The Book That Changed the World

Recently, I did some really deep, scholarly, intellectual research. It was called Wikipedia. And if Wikipedia is correct, there have only been a handful of books in all of human history that have sold 100 million
copies or more. Harry Potter made the list. The Hobbit made the list. Some of, like, the classics
of global literature. But do you know what’s so
unique about this book, the Bible? This book, the Bible, has not just sold
100 million copies in its existence. This book, the Bible, sells 100 million copies every single year. Can you believe that? Whether you believe this book or not, whether you’ve read it or not, there is nothing in all of humanity that has equaled the impact
and the exposure of this book that I hold in my hands. That’s why, this week, I want to
talk to you about the Bible. Do you know what the Bible is? Have you ever read it? Just parts of it? Or half of it? Or all of it? Do you feel like you understand it? Why in the world would you read
it in the midst of your busy life? And if you want to read it,
how should you read it and where should you start? And what’s it all about? This week I want to cover a
big picture of what this book is. And I have a bold goal that
for the rest of your life you would not just feel obliged to, but you would want to open this book and read the wisdom in its pages. I pray that starting this week, and hopefully for the rest of your life, you would turn to this
book for guidance, wisdom, grace, faith and salvation. Now before I jump into
all the details this week, I want you to think about this one
shocking and beautiful thing. That you have something that Jesus, himself, did not have. If you have one of these on your phone, if you keep one of these
by the side of your bed, if there’s one of these in
your church or in your home, you literally have something that Jesus, himself, did not have. When Jesus was growing up, there
wasn’t a children’s Bible next to his bed. When he was around the dinner table
with Mary and his step-dad, Joseph, they didn’t open up the
scrolls of the Bible to study. No, Jesus 2,000 years ago
when he was on this earth, he only got little glimpses of the
Bible when they pulled the scrolls out at synagogue worship. So think of that. If you have a Bible in your possession,
you can literally open up these pages wherever and whenever,
however much you want. What a crazy blessing it is to live at this time in history. Just a couple weeks ago, my family and
I took a road trip to the East coast. And we were in Washington, D.C.
at the Library of Congress and there at a special
display behind thick glass was a Gutenberg Bible. Ever heard of those before? About 500 years ago, this guy Gutenberg invented the printing press
which allowed books not to be copied by hand, but to be mass produced. And there behind the thick glass was
an original copy of a Gutenberg Bible. And it was a reminder of what
we maybe take for granted, lots of people didn’t. Many people never would have touched a Bible
in their hands for their entire lives. And as I left the
Library of Congress that day, I thought about what a blessing this is. That wherever I am, however much I’m spiritually struggling, whether I’m rich or poor, I can get a free app or
a free copy from a church or pay 10 or 15 bucks online and
hold in my hands this book that has changed the world and has changed people’s eternities. I want to leave you today with just one passage
that comes from the book of Hebrews. Hebrews 4:12 says this, If you’re looking for a living word, something that gets into your heart
and lives and changes and grows, if you want spiritual activity in your life, if you want to move and not
stay stuck but get closer to God through his son Jesus,
there is a perfect place to go and it’s the Word of God. And thank the Lord you don’t have
to travel to some church or some synagogue to
get in contact with it. Because of the place that
you and I live in history, we can open these pages
wherever we want and we can have an
encounter with God. I can’t wait to tell you more
about this book this week. But, for now, would you join
me and would you pray? Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for speaking to us. We don’t have to guess what you’re like. We don’t have to wonder what you would do. Instead we can open the pages of
this book and we can find Jesus. The one who gave up everything
so that people like us could have everything forever. Inspire us this week, not just to pick up
a copy of the Bible here and there, but to devote ourselves to it. That we would find incredible peace and joy
as we think about all the blessings that come. We pray this all boldly in Jesus name. Amen. So, what do you find intriguing
about the Bible? Whether you have a
little bit of experience, kind of middle of the road, or years and even decades of studying this book, I would love for you to share with us what you find most compelling
and magnetic and intriguing. If you could put that in
the comment section below, we would love to join together as a community of people and study
and grow in this book together. Thanks and we’ll talk to you next time.

6 thoughts on “The Book That Changed the World

  1. At the moment I am listening to David Suchet reading the entire Bible on Audible. I highly recommend it! I have been especially blessed by listening to the whole Bible chronologically in a short period of time. It really helps to put things into perspective and understand God's word.

  2. I have a King James version of the Bible but what's more amazing to me is that through the "You Version" app which I have on my PC. I can listen to the Bible in any version I want. I listen to the NIV version because it's plain and simple English but if I were to look to the King James version, it's says the same thing. It's also funny to me that when I was young, I really didn't understand the Bible nor did I even try to, but now I realize, it's God breathed words from God Himself telling of a Love story about how much He loves me.

  3. I married into the Lutheran faith and my faith filled wife led me through the Word to the cross of Christ our Redeemer. I did not understand what I was reading or hearing but by Grace through the Spirit I came across the book of Daniel in the Peoples Bible about 40-years ago. Since then I crave God's Word and daily read and study. Our LORD is infinitely gracious and loving. All praise to His name.

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