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yeah what's up I just filmed a video and I'm about to film another one um today I am doing the author struggle tag as a bonus video I dunno I was tagged in this by amber crap because she just created it and I know I had told her to tag me in it once she done it so she did and errors my video for it this is the author struggle tag it has ten questions she said we could add on questions which I had not thought of adding a question because I hadn't really thought about it because I don't really think too far ahead of these videos because I don't script the model think about them I just do them and my eyes look really blue well I never realized ladies that blue oh well I guess cuz I don't look at anyways um there's ten questions I watched her video when she first uploaded it week ago two weeks my bad no I haven't really looked at them since I never look at the question since until then because I like the spur of the moment rambles so yeah question number one as an author writer what aspect of the process do you find the hardest to tackle um I think the hardest thing for me is just the first draft just getting everything down on paper that is an artist I know a lot of people don't like B and it's in revisions and this and that I I enjoy those or at least I enjoy them more than the first draft the first draft is wife struggle with trying to actually get it on paper because I know what I want to say but just trying to formulate the proper words and make it make sense um it's very hard oh for me anyways so that would be my hardest thing to tackle because yeah number two what do you find makes you go down the rabbit hole the fastest when you should be writing this is one of the reasons why only right there and livestreams because I you see when I was working on my first book I have researched a lot of us still researched a lot but I would research whenever I was trying to write and I was getting on the internet and start looking up something and finally I was looking for I'm gonna go check Facebook Twitter whatever in kawaras passing I still hadn't wrote anything so now I just let myself to writing during live streams and sprints and stuff because I'm opposed to be writing and I don't want to be like oh I got sidetracked it you know I want to put down the I wrote however many words so I'm actually focused more on the word count because I feel like I'm more held more accountable that way um so I do all my research some other time so now I don't get lost down that rabbit hole as much as what I used to as well as I've been fast drafting since I just been doing it on during those live streams so if I can't think of something or I need research I just put like a place over there somehow and then just keep going and I really think about it as in also providing the first one would stop right then and go research and then I'll get out the flow my guess I tracked in everything else so I don't feel like I get lost down rabbit holes as much I'm working on second book I grow a lot more a lot faster number three what is the hardest thing you have discovered about the process of indie publishing the hardest thing I've discovered about the process is I guess it's marketing I'm just getting yourself in front of people I know I'm not selling like a bunch of books or anything I'm not the expert marketing but you know I want to think of something hard I think of something that you actually struggle struggle with and I'm consistently selling a couple books a day so I don't feel like you know I'm at a standstill or anything about that but I would prefer to sell more and I would say that marketing in general the hardest because usually you have to pay for a lot of different marketing ploys I mean there are some stuff you can do for free but the ones I really generate the stuff is stuff you exit to can't pay for and that can be tight with money at Toms so I would just say that for me number four when you are frustrated with your work what do you find yourself doing the most Oh screaming a cousin no um I really don't get frustrated with my work I know pretty well well I'm going at home like I said earlier there's certain things in the first half I have such a hard time trying to formulate into proper words but with this fast drafting method that I've been doing if I am literally like beating my head against the keyboard and I can't figure out exactly how to word it I will just put place over there and just get the entire section that's singing on that Lowell instance whatever um and then just start back wherever I can't formulate I know there's a couple times where there's like a little confrontation and just like that start of it I just I know why I want to happen how I want it to happen but to actually formulate the right words for it was aggravating me so I just put place over placeholder in there and then I just started you know after that inciting incident and stuff oh so I've been doing that but if I ever actually hit like a roadblock and you know I can't think something like that and then I go the next one I'm still having problems I will just literally quit riding on that and then I will just jump to another project I'm kind of working on the gift of a child a lot or not a lot but that's kind of a side project and that's what kind did while I was editing the battle for medicore I would edit some and I go I was waiting to receive more back as my editor I sent portions semadar at times to send all of it then he would send it back and I'd work