The Book of Daniel – Official Trailer

have we filled Toledo support of Babylon 4 I was just a boy when I came here when 70 years were completed for Babylon I will come to you and fulfill my gracious promise and bring you back to this lands quarrels I am Daniel I seek to kill your story a tale of four kings one great one foolish one who was deceived and one who is destined to be regarded as wise for all the ages of the world to come during those many years we were living in a foreign land speaking of foreign language and living under a fallen king my king I've heard of this man for you Lord are righteous can't be rebelled against your command Jerusalem has sinned greatly as punishment we shall serve the king of Babylon for 70 years 70 years is a long time Kings executioner will be in the chamber if you are found unworthy you will be executed on the spot you dare to defy me let the furnace be heated Sevenfold find them and cast them into the fire the Babylonian wave conquest and take away the leaders and the rest can easily be governed Oh God who strike you down like an enemy anyone prays to any God or man shall be thrown into the Lions Den why did I consult you before passing that accursed law take him away why has the King issued such a harsh decree my daughter kill my most faithful subject I call upon your name award from the depths of the pit hear my plea redeem my life we need to promise is to always love our God and be obedient to him have faith my brothers

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  1. The king has those who had conspired against Daniel, and their wives and children, thrown to the lions in his place, and commands to all the people of the whole world to "tremble and fear before the God of Daniel

  2. You don't choose him , he chooses you ! Before you were in the woom he already knew you ! I'm forever great full that our LORD JESUS , saved me from a life of darkness !!

  3. I am sorry Lord Jesus Christ holy mother of God with us I am sorry sorry bye bye I am sorry God Into X I got messenger I am sorry Saint Anthony father answer Yousuf father I am sorry God images God messenger I am sorry Holy Rosary and sorry Holy Fatima mother I am sorry God please your must sorry gotchas I am sorry holy mother of God change mahadasha -8 Mysore in the name of Jesus Christ holy mother of God pray for us in the name of Jesus Christ Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah amen amen

  4. Jesus comes soon, everything that is in the Bible is true, make sure that no one deceives you because many will come in the name of Jesus and many mislead uncleanness. True Jesus will appear globally so that the whole world sees it, every human eye, not locally, so as to deliver God's will and to spread this good news to all Amen. @

  5. I wonder why Black Actors don't want to play those kind of Roles and Make those kind of Movies ????? IAM pretty sure Black People are in the Bible .

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