us at what's happening you know and so yeah I think I think there's like a balance not just like like I was saying you don't want it you know and it takes something that's like crazy difficult to follow or something less I could really chew into knee or something like that it's gonna be really difficult for us you know it's better like if you like MOA gay then by all means go straight for him oh yeah that's what I didn't like I enjoyed my first movie gay and it was there was probably a comparatively easier and some diverse stuff that I read but if you don't like Moe a gay don't force yourself to really they just because you think it's going to be easier it's kind of my what my original what I was trying to get off regionally you know like don't really I don't really agree with this whole thing of people trying to force themselves through games that they don't even like enjoy oh yeah easier you know obviously like more gay some some of them will be comparatively easier but at the same time when you're starting out is probably going to be kind of negligible how much of a difference that's going to make for you and it's more of a long-term thing where you know as you're getting better you'll probably read more we get quicker if they're simpler but you know like I still think it's just kind of you know something something that something's gonna keep you interested everyone would be like gameplay stuff I think they work quite well for a starter because you have gameplay breaks which will break up the reading I'm trying to be in a way one of the one of the kind of nice things about some of the gameplay viens to is one of the most intimidating things about them is that you've got this whole interface going on that you're like oh my god there's stuff going on but you know a lot of them actually have just an interface patch for somebody's starting off which might yea be enough to kind of take off the edge to be able to use something like that there's some awesome gameplay vegans out there that there is a cuff up there's a couple of games I played as well this even just from testing it out the text hookers can actually hook the interface themselves as well and like I know that usually card game was called so yes I think yeah there was parts of the intellect it was points NACA later that a while ago where there might have been items that like I couldn't read the name of but if you go into like the glossary section and just hover over it the detector could would pick that up as well it's actually amazing so you know it's but you know the stuff like to our you know the first rounds games I meant earlier most most usually games are pretty easy to play even without being able to fully read everything specially if you played something like if you played something like Commodore II then something like I mean you able table become a lot easier to yeah and there's a lot of frequent gameplay breaks which which can make you know rather than trying to force your way through you know full hour of not really understanding what you do and if you do like you know five minutes ten minutes twenty minutes of reading and then you have a you know a gameplay segment for five or ten minutes which can which can break you off a little bit and then it'll go back to text and you can get through a little bit and then you know another game play mission again it can be a nice you know change a pace while you're doing it rather than just just yeah that was one of the things that really hit me when I was first starting is that it was kind of exhausting to just purely be boring that being like okay so and then then I see there's a there so that is that and like just part put putting these senses together when I was still really getting a grasp of Japanese sentence structure even in just the way that everything flows I I needed like I would part of why for me at least I would read so slowly when I started off is that after parsing a few of these on my own I would just like kind of shut down for a moment as I got right well let's go look at discord now and they absolutely have my little break there and then come back but if that's like right in the game itself then that kind of that would help to keep me focused if I were to if that had been something that I had read very early on yeah I've been finding because I'm still working on my first one that what I end up doing a lot of the time is that like I just exit discord or make sure there's a lot on voice chat or to remove distractions cuz it definitely can get you know tiring when when you're starting out it's easy to just like kind of get overloaded by everything around you but at the same time like I think this is why corns advice about picking something interesting is a very good choice like I'm working on you steai which actually been showing a lot I think the plots very interesting and I have to save this we're like I'm okay because I'm not easier I would be wanted to I saw your stop wearing Japanese because it's just it's it's it's not worth the amount of effort my first the first two things I read in Japanese were the first lay line game and then how Dookudu was the second one that I and I hate to point in both games and really hard akuto especially where i got to a point where it's just like i all distractions go like even though discord was still open night there was no temptation to look at it because I was just that invested in what I was reading at that time and that's really what you what you want when you're when you're when you're learning because you want to put it together you want to make sure you understand all of these these sentences and it's yeah the far better way than reading something inane like Hana Hana and just like yeah you sure it's easy because it's there's a lot of there's a lot of kana in it and it's simple contry that you'll see is they're able to put together the technicalities of the sentence structure and you'll want to gouge your eyes out because it's so yeah like I know I know I did how to code it was like it anchors like my fourth or fifth untranslated game and I remember there being in like one one point where like I hate this this part in the story that you definitely don't know which part I'm talking about anyway and it was like 2:00 a.m. I just read a bit of it I've just read the next thing I knew I finished that but like kind of train of scenes and it was like yeah you know just points vary when if especially for something that you kind of interested in or something that can get you like that where you know like you were saying this and like start not harder Cody I'm super exhausting because of how I wash now they write some of the lines and stuff it's like there are some typos early on – yeah