on it and then I'd send more and he was doing his stuff and I would work on the gifted child until I got that back and then also whenever I'm just like struggling and having a hard time I will just stop and do something on the gift of a child or whatever and then the next day go back and usually come on in a better place and I can kind of work on it then that's why I do I just kind of project hop I guess number five what is one thing you wish you were better at and why I would say better at reading emotions I don't know I just feel like I'm not that good at writing emotions I have a how-to book that kind of helps with that and I went through the battle for medic or after I had completed written it and went through several drafts right before our said it's my editor I went through and used that how-to book to kind of add in the motion throughout it where I felt like I needed more but I myself feel like I'm not good at it other people have disagreed they told me that they loved the emotion I put in certain things and I think I think I've mentioned it before but I think it's because the type of story telling it's more based on the political aspect and the action and stuff like that and it doesn't have to be as heavily emotional there are certain things that need to be emotional I'm dealing with deaths and stuff like that but just the overall in general doesn't so therefore my inability of writing a motion well in my eyes it's kind of overshadowed by it not really needing to be that well in those stuffs because a lot of political and violence and action stuff doesn't have to be too emotional just certain areas do so I can just focus all my energy on smaller portions as then the novel as a whole I guess number six what is the one thing you find the hardest to do in your John rrah the hardest thing I think to do in fantasy is dealing with magic systems as well as new races a lot of people have these same races you know elves Wars you know sorcerers whatever I think when you're trying to venture off into making your own race and try to make it stand alone then that's some people can have problems with that because they don't want it seeming too much like other races Mon I have 24 races I think my story and the majority of them are all regular races like elves and jinns and demons and amps and whatever shapeshifters but I did create one race completely from scratch known as address D and I enjoyed it but I figured that would probably something that would be hard for most people will try and do something original I'm not saying Drizzy's are completely original I kind of look at them as a hybrid between zombies and vampires with you know shadow walking abilities whatever but I think that would be one of the harder things as well as like some magic systems a lot of people nowadays when they write magic into the books I want a into they want a very unique magic system whether it's elemental base or whatever they want something that's very unique to their world me I didn't care I just did the elemental you know car old-school you know you can shoot fireballs and lightning bolts and stuff like that I'm just because you're a sorcerer you're Lichaj and or whatever that's how I approach six I really didn't care but I know a lot of fantasy writers I want a unique magic system they want that to be their basis and centered around their story building so I would say that those two things would be the hardest things in my johner number 7 what is the hardest part of telling others about your books that would be mages being kind of an introvert I like to ramble and talk about my book but if I don't know you more like from what I'm just gonna talk to you I'll post on social media whatever because I don't have to look at y'all I want to really deal with you but in person I would say that that would be an artist saying oh if I know if I'm your friend or whatever I'll be like I wrote a book or if you knew I wrote a book and I'll talk your head off about it oh you know all my co-workers at work and stuff like that my close friends you know they've all heard me ramble about it so you know but approaching new people or people with I've only just met or whatever in certain situations and environments I feel like that is the hardest part just being kind of introverted and I guess almost I still don't really classify myself as shy so to say I'm just come more conserved conserved yeah but you know once you get to know me I'm really just outspoken and I'll ramble ramble ramble so ya know home number eight what is the most frustrating thing you hear when you tell people about your book or series Oh can't have it for free can't can't just give it to me I don't know if I like it can you know I don't really want to pay for it and not like it you know you might just give me a copy I can have when a person my friends a straight up told me he's like you know I don't like reading I'm not gonna read your book I just want it to so I can have it so I go hey I know you now uh cuz also King gives to me free no and he's up why not because I don't want to I'm not making any money that way if I give it to you for free I'm gonna have to give it to other people free I'm not doing that then he literally is just like or can you at least tell me how it ends so yeah so cool out in to be continued and I say I'm a picture of the very bottom line of the book also song yeah I'll tell you how it ends give me a minute so yeah that's how it ends to be continued yeah he was like no like how I actually had so that you understand how it