The Best ABC Book to Read Your Kids

okay Jedi I know you're traveling with mommy right now so I thought I'd read to you one of your favorite books damsel free ABCs errand pilots starships in deep outer space Buffy slays monsters with a smirk on her face Cheetara runs so fast she's a blur to the eye Dana catches bad guys for the FBI Elizabeth leads pirates on the high seven seas Fey captures bounties with relative ease Galadriel reigns over the kingdom of elves Hermione scores highest at casting her spells Ivanova commands Rangers who fight for mankind Jeanne teaches kids and moves things with her mind Keira glides far on majestic wings Laura raids tombs and discovers old things Marion wears treasure hidden in plain sight natira prowls the jungle late at night Oracle hacks systems and shares information Princess Leia hides plans for an evil Space Station Queen Amidala rules a planet from high on her throne ripley battles aliens in space all alone sarah terminates robots and evil machines Trinity frees humanity in her digital dreams ahora boldly goes to the galaxy's end veronica solves crimes to help out her friends Wonder Woman delivers justice and fights for peace Xena defends the weak in ancient Greece yars in charge of protecting her crew Zoe's not showy just loyal and true unfortunately this book is not really publicly available but it's fun to read

11 thoughts on “The Best ABC Book to Read Your Kids

  1. The book is good on one side, but at the same time, I feel like our society overplays the "alpha" (tough) role and upholds "manliness" a little too much. You don't need to be tough or a leader to lead. Which might sound strange, but there are different ways to accomplish things, including being second in command and often times the most important and influential people are the ones standing on the sideline. Basically, I don't really think being a leader should be "exciting" or "superior," in fact, being a leader is actually a lot of hard work and requires commitment, that while is easy to replicate in fantasy stories (which this book is basically based on), it's much harder to do in real life and in many cases not even possible (superhero stories). It just promotes insecurity and also doesn't properly prepare people for leadership roles. You don't encourage someone to be a leader or entrepreneur, they just are.

    Both men and women can gain from being both dominant and submissive.

  2. How many copies would have to sell to pay for the licensing fees for all that IP! I'm not surprised it's not publicly available. I'm also sad that it's not.

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