but you know and it's super exhausting but you get to that point where you know you're suddenly reading and it's six hours later and you're like God nice to be listened to fall asleep that's that's a big thing you know cuz like it's just otherwise you're just gonna hit that wall that when you're starting out where it's just like you feel like you're not understanding anything everything is taking so long to do and unless you have something it's gonna kind of keep you going past that point it's just you know what's the point you know okay cool with regards to that then do you guys have tips for getting it down translated visual novels like it's kind of things like trying to focus on things that are interesting to you ways that you work on trying to go through the process of like managing vocabulary grammar how you work on comprehension finding that that kind of motivation I mean like the big thing I find like when you start off is to not like don't worry a huge amount about vocabulary especially our first like like vocabulary is something that will come to you as you go but when that can be obviously like most people this this applies I think a lot to I so I should preface this with dislike my experiences specifically learning through reading visual novels like I did the usual thing of you know going through take hims grammar guide and you know obviously you learn hiragana and katakana and you kinda you go through the the grammar guide and then go straight into reading like I went I went I didn't know none of those you know programs or like those different things that people use to help them remember specific up I did I didn't none of that I went astray in reading like on him mmm-hmm yes like that yeah stuff like that I didn't know that that I you know it at all and just went straight into reading and so like I had almost no vocabulary at all at first also for me like a big thing and like vocabulary is something I found just kind of come and see you as you go the more you see your word the more you have to do more you know you look up the same word a couple of times you get annoyed you yourself continued like up the same word but you'll eventually start to remember that word but you know when you're first starting truly to work on your comprehension the most you know make sure you're actually understanding what's happening if there's a something to do you know there's a grammar construct and you don't understand that's kind of really really messing you up go back or you know there's a certain point when you you know you kind of progressed to the point where you won't even need to use like you could just google us and you'll be able to you know read the results to people is giving you and look up you know if there's anything that confuses about grammar just make sure you look it up and understand that so that it won't get you the next time because once you get a decent idea it's like Japanese sentence structure and the kind of basic round you're gonna be seeing it always there you know meeting more typical stuff as you go but you know once you're hitting not more and more like hired up as a contra engine as you're going you'll find it they'll move much quicker which I was kind of you know you'll get moving quicker through stuff and it'll it'll be unless for sure to read and then you can start worrying you know if you're getting to the point where you know you're still not really around and vocabulary you can start looking at those other methods which you know the flash cars work for a lot of people are you know like a lot of people will just naturally pick up stuff don't see it once or twice in a game and then they'll just be able to remember yeah and if I need to figure out what's gonna work for you but like I found personally that like comprehension of what's actually happening it's is a really important thing when you're starting off because otherwise you're just gonna be super confused all the time so you know don't be afraid to go back or even you know don't be afraid to ask someone you know I've had people I've never liked koala was I went through most of cool others first visual novel the Japanese that she was doing it where she PM me questions constantly like and it's just it's just you know it's always nice like I had people that I turned to when I was learning that if I didn't understand something I was able to just go you know what is you know what is this part of the sentence here me you know what's it you know what's just a grammar structure and I got to the point then where I was just able to start looking them up on myself which gets you know a lot makes it a lot more easier because I don't have to wait for people to respond you don't have to worry about bothering people and it's kind of a very nice feeling to be able to just answer your own question when you're getting stuck so I would echo to actually it sort of just kind of addressed this to you and just give you a little feedback on kind of like my process as well because here helpful for you because I'm someone who like stopped most things and I wasted a ton of time trying to find like what's the best way to learn Japanese what's the best way to approach things like try Genki try take him try getting Aki decks try running one economy try all these things and I feel like the most progress I have made in learning Japanese is not from any of that but from actually sitting down and committing to like reading because this is how you get the exposure and you get the knowledge like a lot of like getting basic words yeah sure this is probably super helpful if you'd run through like the first I don't know a couple hundred in the core 2k or something my good start but that shouldn't take like that long and then like what I'm finding for example and you see is that the there's a kind of common vocabulary that the author uses that yeah may not transfer over well like man do I know all about like the like prostitute and brothel because you see it takes place in the slums and the main characters a bodyguard at a brothel and so you encounter these kinds of words very frequently is this useful vocabulary no but it is helping me read a lot because it's the things I encounter I think that's the important thing is like like get the basics it's gonna suck no matter what and then just start diving in like instead of spending time wasting like how do I do this the best just do it all of that time you spend that you could be like prematurely optimizing things you can spend reading and experiencing and it's gonna be so much more valuable than say okay well which of these should I do the visual novel the real the alert the really like cool moment for that is when you're starting to when you start