ends you would have to know what happened beforehand so and also I'm not giving spoilers out somebody who's know gonna read it you know if you want to know all the stuff gonna read it so yeah um that's what I find the most frustrating is people will just kind of take it as just a joke or hobby and just like no you should just give it to me for free cuz I know you know number nine okay what is the best and worst thing someone has said about your book series um the best thing is just oh I'm on my phone sorry looking for my um yeah I don't have all of my old comments and stuff from when I had originally posted the first couple drafts up on booksy whilst writing it before I ever decided to actually pursue publishing I'm up since taking it down to leave my counting all that stuff but prior to that I did have it up on book C for people to read for free as of writing it and I had like hundreds of comments and feedback on there which the majority of it was very positive there was a couple that was like yeah this needs work whatever but none of it is very degrading or you know this soft or anything like that it was all good reviews well I'm just gonna get on Goodreads um I have three reviews on there so if you're watching this you've read my book or you're planning on reading it go to leave reviews on Goodreads or Amazon or whatever I know Amazon takes forever to post the reviews up thank all three of the people that's posted it on Goodreads have also said that they posted it on Amazon Amazon's only shown up one review at the moment um all the others say that they have reviewed so it should be shown so three um and there might even be others that left two reviews that Amazon just hasn't posted yet I don't know I'll go see her you have so we've used this great fire so just kind of the it's gonna breed these reviews since the question was basically you know the best and worst things I've heard about my book and since I don't really remember the others I'm just gonna use this as my best and I guess my worst I have two right now I'm good to read so I have two five-star reviews and one three-star so for the best woman go ahead and just read both of the five-star reviews yeah opposites there's only two the first one I got was from one of my archive years or all these are from arc reviewers all three of them the first one is from Donna walls which is a local author out here she goes through the same local writing group that I go to monthly its most of the people in my writing group either write children's or poetry I'm like the only non children are poetry um there's a couple I write like young adults cozy mystery and stuff but nothing that's adult on content or fantasy or science fiction or anything like that so and it's just me like one other guy that actually goes there's some other guys in the group on Facebook and stuff but that actually attends there's me and another dude uh-huh so I'm like the oddball I guess but Donna is review is five story this is a fantastic adult fantasy novel extremely hard to believe it is a debut novel for this talented new author the realm of metal or is vividly described from the flora and fauna to the human inhabitants you feel like you are there with the attention to detail provided in this epic story if you enjoy well-written book with plenty of twists and turns a huge cast of well-defined characters plenty of realistic fantasy elements and a plot that will keep you turning the pages as fast as possible then I'll highly recommend this book you will never become complacent as the action and super has never stopped I would pose say that's the past I'll the two five start because that's nothing but praise I'm in a sense which like I say if you go if you have the book goli review I don't care if it's five star one star whatever I don't care how much you trash it just leave review I would like to know you know your opinions on it and reviews help authors especially on Amazon and stuff with ratings and getting it in front of other people so any kind of review is appreciated I'm not gonna hate you if you hated it or whatever my stomach is growling I'm off y'all get here if it's just I'm hearing it that's my stomach or what but it's loud the other review is from a Dorothy Dorothy Dorothy once like Dorothy who looks like Dorothy I've never actually seen Dorothy spelled out so I don't really know but Dorothy Barrino um it was actually her husband that read and reviewed he just said he'd be posting it as her he was also one mark reviewers um I had read and reviewed his first few books and his chaos of souls books his review it was also a five star it's action adventure and heartbreak combined and this brutal new fantasy medicore is filled with colorful cast of characters within the story you'll find demons elves dwarves and many other fantastic beings living throughout I fought for the kingdom Abraha leads to chaos in the realms you're brought over land and sea to experienced in this epic battle the villains are deliciously disagreeable they revel in their villain bill Linney even when it's morally justified damnit Darius is a demon that gets things done the society and political injury was complex and well developed sometimes a little too complex perhaps the scope of the cast and creatures was as at first daunting but once I got into everything fell into place the writing was enjoyable with enough to script to fully encompass the action I thoroughly enjoy this book and it just got better as I read to the blood splattered in I am very much looking forward to