The BEST Network Marketing Books – MUST read for success

Whats going on guys Gabe E here. Do you know
the first thing that you need to do in order to become successsful in network marketing?
Well stay tuned cuz in this video Im going to talk about three of the best Network Marketing
books that you need in your arsenal to take your business whether youre a newbie or a
pro to the next level. So I hear and get this question alot when people are thinking about
joining network marketing they start by asking how do you be successful in Network marketing.
Well I can tell you from my personal experience that when I first started I knew absolutely
nothing like first of all I had to get over the whole network marketing is a scheme or
people are just here to take my money. After I did some research and educated myself a
little bit and found out that there is actually good potential in network marketing I then
started to progress to okay how do I do this thing. What Ive come across so far is that
a lot of network marketing deals with your thoughts and how you think. your mentality
that is the biggest thing that you need to understand and that you need to devleop in
order to become successful in network marketing or any business that you are trying to do.
Here are three network marketing books that I have read that have literally changed the
way I perceive life itself. Not just in my life but in my business and everything in
between. The first book is Think and grow Rich by Napolean Hill. Now this book basically
changed my life and I dont say that lightly the thing about this book and what Napolean
Hill talks about is he talks about developing your mindset creating wealth just from your
thoughts and how you perceives yourself in your every day life. I know this might sound
kind of weird like how do you create wealth through your thoughts well thats the genius
of this book. In this network marketing book he walks you step by step how you can basically
if you believe it and have faith and you put forth the effort then you can attract money
to you. Know this is a very abstract concept but if you try it youd be surprised in how
well it works. Not only do you grow wealth in you pockets but you grow wealthy where
it counts. In the mind its all in here like thats it. Once you have the mindset then you
can do anything you want. The things that he applies in this book are universal it can
be used in any aspect of life if doesnt even have to involve business. It can be your personal
life it can be hobbies and relationships. Somebody put it to me like this and this is
how I like to think about it. If you change your thoughts you will change your mind. If
you change your mind you change who you are. If you change who you are you will change
what you do and if you change what you do you will change what you have. So it all starts
in your thoughts and mindset. When you wake up in the morning to motivate yourself, going
through objections going through rejections. in the book he also talks about overcoming
fear which is a huge obstacle for people. I mean just getting out there to talk to people
about your business can be frightening at times. He also talks about dreaming big and
setting goals. But most of all he talks about elements that each one of us have deep down
inside that once we harness we can do anything we want in this world. any goals that you
set any aspirations that you have for yourself any dreams that you have. All of these things
can be obtained once you understand how the mind works and most importantly how you work.
If you understand how you work then you will be able to understand how other people work.
Now the second network marketing book I recommend for you success is the Cashflow quadrant rich
dad poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki. Now in this book the author breaks down four catagories
that people make money in: Employees, self employed, business and investing and investors.
What is so important about this is because it teaches you once again it goes along with
the mindset thing. The mindset that you need to have as a business owner or as an investor.
Guys, we are not in the industrial age anymore 9-5 was the american dream those days are
over and people dont even realize that yet we are in the information age and its time
for people to catch up because its going to be moving wheter people know or not. He expalins
in his book how it is a must if you want financial freedom, if you want to set yourself up this
book kinda teaches you how to do that well it defenetily teaches you how to do that but
it also teaches you exactly how your mind needs to work in order to be able to function
on the right side because this is stuff they dont teach you in schools nowadays. There
are alot of things that are said about our educational system, Im not going to say anything
but this is what should be taught in our schools. This is what people need to hear because its
going to transform your life because it transformed mine. The third and final network marketing
book I recommend is Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman. Now in this book he talks
about knowing thy self as the famous quote goes. Another thing that is not being taught
in our schools is our emotions and not only having our emotions but being able to understand
what our emotions mean understand what is happening when we are going through those
emotions and then understand how to deal with those emotions. See if you understand how
to deal with your emotions then we are able to direct that energy whether it is good or
bad to more productive and more constructive things If yo can understand your emotions
then you will understand yourself and if you understand yourself you will be able to relate
to other people. Once again that is what it all comes down to being able to relate to
other people. that is the beauty of network marketing is that it is a people business.
A big thing about emotional intelligience is that it develops leaders. Ill say its the
secret ingredient in leaders because you can be a great leader and not be in tuned with
your emotions I mean I guess thats fine if you work like a robot. But if you want to
actually work with people and want to actually be good at it and efficient at it then you
need to understand your emotions. Definetly a top selection that you need to have in your
library if you are thinking about being successful in network marketing. And thats it guys those
are my three recommindations for the network marketing books that you have to read guys,
have to read. There are alot of books out there dont get me wrong these arent just the
only three magical books that will make you successful but like I said before it starts
in the mind it startes with your thoughts because if you change your thoughts you change
who you are, you change what you do which will in turn change what you have. And thats
the great thing about these books is that they serve as personal development for you
which is so key to network marketing. But what if you are in network marketing now and
your just beginning or youve been in it for a while and your struggling to see results
you are struggling to get leads or to convert those leads into sales what are some practical
tools that you can using and implementing in your business that will help you take your
business to the next level and start seeing results and results fast. In the description
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or whether youve been in it for a couple years he using this system and its helping him generate
amazing results. So click the link below and I will send you that video asap. I hope you
guys got some value from this video now if you have network marketing book recomindations
that you have used in your business leave a comment below I would love to see the options
and the different resources you guys are using. If you liked this video subsribe to my page
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might get value from it. Thanks guys for watching and ill talk to you next time

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