to become able to differentiate a specific being able to figure out who did what based on the language they use there's you know there's like I played games with three or four writers where one specific writer was only every use like a specific kanji for like a member I remember there was one we read at one point that had Buddhist I always in kanji and then on every utter ruse it was never in kanji so you'd always be able to tell like that was this specific writer who always does that not all of these other games and so yes the point I wanted to make about about that is you can learn you can learn as many various things about the language as you want in a vacuum like all these grammar structures all these all these kanji all this vocabulary everything but until you're really like looking at at the language and processing it and interact with it and in whatever way you are doing be a reading or trying to converse with somebody even in Japanese like that's where you really start to make progress on it better than any of these other things individually cuz I I started off trying to do like on key decks and stuff and I was like I just couldn't engage in that really personally until I was actually like reading stuff I was like hey I feel like I'm learning now instead of you know feeling like I'm just beating my head against a wall trying to throw information in there yeah I think like once once once you start kind of getting a real-life experience like I know like I like reading through like Thai Kim and grammar guys and stuff like that like he could read through an onion you kind of superficially understand what I was saying but I found I remembered specific things more after I saw them in an actual sentence got stuck on them and had to go look up what it meant and was like okay that's what that means and you remember a lot better than just headed these really sterilized examples of stuff that they give you which are super not right like applicable completely you know you don't really understand how they work you kind of just see oh this means this but on you start seeing it in in action then you're like that's how this is used it kind of starts to stick in your memory a lot more something that I've been doing that I've been enjoying a lot though it's not really related to like 50 levels so much is what I've been watching anime recently I've been sentence planning it after the fact so like I go through it and then I run through a program like subs to SRS which converts the Japanese and English subtitles into Anki cards with audio and like a screenshot of the scene where it played and then I'm using a tool to recognize it so that keeps track of all the words I've seen before and tries to arrange it so that every example sentence I get has exactly one new word in it that I don't know and I like this a lot because it's been giving me for example sentences and you know kind of actually he says that are abused in the media that I'm watching and ideally if it's a show a party scene I know what happened in the scene and if I've got a good enough memory I can kind of maybe piece together from context what was going on there which i think is actually super helpful for kind of retaining this information um and just for the listeners who don't know what stuff like um Kia tycoons is basically um key is a online flashcard program that people use to memorize like you know whatever language you it's not just for Japanese specifically but it's it's common the recommendation the Japanese learning community and similarly tight kins is basically an online a guide by a guy be my guest i Kim is literally www Japanese dot org and like it has like a an outline like on the right side that kind of says person starts on the go before you start coming getting given a little little info and then it kind of it kind of goes in an order that like goes through like the characters and then the grammar and all that stuff okay yes there's two versions of that guide actually just something the people I keep in mind there's like a full guide to Japanese which you can like if you wanted to start from zero and he goes through everything you know from the you know learning hiragana and katakana goes through all that kind of stuff and then there's a just a specific grammar guide as well then that he goes through you know particles basic grammar concepts and as it goes that have been more advanced and by the end of this you should have like the the guide covers a lot of the basic level of grammar that you would need to kind of hold the daily conversation say your you know understand the kind of basic level of of dialogue err or writing that you'll see there's you know there's obviously a whole lot of stuff that's not covered in it but it gives you a good enough base that you can like I was mentioned earlier that you could find stuff out for yourself if you didn't understand it but like I use just the grammar guide because a lot of people reckon you know like a lot of people just learn hiragana and katakana on their own and I have that down and so it kind of it you know the grammar guide just focuses on the exact kind of stuff you'll need to jump straight into reading a visual novel which is obviously have a lot of people in this community would like to learn Japanese so just something to keep in mind with the Thai Kim guide is that there actually is two different versions of us so you know whichever you prefer I think oh I've looked a little of both about obviously I mean there's a lot of overlap but it is if you want to start from zero you can do the complete guide and it follows a slightly different order if I recall teaching some concepts and it actually actually had last year or actually I think some of the things that he did in the in the grammar guide – he actually also it has videos accompanying most of those those lessons so like you can actually hear some of it – which can be helpful with for some of the for some of the kana that have sounds that you don't necessarily always use outside of Japanese yeah pretty guy himself joined the visual novels discord at one point and yeah which is a very very strange experience when we start it's real late again no like that's what I use I use the grammar guide I think most a lot of people who like all you speak to and converse with on daily basis who are either learning or learn or you know attended various stages all tend to use that as their base so it's it's a pretty good base just again stuff to keep in mind is that it's not comprehensive so that you will still find stuff that's not gonna be in that guide but it'll give you a pretty solid base to be able to get started at least you know that's always the impression I got from it like it