The Author Stories Podcast Episode 661 | Brad Thor Interview

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it it is it is absolutely amazing Brad I don't know how you do it but you know you told me the last time you were on the show that each year between books you work on the craft and you try to be a better writer each year and every time I say well this is this is the top of Brad's game but it wasn't because backlash is your best yet welcome back to the show well it's a pleasure to be back and that's a lovely introduction so thank you for those compliments I appreciate it because the books never get easier you're right I am I am trying to raise the bar each time which makes it harder on me but I'm not what matters it's the reader that matters and as you and I have discussed before those are the people I work for so I'm gonna give them everything I'm capable of that's right so much that I want to ask you from when we talked last time first off let's touch on the new book for just a minute backlash it will come back to it and give him detailing a little bit but what's the where does Scott find himself in this new book so to give you a 30,000 foot view Scott Horvath my protagonist and I use the example of and this is not a closings comparison but imagine an american james bond where if the new James Bond movie is out it doesn't matter if you've seen the 24 episodes before you can jump right in and have a great ride and that's the way it you might my books with with Scott Horvath you can jump in at any point you don't have to read them all you're you're good to go with backlash if that's your first book with me 30,000 foot view on this is harvest a lot of trouble for one foreign hostile power in particular and they decide you know what enough of this guy screwing up our plans we're gonna we're gonna risk everything snatch him on American soil bring him to one of our black sites meaning this hostile foreign powers got a black site and we're gonna interrogate him and once we're done we're gonna put a bullet in his head so they successfully pull this off which I've never had him taken prisoner before he's an apex predator nobody gets the better of him but in this book these guys spilled buckets of blood to get him put a bag over his head and dragged him to this foreign country they switch planes in this country in the plane he's put on that's supposed to take him the final leg of the journey to the black site has mechanical issues and goes down harv ass knows he's gonna get one chance to escape and he puts in all of his wood what's known as sere training that the military and intelligence operatives get it's an acronym for survive evade resist escape he has to put all of his training everything he's ever learned about escaping from a hostile enemy into effect to get out and only then can he start thinking about getting revenge for the circumstances under which he was grabbed and what happened during that had you've talked about Scott Horvath as being an apex predator before and he's the guy that's just he's going to come through what did it do for you as the writer when you're when you're building a character like this and then and and each book you yeah you you know are able to keep building on his character and we learned more about him and we loved him even more and we root for him even more but having that moment of vulnerability and and you know for for the rest of us you know seeing him get better one time get best at one time what what does giving him a situation like that what does that offer you as the writer to to have that one little crack of vulnerability even if it was well earned by the other side well I have to tell you that's a key component that made this book incredibly hard for me to write because he was dealing the protagonist Scott Horvath was dealing with issues that I personally have not with I've always said he's my alter ego the same way I'm sure Jack Ryan was for Clancy and James Bond was for Ian Fleming Scott hard-ass is my alter ego he gets to do things I joke that my wife won't let me go and do and I'm not allowed to seduce Russian women none of that stuff there's a there's a bright line in our house of where my my quote on air quotes research ends doesn't go past that point so it was tough and one of the hardest things was is I know guys that do what my fictional character does they do it in the real world and I know some of them who have dealt with personal issues while they're downrange and they've explained to me how they have to compartmentalize everything to just put things in a locked iron box and not think about them so that they can succeed with their mission but there was so much that Scott harv ass that went into the whole him getting grabbed and there's moments of absolute weakness form in this you don't know if he's gonna pull through where he has to have a little introspection he has to be thinking about these things and for me not having dealt with what he was dealing with I didn't know where the correct balance was what's too much what's not enough what am i reader's gonna think are they gonna think there's no way anybody would not think about this stuff or there's no way anybody would dwell that much on it so define kind of the Goldilocks the the bowl of porridge that was just the right temperature was really really tough because I haven't for this particular adventure of harvest I have not gone through this stuff so I didn't have any kind of personal experience that I could draw from two basis reactions on and how that goes into his calculus so it took a lot of extra research and a lot of this stuff you know losing people on your team and things like that is really rough stuff to get anybody to talk about who's ever been there and it's it's pretty interesting stuff but III think based on what I've heard from folks like you and early reviewers they seem to think that the tone was perfect that it was done just right that that I nailed it in it that that's the big thing that you have to do when you write a series character is you have to reveal a little bit more of them with each book that's that's where the characters development comes from you you doesn't have to change because we want James Bond and Indiana Jones to be exactly the same at the end of the film that then they were at the beginning we don't want that to change but for a series character you need to write for two groups of readers you need to write for your longtime readers who know everything about your character they've been on every adventure with you and you also have to write for the brand-new reader who know nothing about him and that's a real tight rope of how you keep both groups happy informed in most importantly entertained Stanley one time said you're talking about how he approached his writers for comic books and and he told them that every book that you write is someone's first comic book and I always liked that idea that especially if you're writing a series to keep it accessible because you don't know where someone's going to come in and you know when