the second book so that was the other five-star I've had unlike Donna's that did have I guess some kind of setbacks you know a little maybe a little too complex with the political aspects and about how the scope of cast and creatures were at first thought thing or whatever which you know I truly understand um now I went balls to the wall with world building and everything else so I could see that and you are introduced to a lar a lot of characters and such right off the bat and then it kind of dies down so yeah I truly understand that I mean like I said you know I don't care if you give me a one-star review just complete trash it or what if it just couldn't give me something to justify that so I know why you didn't like it because if it's something I feel like I can improve the pond without hindering the integrity of the story you know I'm I would incorporate that into future books and try to make them better so yeah and then for the worst um this is a three star review it's a little bit more lengthy um it's from Cu a bomb co pump but there was another blocker who was one my arc reviewers and like I said I write it three stars the battle for madacorp is the first book and deal Sturtz lands of the abyss series and it's a book that has me curious for more there is so much to learn about the world many things I wish to see come together and I'm excited to see how everything will play out throughout the series the battle for meta Gore introduces us to interesting world one filled creatures that will appeal to all fantasy fans it's more than just your standard cast of creatures as this one covers a much larger scope of and actually deals with such creatures rather than just simply referencing them this makes for a large cast of characters which is a bit daunting at first but as the story progresses these things come together well and it's great to watch how everything links together once things are coming together the book is extremely difficult to put down you're curious about so many different elements and happy to turn the pages to get your answers there are plenty of characters and storylines and you'll find yourself with favourites you're wanting to come back to although I enjoyed this one it was why it wasn't quite what I had expected the title had me expecting a lot more violence an action then I was giving there were certainly big battles throughout but the story focused more on the society and political aspects there's nothing wrong with this it was certainly interesting but I had been expecting a wee bit more in terms of battle scenes of course this is a personal preference of mine as I'm a big fan of long accident sequences overall the battle for medicore was a great first book in a series that leaves us with the promise of much more so that is that's a review on all those these reviews have been long-winded in terms of answering this question but that's really really the only thing I could think of as the best and worst thing someone has said to me about my Booker series is just reviews in general about the books oh and that one um it was only rated 3 stars but for the most part I felt lucky is pretty positive talk about stuff you know it was good the title was a little off kilter for them you know a little deceptive deceptive I guess as well as the large cast of characters you're introduced to right off the bat and you know the political aspects of it so yeah that would be number 9s answer number 10 what struggle do you hope to overcome through your journey in this community or as a writer the struggle all have to come over come through the community I reckon I really have one and as a writer I just want to get better at writing at the moment writing emotions and eventually writing other scenarios and subject matters and such just to better my craft at writing in a sense yeah that's it those 10 questions of the author struggle tag created by ember craft which she's down in the description go to the author tube tribe all their links and down below amber Kratz down there but those are some author tubers I follow on as well as I fall plenty more but those are like tight-knit group that we do write ins and everything else you know go check out their channel um they have schedules on their videos of the writings that they do it's usually there's usually one I think every day throughout the week so going one of their channels to click on their video look for a schedule eventually I will post those video schedule so I just haven't yet come all my links are down below I got Facebook Instagram Pinterest Twitter a website and whose letter blog YouTube course that links not down below so if you're watching this video you don't really need to try to find my youtube channel and it's literally just right there you click on my name or whatever clip subscribe if you're not give a thumbs up thumbs down I don't care you do you reading me my debut novel the battle for medical war is available on paperback and ebook on Amazon and a bunch of other places all their roles links are down below as well the e-book is currently for 99 cents and that will be lasting until the end of July I know I had posted it originally it was going lasted for them up a June but it will be going through the end of July as well so yeah I believe that is it as always some deals Stewart and this is my channel on a while said as always because I don't think ever close like that so yeah Yeley peace out Healy everybody loved her body [Applause] [Applause] you

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