don't like it you everything but teaches you enough for like once you like finish the the guide which I'm planning on going through myself like I can you know start like going through with it you guys do is this kind of dig go right into the VN experience or whatever I'm interested in to learn Japanese and then kind of just look things up as needed and stuff yeah yeah it's a good like and just like I know a lot of people kind of get stuck in this thing where the guide can be pretty long and it'll be hard to get through and you know a lot of people will just read through entirely and and they won't really you know like I found it was super hard to just really live in that understand straight from that so like I again I'm repeating myself a lot with this stuff but don't be afraid to look stuff up again if you don't get it the first time and you see it and you don't you know it's it's a learning process funnily enough so you need to kind of just repeat you know kind of go over stuff over and over again and eventually they'll start to stick and will become easier and that's that's when it gets really really fun okay then I think that basically wraps up most of what I think we had to say here on on transit visual novels for the at least allowing for the times timeslot of the format just as a note for everyone listening what we will do is post a series of links on the blog with this episode that contain information on resources for learning Japanese dictionaries grammar guides information on on helping people get into this process there's a few of those already on the EPN subreddit but again just going to consolidate them with the blog post moving right along we can go ahead I think here and jump into our news for this episode I think the biggest thing that has happened for visual novels is the last episode is that steam is now allowing uncensored era gay being sold on the platform through a special filter which is a huge versal and policy for basically everything they've had going on for a huge amount of time now and now there's a bunch of 18 plus releases being put on the steam like negligee shining star sort of even plus mosaic even ickle fashion a little bit alone some it's really like opening up now for these kinds of the ends I remember three months ago when we were sitting here just like Twitter twiddling our thumbs concerned about the future of the ends on steam because of the direction that it seemed like they were going and now it's like the floodgates have opened and anything goes it's kind of its kind of surreal if you think about it really it's such a ridiculous about-face to what we saw not all that long ago try to figure out what happened there I honestly I think they I don't you know I really don't know it's kind of baffling to be honest yeah they've been so they've been so firm about about things and eventually it's like well I guess yeah we'll just it I had an option that you have to you can learn the realest of the internet you can't stand up to poor yeah like I like that they finally they finally caved it are doing are doing this because you know it's it we've been we've been kind of fighting against this this this thing the whole time and it's all behind it's all behind checking a box and your user options and as long as you opt into it I guess anything goes yeah that's the thing that's very surprising me is that like it actually is starting to look like the tech the line is pretty far I mean like Alice you're like if you had told me it like six months ago that other soft games at the on Steam I would have laughed at you like I just just which is insane when I saw the announcement that identical was on there like I've read an entire game there's some stuff in there that I never would have thought was gonna seem like you don't even have to patch it you just go out and get it and you've got everything just kind of blows my mind a little bit we're definitely gonna see runs on Steam in our lifetime I am waiting for so many good VNC there cuz it's for maybe not for the bulk of the ends but especially for the game playing against that a little bit earlier it's gonna really open up some it's gonna really open up the opportunity for those to become really kind of maybe maybe truly profitable in a way that our localization companies never really dreamed of because steam is theme is just it's it's the place to find stuff the gameplay stuff is especially that you can't really take out the sexual content but I was yeah like having to take out significant chunks of the game and have to change stuff so like you know those games weren't really possible to localize because at a cost it would go into it compared to like the relatively small user base you could get to what opening able to put them out of place but having them on Steam their wish you know intact means that there's a huge huge potential user base there there it is you know usually games might not be as completely ridiculous concepts to be translated anymore since you can just yeah those are pretty decent games on their own and like I can say okay I can see them selling pretty okay oh yeah absolutely like I've been I me and some other massive fans of you mean of the ethereal have been saying how how great it might be if if it actually is able to hit steam because the big the big stopping block for that being on Steam before is that because the the 18 plus content for that game totally not essential to the story 100 percent doesn't need to be there but it is and an all-ages version of that game was never made I mean apparently the like the engine and stuff for a minute is apparently just a nightmare creating what the engine is actually a disaster but that's a whole other story but there's a there's a real possibility that you know taking the time to adapt that to go on Steam now that they don't have to actually cut content they just have to do some programming but it's a real possibility because whereas before it was just like there's no possible way it's a good game so would it be cool to see it happening so absolutely I agree yeah I I think person isn't affected me too much for the most part we'll see we've got a mink this is a longtime VN publisher creator of night shift nurses for example will be shutting down this year after releasing their laughter last week I think was it announced like September 3rd or something somewhat recent just getting pretty long history in the industry yeah that's this is a thing this this is happening to a lot of its become more and more like not uncommon to see on the Japanese side of stuff is these like these like monoliths of the industry you know these these you know like elf shutting down as a huge thing obviously and because alpha so steeped in