The book With No Pictures – by BJ Novak

hi my name is David edgren and I'm going to read you the book with no pictures by BJ Novak the book with no pictures BJ Novak this is a book with no pictures it might seem like no fun to have someone read you a book with no pictures it probably seems boring and serious except here is how books work everything the words say the person reading the book has to say no matter what that's the deal that's the rule so that means even if the words say lark wait what that doesn't even mean anything Murph wait a second what this isn't the kind of book I wanted to read and I have to say every word the book says uh-oh I am a monkey who taught myself to read hey I am NOT a monkey and now I'm reading this just to you and my monkey mouth of my monkey voice that's not true I'm not a monkey yes I'm a monkey also I am a robot monkey watch and my head is made of blueberry pizza wait a second is this whole book a trick can I stop reading please no and now it's time for me to sing you my favorite song a song do I really have to sing us glug-glug-glug my face is a bug I eat breakfast right off the raagh this book is ridiculous can I stop reading yet no there are more pages I have to read the rest my only friend in the whole wide world is a hippo named babble bot boo boo but and also the kid I'm reading this book too is the best kid ever in the history of the entire world oh is that so and this kid is the smartest kid too because this kid chose this book even though it had no pictures because this kid knows this is the book that makes grown-ups say silly things and make silly sounds like oh no here it comes Claire glaucoma grumpy do I Bromberg oom I'm blogging blogging acclivity gravity gravity gravity got bebop but don't you face oh my goodness please don't ever make me read this book again it is so silly in fact it is completely and utterly preposterous next time please please please please please choose a book with pictures please because this is just too ridiculous to read the end bonk I did not want to say that

31 thoughts on “The book With No Pictures – by BJ Novak

  1. I had something that’s called book vote and you were an the school bord you were soo good everyone was laughing

  2. BADOOOONGY FACE!! My boy loves this book, and this video is my go-to when I’m too tired to read it for the 4th time in the space of half an hour. Thanks David!

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