The Book of Fire (Movie) -Sneak Peak Teaser

the book of fire is no ordinary and wha-at used by Sears & Sorcerer's I already will how could possibly be more tolerable it's truly yards instructions keys and dark spirits that the book will make your room eternal thank you are you excited about Kevin's party – yeah hey Kevin I'm glad you made it Nina Thanks it's all for you ladies ladies what are you doing in here man when you could be killing with the fast doctor no I have asked you all to bring something from a deceased relative I have something did you it's a Nazi love helping my friends grandfather got it from a Nazi that he killed a concentration camp amber give it back to me no no no give it here this is perfect there's something I need to show you you were a direct descendent Emperor Justinian and his lover Dani what is this my lord haven't your family's trouble it appears only by practicing the rituals in the book of fire was he able to survive at part of the ritual that they had to murder 100 men in every new moon if I want to live I have to carry the plague or I commit suicide it's mine I turn 80 in purgatory

7 thoughts on “The Book of Fire (Movie) -Sneak Peak Teaser

  1. O haha I didn't know what I was watching at first I thought Jason Lewis was going to be in the trailer 🙂
    But good work dude no offense is that movie a comedy and what editing software was that …. Other then that I respect whoever's work that was
    And where can we see it ….

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