history but it's just you know there's a lot of brands now that are just that are just you know shutting down reason like we'd like we would talk about Haruko to earlier this amico software company that what another wrote all those games are just they close down when was released so you know now Kiku it was the last one I still want to go yeah what now they actually just it's completely out of proportion are they still tweets about what I'm to write for you Caruso you know I hope that happens but ya know and it's like you know there's a lot of people who do a lot about the Arabic Arabic industry in Japan and it's certainly declined a lot of ways and you will see a lot of these there's a lot of companies that are closed no it's not as bad as people make it out to leader still a lot of good stuff coming out first it is it is pretty sad to see these these like companies that have been around since like the you know the 90s it's finally packing up shop which is just it's a it's a shame it is a shame but it's becoming sadly more and more common yeah it's I think it's kind of more like that the landscape is changing not it's not like a yeah the death of the industry or anything like the landscape is definitely changing when you see some of these monoliths going out yeah yeah different audience deflective it's like rats ten was a big was a big release because I had a lot of people from that era who don't really play our game anymore but who have followed that one specific series who came back at her to be at work to like finish off this series that there's a very funny joke in in the remake of the first rants game on tada who's like the director of the whole series in his little staff corner where he talks about the first game being a game your father could have played and it's like we look just like Charlie came out in like 1987 or something like but on the contrary like there's a like new katashi was from a completely new company who they only don't doujin games before the house and there's a couple of newer brands that are starting up that are that are looking towards being the new face maybe a variegated all bad but yeah moving on from some studio closure we've got a new studio or do company being formed called Tokyo games with a bunch of big names from the danganronpa zero escape serious they've announced four projects already including a huge number of people from these these big projects like thing and ronpa zero escape ever seventeen route double that I'm just super excited about that looks like they're starting off with like a death game for 12 year olds or 12 year olds they start with the classic I think the projects are looking like they're gonna be new types of games from what we've seen so far so yeah I'm pretty excited for this just cuz again I'm a big fan of the series so I'm looking forward to seeing where they go with it yeah for those people who are fans to the infinity series which is not me the C the reunion of nakazawa and og Toshi is really huge for some people because they are both working together on these onto these projects and I think a lot of people are of the opinion that some of the best stuff they've done is the stuff they've done together but they have creative differences so a lot of people are very excited about that I will probably take a look when it comes out but I don't know because so far my experience with their work together is not great yeah I'm just gonna kind of I'm not gonna say much on this topic that's probably wise of like mind on that corn that's probably why we know you should taste so move on yeah there's a fan translation of Baldur force that came out out of absolutely nowhere which I think if I run a little bit off but not super far into but it's definitely kind of a nice surprise to see some good fan tales come out and also of a game that I think should be hopefully understood interesting for people that are interested like in the Balder series so that one's very weird because maybe just some guy appeared on 4chan I think of Austin's like yo here's a here that translation for Balder forms don't mad and then it was like I couldn't under percent thought it was a joke when people started talking about it and then yeah but no absolutely it is a full transcript right like there was there was an Associated Twitter account that was like teasing things like that nobody was following mind you like teasing things for like a few weeks beforehand and yeah literally just out of nowhere by the way here's this TL that nobody knew about what yeah it's good it's good though because like I haven't I haven't read the bald or ganger play to play the ball or games myself but everyone I've spoken to says that it's a good idea to do force before sky if you ever plan to do really force because one like they're kinda kinda connected and like Scotty does take place like chronologically after force but mostly that like the this system in the sky is like a huge improvement over force so they going from Scotty to force is a lot worse than going from force the sky because you're going from a really good system to it not as good sister another you know couple other forces mister a little ploy I'll tell you right now comfort compared to like going from force which is but I don't have to pay up apparently it's it's like a good starting point it's good but sky is just like a whole different doing a lot of button mashing it's it's very confusing how other systems like you have multiple buttons mapped on the controller at some point with that controller and like yeah yes the buttons the buttons two different things based on like which range you press them at and it's like not well-documented it's super fun I was like wait I was realization of course this game is not well documented because back when this game would have come out that games come probably do that yeah yeah surprise you do exe version which I know about versus the regular version which I believe is 1aqaq TL Force has like weird weird version things where just like the original game has like really bad porn and the the ps2 version I think has like much improved gameplay and I was like a voice to protagonist was not my dad I can remember which version was TL but I think it's one of the better versions it wasn't the original which is good at least like I'm kinda glad people aren't like desperately clamoring for the the restoration of the sex scenes because there's some weird in that game like really where you're chicken that game that don't people made like if you want scouting your vulva games then by all means yeah but yeah no it was cool huh coming it was a cool sudden announcement which was nice to say yeah you never need the translation is quite good as well which