The best WordPress themes for author and writer websites

once you've picked out a domain name you're gonna need a theme the nice thing about WordPress is that you can go in and add a new theme and it will keep all of your content all the articles and the story and information will all be the same but it'll have a different layout and so I've actually put together a post called 99 WordPress themes for any authors that will actually sell books and like I said earlier I think it's safer and often better to use a minimal WordPress themes so the ones that I picked out are all kind of similar they have an author profile with a picture probably a header a simple sidebar but they all have a little bit of different style and when you're looking at WordPress themes you also have to keep in mind it's very easy to change the fonts so if you kind of like the layout but you just want to change the fonts for the article titles that's really easy to do but you're kind of just looking for the basic layout some of the style you want to pick one that you like and one that's really clean this one's pretty nice I should have used that one actually from my other website I chose another one maybe I'll pick this one later there's a bunch of them in here because what kind of give you an idea of what you can look for you can of course find something that's more stylish or more like a landing page but the thing about websites is it's mostly you don't want a lot of style what you want to focus on you're gonna need a nice logo header which is probably just text so you want to find a font that's representative of your genre so if it's science fiction or thriller you want a big bold font like this if it's more Chiclets or fantasy you might want something that's a little curly or a little more feminine I'll put a link to this website down below this is another one I like a lot that I could have chosen I haven't really picked up a theme yet um well I'll show you the one I have been looking at the other place you can look is there's a whole bunch of them some people will say the WordPress themes coded on aren't quite as perfect as the ones you'd find on other sites but I found that they worked pretty well and you have a lot of options they're not all they're not all quite as easy or as perfect as some other sites they're they have a better back-end have a better admin panel which gives you more options but what I like is that there's just so many and so I can actually look at the ones that I've just bought to show you the one that I had thought I would use this is the one that I have picked out and I can click on live preview and it'll show me kind of how it looks so this is um it's actually sort of feminine it's kind of like a salmon color but I like and I can change this font I I won't this isn't this is a picture another fawn so I can't just type in my text here I'll have to remake a header that looks sort of like this or it's kind of cool um but I do like the fonts I like the layout it's clean it's not what we were talking about earlier with the landing page and I don't really like having the menu up on top here I prefer if it's down underneath and with the landing page I would want one flight page with a big sign up like a big click here to sign up for my email but I always do that like instead of this banner spot I would put that here anyway I'd say sign up for five free books and then if they click it they would go to another landing page that's a little bit more information about what they'll get if they sign up to the list and the call to action you could also put a big header in if I wanted to slider a header but mostly I'm not going for a landing page I'm going for a blog because I want to focus on writing the content that brings in more traffic so this is the one that I had downloaded that I'll probably use there's also theme trust they make pretty good websites a lot of pretty minimal stuff if you search around for themes for writers or themes for authors a lot of the times what you'll find is not really a theme that's for selling books but more a theme for showcasing your actual writing so in some cases like if you're a blogger if you're a blogger your text is important your articles are important but you don't want something that's just focusing on your text because you want to sell books too so you need to make sure that it's set up well here's 16 beautiful and simple WordPress themes for writers there's a lot of new ones and some of these are okay but kind of just simple and they really just focus on like a nice big picture and just the text which is okay if you just want people to find your writing but you also need to think about where's your call-to-action where's the sign up to your email list cuz those really important – this is one I've used on some other author websites it's I don't really like this big header up here it's weird anyway but you'll have to search around and you'll find here's another good one you'll see that a lot of them are kind of similar where they have you know a big text logo pictures and about Me section with some links that's basically what you're looking for this one is Genesis Genesis has a really nice big email signup but we're actually gonna have we're gonna make an image that you can click that takes you to another page to get your email signup I'll show you how to do that later so you don't really need to worry about making an email sign up on your sidebar which is contracted anyway a lot of these words in bold if you were looking for more of a landing page I'd go back and search for landing pages and the difference is going to be instead of early minimal clean white WordPress theme you'll get something that's more flat and probably divided into different sections and I wouldn't really recommend it for another website unless you're just driving people to your signup lists but you don't plan to have a lot of content or a lot of articles in that case it might be a good idea but I think you probably want to write the kind of website where you can have a lot of content a lot of blog posts and have something for people to read but also focus their attention on your offer and your signup list so these are kind of like they're kind of like sales pages a landing page is kind of like a sales page so instead of having a lot of pages it's mostly like all the content is just in one big long page and they just scroll down it's really good for services if you're selling a service because you can put all the relevant information but I don't think it's as good for an author website because I don't think your author website should be just a landing page for people to sign up or to buy your books I think your author website needs to have some personality and some more content so this is kind of a landing page we're just all a bunch of stuff and it just keeps going down it's good if you were like a sales page it's just you won't have all the information on one page so that by the time they get to the bottom of the page they're ready to buy and that's much harder to do with a book however the nice thing about using something like this is like it usually has a nice email signup so if you buy something with a nice email signup like this or a call to action at the bottom that'll save you a lot of time so you could start with something like this if you want it if you like the style of this better that's okay you can make an adult nice author website with it and they also have a blog that's built in generally I find the blogs on these landing pages aren't so easy to use there might be something like this which is a gallery style blog they don't have just a nice simple blog with a sidebar and for me I like having the sidebar there because the sidebar is where you can put links and other information that's important so I'm going to go back to this theme I had planned to use this one and I'll probably install this one but I might also try a couple of these other ones which are nice and I can just once I set up my WordPress site I can try a couple of these themes I mean some of them are free some of them you have to pay so I don't want to pay it too early but I might try some of these other ones before I make a firm choice there's also you'll find some landing pages that are like this if you just have one book and it's more of a one product like you're building your authority there's a lot of landing pages that are just to sell a book or even this one is a preface as a wordpress theme for authors so you can put your different books and you can put a lot of different books and it's a nice theme but I still prefer a white minimal set theme that has just enough style to match your genrih so that's what I'm gonna pick for mine and I've already installed WordPress so in the next video we're just gonna take a look at setting it up and then we'll add the theme

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