they see backlash in the airport and they're you know looking for that read to take you know on their summer trip with them that maybe their first you know it the first time that they meet Scott Horvath how do you do that knowing that you have so much baggage is not the right we're so much history with this character how do you keep him accessible so that we feel like this is a mature character yet we're able to come right into the story and not get lost it's a challenge one of the things that my editors always said is I want your books to stand alone I don't want somebody to come into the bookstore and say wow Thor is written how many books well I can't start here I have to start at the beginning and then if they don't have book number one and those folks go and buy somebody else's book you don't want to cannibalize your own sales so it's it's tough because even with this book I jumped into it I started writing and everything on my editor read the first draft and she said okay it's a great job but in the beginning of the book I need to know a little bit more about har bath if I'm a first-time reader so even my editor was was really aware of that and sensitive to it to make sure that we not enough just to give people a footing for who harvess you know you I find different ways I never do a cut and paste from previous books but I always want people to know he's kind of been through a different a couple of different career changes and to basically give a condensed version of his resume so people understand his skill set and what his training has been like but again you got to find a fresh way to do this every single book because like Stanley said this is gonna be somebody's first book so it that's that's a big part of the craft and doing that so that you make those first-time readers happy and you don't bore the longtime readers because Elmore Leonard was famous for saying to young younger writers leave out the parts that people skip but that applies to older more seasoned writers as well you don't want anybody to glaze over you want every word to count exactly exactly I was talking with Mike Madden yesterday who took over the jack Ryan jr. series you know after Tom Clancy passed away and we were talking about the the idea of the old Clancy books and these these big set pieces you know as if it was really easy to know who which sides were which and then you know when the when the Soviet Union fell and we get into the 90s and then they the the aunts you know a lot of thrillers and and those plots changed because the world changed and now we're coming back to a lot of books that that we're getting back to some of these big set pieces again how do you see the the thriller landscape and what's going on in the real world affecting the way we can tell stories well it's it's interesting for me I'm being careful to not set a lot in the white house there used to be a lot of presidential scenes in previous books of mine and it is tough people are reading too much into things even if I give create a fictional character that works the white house particularly if it's the president you get people that start wondering is this supposed to be a comment on the current administration and it's not with me I want to entertain people I'm not here to make political statements or anything like that so I found that I just have made a conscious decision to avoid the White House there's a little bit in this book I put it in when I think it's necessary but I really haven't done presidential through lines for for a little bit in the plots and it's worked fine there's plenty to do with DC and politics without having half the book set in the White House the more I can keep it in the filled with action with a couple chapters meanwhile back on the farm what's going on at CIA headquarters or wherever the better I think the books move I've noticed that with my books I've kind of to do like five storylines and time all up and then begat the end and now I'm down to like three and I think the books move even faster yeah and I love when people say to me gosh you know I just couldn't put it down these shorts crisp cinematic chapters and just you kept me up all night that's great as is when people say to me you know I gave your book to my dad or I gave it to my son or my mom or my aunt they were never readers before they just didn't like reading but boy I gave them your book and now they're reading all your books they just love your writing style it's so easy it's so much fun I'm an entertainer that's that's what I'm in the job to do is to give you the best white-knuckle thrill ride I'm capable of so I'm constantly looking for big ideas but plausible ideas think things that I think are coming down the pike things that I want you to feel like my books could happen on your doorstep this afternoon or tonight or tomorrow morning I want them to be that real and that pressing but I also wanted to stand the test of time I want you to pick up a book of mine five years from now and still find a gripping regardless of what's happening in the world and I want it to still be plausible in the future right you mentioned earlier that you know people that do the kind of work and get into the situations that Scott Horvath gets himself into I remember the last time we talked we were talking about the Lions of lucerne and when that book was published you had some fans and and some people that offered to help you with especially firearms knowledge I remember us talking specifically about that how is that like now you talked about knowing people that are in this situation does does writing these kinds of books open you up to to meeting the people that do this sort of thing and how much do you depend on those professionals to get information and and to make sure that you tell their stories correctly well it's a big deal I call what I do faction was Glenn Beck that coined that so I say with my books you don't know where the facts end in the fiction begins and for that to work I have to get the details right I've read a lot of Stephen King books that I really enjoy and I'm not for a second gonna pretend that I know how hard or how easy Stephen King's job is but I do know he gets to make up a lot of his own rules right so if you're writing about monsters or demons whatever there is no that's not reality so you have a I would imagine he has a certain degree of latitude greater than mine so I am I have I'm in a box if I'm writing about the devgru which used to be SEAL Team six or Delta Force if I'm writing about those guys I have to get that stuff correct my jargon has to be spot-on the weapons the tactics all that kind of stuff has to be true because those guys read my books and I want them to say you know a good job Thor because they'll let me know if I screw up and I don't want that so having access to those experts in being able to pick their brains and things like that is really really important to me and I also I had a meeting years ago in Hollywood with Maus McCoy who directed the the movie where they incorporated real-life Navy SEALs