is also very good to say that's what I've heard yeah yeah for what I thought was solid yeah it's not it's not just cranked out for for the sake of release or anything yeah apparently that like from what I've been saying and it seems to be the best method for doing a fun translation nowadays is to quiet about and just drum that seems to be I from the murmurings I've seen from a variety of people that seems to be the preferred and probably ideal method is to not say anything and then just out of nowhere just drop something and say hey I did this thing yeah actually I don't encourage breaking door or anything like that but you kind of he's seen something that nobody knows [Laughter] translation also announced it was just like please don't 100% translated and just need that sounds that one is apparently not as good which is a shame but oh well so yeah speaking to fan translations we also have spent translation of the trial of summer pockets as well as bishoujo a mugging kill coming out recently which I think's I'm not at all familiar with actually Beeman is actually quite a good game yeah I would highly recommend it as I think I have done so many times actually already I'm not even done with that one like yes it's really good it's because I put the first one yeah I plan to do the other ones into serious at some point I'm pretty sure I'm gonna do the rest of them to I'm like not even having finished the first one it's very good first one the first one is kind of it's pretty simple yeah it's just like it's just a romance story like but it's a pretty cool aesthetic it's got going on and the art is just like oh yeah and it's it has it has some weird stuff like it's it's very it's very very very clearly like really super heavily inspired by Lolita the body yeah yeah and like the protagonist is pretty much basically the protagonist from Malaysia which makes for some protagonist eating actually awful god I hate that guy so much yeah I'm hoping I'm hoping I think I think arcade actually was considering doing the rest of the stands which would also do see pretty cool I thought maybe it was gonna happen yeah I don't know is kind of 2 and 4 is from what I've heard that they're like the real deal good ones in that series so hopefully that stuff continues to go along maybe won't take several pockets actually is a wisdom it was an interesting one because I like I don't like key games very much so I didn't bother with summer pockets but it's see generally what I saw – yeah and it seems kind of it's not apparently was kind of like drew I can say inspiration from a lot of other key games and kind of like rethread as some some places and ideas that they went already but I thought you know for the most part their response seemed pretty positive so key fans should probably be hopeful then maybe that the rest of it translators as well and it'll be another under key in for you guys to read walk a wild well we're still waiting for some other key games that have supposedly are supposedly going to be giving and us nothing about you know official translations that at least there was some progress there was an update for rewrite plus at least it was an update of minor well angel beats never rewrite retranslation is it's is pretty exciting news I guess know enough to think it's fun every right but the main stuff with good so having a decent translation for that main stuff would be good moving some corporate news we've got a new localization company called love 11 led by Mary was planning to release a lamination international q1 2019 these are words that I'm saying that I have no idea what they are because I don't follow it's funny actually seeing the announcement of TL of lamination because lamination is like one of the biggest like and it's funny English means to the yeah the and the guy the guy Rose lamination who also he got kind of like Fame to an extent for writing and a previous game called love potion success oh yeah which I have read yeah and it was really pretty bad but yeah his style of humor is very like referential and kind of you know random funny XD memes kind of thing but he has a lot of Western like the love potion 69 had a load of like it was weird reference to an 80s movie called the mailman there was David Beckham was named drop back to the future got loads of references there was there was a load of like random random like random English references cuz he's a big fan of like English stuff referential he was just like my least favorite humor yeah 69 into perspective lamination compared to the love potion 699 actually there's some people out there who liked it and thought it was funny and a pretty okay game lamination was very close to winning kusa gay of the year but narrowly beat I think fee you go ahead buy a game that's actually somebody i knows OD has played called game called green bowl of which is barely functional as a story in itself it's just a bunch of weird weird chapters that don't really make any comical sense together I was nomination time ago seconds that one where it was like you think the only person I've heard say good things about lamination is checker Peck which should be yeah I think you dick ative for anyone who knows that name it's a it's parent it's like it's just it's just bizarre and weird and just not funny at all like it's just everyone like I know what all the people a lot of people on the Japanese reader side of things were at the trial when it came out because against there was some people who actually did like love-potion 69 despite the fact that I couldn't but even the people who did like love potion 69 thought that lamination was just complete trash so yeah yeah I you're puzzling announcement to me gotta say yeah the Kaposi the guy who wrote is a bit of a he's a bit of an asshole as well but that's kind of irrelevant to the course bad game yeah yeah so I don't know personally I don't think people should get too excited about that it's a new localization company is cool doesn't know who is it to a person and she's done she's working on some food no matter is great I was like she's where who knows we cool games for other places at the moment I hope her company goes well then hope she gets some actually pretty good titles at some point but yeah lamination is not something that I would look too deeply into consider you know if it's through through the same through matters localization company or through I through something else but I know that that she's involved with harder to do tl that's supposedly on the way yes that's coming yes that's right that's that guy I didn't think it was through her own company but yeah so that's that's at least something to look forward to that she's involved in she's also working on and – no fine jazz well I believe it was all over the place which is just good that's key is yeah but yeah hopefully our company goes well and actually she protected Capote and lamination from being picked up by soccer a gamer who he was originally in talks with that is probably wise and she got in contact with him and let him know the kind of dubious things that that company gets up to and he switched to her localization company so that's good she's a year this game might have made more sense if it was machine originally oh god we've also got a soccer game changing her name to Paradise project and getting ahold of Kimmie a okuru solo no Hana which again my expertise reasonably reasonably standard enough Zoey gay I just we just knock A&R you kind of find out thing pretty funny and awful because there's a person who we know it was kind of that Nate that game it's the first time he's considered changing his discord avatar in two years time that I yeah like I've I've known him on discord so that's a big first yeah it's hard to know it's it's okay and I think Alec Abbott is just a shame to see more professional companies being sucked up by like soccer game or whatever whatever what is what are they called no digits a paradise roster Isaac it just just it's a shame to see like more games being butchered by these bait villages very upsetting to see and I sincerely hope that nobody I'm assuming people who listen to this already I know but enough to just not ever ever buy anything from those people yeah I they're turning some profit on these things because they keep picking up stuff so they must be turning something you see what what they used to do and the reason they function so well as a company and made so much money is that they would go and find dojin like the gift perspective to give perspective on doujin creators on like the DLLs it– Japan's other things like they don't get a lot of sales notices I'm like I think seabed which was translated yes I think I think I can't give I can't just don't quote like I'm not giving exact numbers but I think like they tripled or something the amount that they sold originally when it was put on Steam like you know and there's not a huge amount of money about this stuff is passion for accent like what you will see some games like like teaching feeling which was translated one so like crapped on on DL site you can you actually just again after but if you go onto the Jaypee side of deals like you can actually see how many even yeah I noticed that was her last time it was actually shocking some of the things that I was looking at how I'm so what so what soccer game we used to do was find these dojin devs and then we'll just pay them at them somewhat front a pretty reasonable lump sum as well like a more than well not make somebody's people may have made off their game for the license would run it through whatever crappy software they use to butchered those translations and then to just stick him on Steam which would be really really low production cost and and if they got it what I say it was at all then that was a profit for them and it was working because people were you know they put a weird looking stuff for you know those like weirdly badly randomly censored nuki gay which are just like like to have to genitals and people would buy it as a joke because I'd look so funny and it's like three dollars or something like that but you know if a hundred people do that and then they're they're you know they're making a profit on that you know and so that was how they kind of got away with it for so long and finally they think killa quite a number of quite decent doujin gay that way as well which is a horrible horrible shame to see but like just nobody nobody none of these developers would have any kind of point of contact with the Western scenes that I just wouldn't know you know they wouldn't know what was happening to their games and a lot of people were actually quite upset about it but most of them probably just never even realized they know I think as well there was also some really shady that they were doing where like they'd sell games they would give you access to like a competition that they are or something like that which is like I am evil in most places in the u.s. there they're a very very shady company and definitely should not be supported in any way shape or form but yeah so them changed in her name to try and maybe escape that negative from the yeah it's interesting yeah it's good to know that you can change your name your company am on Steam apparently just with no fanfare it was the thing because they just swapped it and I was like oh hey this new thing it doesn't tell anybody who had previously got anything ham you know whoever those people are or anybody who is is not bought anything of them before seasons new think oh paradise project cool these guys who are they might not be able to find anything any information about that because you know if they haven't existed supposedly before this moment it just kind of feels really awful when you look at it side especially knowing like what the quality of product that cyber game has put out in the past it's just yeah yeah look at that problem they keep doing here some people getting away with it for a while it's just it the worst part is that like the fact that these games under are actual people who were fine of these games and you know there's potential people who could be fun to these games and it's just completely destroying any chance of that happening for shooting reasons which is just which is just really really upsetting as a fan of visual novels you know but yeah and the last thing we have on our news here today is that a hiko soft has filed for bankruptcy through the developer behind sakura sakura and yachts in doha but the official releases by a sole press have still been confirmed to happen despite the bankruptcy this is one actually this I don't think anyone who knows about their Japanese side is at all surprised to hear with the the latest release they put out which was called hokage trail back that was what it was which this game was and now it's gonna be one second and I just find when the V NDB page was made for it in 2015 the page was made for this game on fan DB and it only came house in 2017 towards the end of us it was delayed I think like six or seven times it was delayed for like II I think I as far as member was delayed for like at least a year probably more but when it finally came out then it was basically half a game it was like it just had absolutely nothing to it was incredibly short it have a ton of plot that was very clearly supposed to happen and be there that was all set up and then just just end it and like to the point that like a lot of the they had a lot of extra iron assets that was very clearly intended to be like used later in the game that they never got that later in the game so they stuck in like a load of like hate scenes and stuff into just extra menus and like it was the entire sprite versions in these these after stories extra agencies that were clearly supposed to happen at a later point in the story that never got used because again that later part that a story never got made I know a couple of people who were like burn pretty bad because there was a prologue made for us which was like release that comic hair or something IR they released us you know a prologue for it and somewhere before and an apparently it was like really really good and like set up a really interesting story and it had like were you into good writing and a lot of people were pretty excited for it and the full version is kinda and it just it wasn't a full version it was just you know nobody knows what happens happen but they just you know they charged full price for this game that have like maybe 10 hours of content or something like that and just was not finished so I'm not too surprised to hear that they've closed down because it was clearly some some major issues going on internally at that place but it's got to here though at least their games are still being released through English the ones they're ones that have been announced because with a couple of mining that'll actually be announced from that company by ISO crest from what I remember so you have to know how they're both really off the attacks occur they're finally got over this weird hope that they were trying to block they're getting over but they can maliciously what we'll see which is which is good actually this is like the desert it seems to be a thing that's happening a couple of companies where like the Japanese company goes out of business and in the localized version it's kind of in legal limbo legal limbo or eventually is confirmed to keep happening like to chew up a soft game wouldn't mind a gamer Sukey Sukey and then I was the second one from them and obviously says SEC I have heard a kudu who we mentioned earlier was also gone out of business so there was a lot of questions about how that was gonna work what he does then I heard of money goes to somebody gets done by oh that's a very good question yeah yeah Chris hey look Heinrich Udo is a very good game so I'm glad that one's still happening I'm sure there's a lot of people excited for Suki Suki and Sakura Sakura in those games so it's cool that they're still happening you know I think these companies going out of business because actually what how common is becoming the fact that there is there a chance of them getting official vocalizations despite that is very very good news to hear that's very least you know instead of the lighting another cool well I think that basically wraps up what news we have for this episode so I'm gonna turn it over to detect freeze to is going to be showing hoshizora no memoria hello to all those who may be listening my screen name is detect reased and i would like to spend a few brief moments talking to you about a visual novel that I personally consider to be among the best that I have ever read that VN is hoshizora no memoria also known by its English title wish upon a shooting star first released in 2009 hoshizora the memoria blends the signature favorite Studios art style with a solid story and every aspect of the narrative connecting to one central theme as the name suggests this VN is based heavily around the stars and in particular the star associated with the Japanese story of Tanabata Hoshi memo as it is often for two as has several key points where it stands apart when compared to your standard ven firstly the writers and artists are able to create a sense of atmosphere that I consider to be rather rare a scene watching the stars in Hoshi memo has such good descriptive writing that when paired with the art you can practically smell the fresh night air and can easily imagine moonlight dancing upon the grass of the abandoned lookout it's an immersive experience that can lead to hours upon hours spent reading without care given to time another major point of note is of course the characters but not so much the characters themselves but rather how the characters fit into the story at a glance you could be forgiven for mistaking Hoshi memo as a simple slice of life or comedy VN with some dramatic element the reality is a fair bit more complicated Hoshi memo is in fact a mystery VN with dramatic and comedic elements and even possesses two hidden routes and a hidden heroine Hoshi memo is therefore best described as a grand story with mystery woven throughout and each character and her respective route uncovering a little bit more of the full story and here we arrive at the thing that truly elevates this VN the writing is extremely consistent and as you work your way through it you pick up the breadcrumbs from each route and slowly place them all together by the time you reach the end of the mystery heroines route you can form a time line stretching from that moment back decades before the events portrayed in the VN the payoff is astounding and when you combine that with effective use of a great soundtrack you get a VN that is not afraid to punch you right in the fields and explain to you how and why it happened so if you're in a good mood and you want a little bit of drama and a little bit of comedy and a reading experience that you'll surely never forget why not give Hoshi memo a try this has been the tech breeze telling you to stay classy stay reading and pray for starry skies tomorrow thanks for that shil onii-chan let's look forward to reading hoshizora meme games aside for this episode thank you for having me again I hope I hope people aren't getting sick of hearing me at this point I know I will because you know thanks for having me on again I think it's a it's a topic I love who's gonna listen hey let's gonna listen to a podcast about reading untranslated visual levels is already a masochist so I think you're probably fine yeah I don't know I feel like I should be offended right now [Laughter] please join us next episode for our next topic which will be visual level endings and thank you all for listening I've been relative tricolor I've been knocking ah she and I've been and time see you next time

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  1. first.
    anyway… i feel envious of second languages; i cant even speak my native language T_T
    it's interesting to hear of this tho.
    though… steam allowing uncensored content… that's going to go quite wild.

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