Act of Valor and Maus and I were talking and Mao said you know Brad we really are caretakers for their brand you were not seals but we're writing about them and it's important that we we showcased them in the best light possible and we do nothing to tarnish that brand we do everything we can to help elevate that brand so when I get letters from young men and women that say they decided to join the military because of reading my books that that was an on-ramp for them that's quite flattering absolutely the how do you see the the state of Russia today on on the world stage and it's a it's a different place from when the Soviet Union was in power yet we're seeing a lot of these same types of patterns happening again as a fiction writer how do you start looking at what's going on and try to speculate as to what things might happen and and how to book plots start coming out of those things well it's interesting because you know the only people I can talk to are people on our side that have worked against the Russians so whether it's intelligence operatives that have had to do things in in Russia whether it's diplomats that have had to do negotiations with the Russians I get a very one-sided view of things because the Russians aren't going to cooperate with me so I read a ton about them I particularly am interested in what dissidents say about life and Russia things like this listen it's a bunch of ex-kgb people it's a kleptocracy over there it's it's a handful of people that are just absolutely pillaging that country and getting hyper wealthy from it and Russia is Russia is is a is a foe that we need to take very seriously they are they are dead set on breaking up NATO and and blunting the United States influence in the world so I there's a lot of bad people there's a lot of good people that live in that country but there's a lot of bad actors that run the country and so it's not far off things we were seeing during the Cold War it's just it's just the the suits are nicer they're actually not accusing wearing Russian suits they're actually getting tailored by you know expensive Savile Row tailors in Italian brands and so the more things change the more they stay the same you know it's just meet the new boss same as the old boss all right you mentioned earlier that your books you like to make stories that feel like they could happen just just any time it could happen to us tomorrow that's a fine line of balancing probabilities and things that could be with with completely missing the mark and and dealing with with situations and players that may not even exist you know a year from from now or so do you ever worry about one of your stories becoming dated and becoming completely implausible for someone who comes around later because of the way the world works and the way it changes I can't think of one of your books that that has happened to but is that ever something that you think about it's something I make sure I don't do so for instance I never wrote about bin Laden because I knew at some point they were gonna catch him or kill him so there was no way I was gonna put bin Laden in one of my books the the big bad terrorist that was number one on the hit list before Ben Laden was a guy named Abu Nidal and so my second book had to do with Abu Nidal but not Abu Nidal actually had to do with eyes that he that he groomed his two children a son and a daughter to take over the terrorist organization and that's how I got into talk about his terrorist organization without hanging the plot on him and while I was writing the book in my book he was dead he actually did turn up dead in Iraq while I was writing it the Iraqis claimed that he had committed suicide by shooting himself in the head of all times like you do yeah like you do it's number one shot that ends that ends it it's it's multiple times to get to pull the trigger so that's an example of how I knew at some point Abu Nidal was gonna surface I wanted to deal with this terrorist organization and I said okay let's just assume he's already dead or that he's already handed the reins over because he's never gonna argue with that and you're never gonna see a news report that says he's still running the it there's a way to get into these items like last summer's books by master was about we have the article 5 agreement in the NATO treaty that an attack on one member in NATO is an attack on all members in NATO and I said okay we're having some interesting discussions about NATO here in the United States the Russians hate NATO they'd like to see it broken up and I said to myself okay how about a president who doesn't like NATO very much and doesn't want to get dragged in you know to a war because the Russians invaded you know a country like Latvia that many Americans couldn't even point to on a map so what might a president do well I thought about it and I thought what about a president that's willing to release a guy like Scott Horvath take off the chain and say here you go whatever you need get over there and make sure war doesn't break out because we don't want to have to come to the aid of Poland or Germany or whatever and you go stop this war from happening that's great that's gonna resonate with people 10 15 20 years from now that'll be evergreen so it's it's how you choose to access it's it's almost like it's a it's a like a basket ball and you can come at it from any angle but you you have to be careful because you could come at it from the most obvious angle you can date yourself very quickly and you know these books can stay out there for a really long time and fans can enjoy them for decades why wouldn't you do everything you could to keep them evergreen and that's my goal exactly exactly um when we first talked we talked about when you were kid reading Hardy Boys and how those books really opened your your mind to the the world of thrillers and mysteries and it really instilled this love of reading and story in you when you are at the place where you are now and and we can we talk a lot about you know the the the things that inspire thrillers and and you know world events and things like that but what do you do to protect your creative side and and how do you feed yourself creatively so that not only can you tell a great thriller story and and the technology is right and and all of that stuff but how do you feed yourself so that you are still creating good stories and you're connecting with characters well so first of all Louis L'Amour the Great Western writer always had a paperback in his back pocket so if he was standing in line at the post office he had something to read stand in line at the grocery store something to read waiting at the train station to pick something up somebody up he always had something to read so I'm a voracious reader and it's funny you should mention Mike because I was just on vacation in Key West and I took one of Mike's Clancy books that I haven't read with me Mike's a great author instead of you know and I haven't met Mike yet I think we're both residents of the great state of Tennessee and I have not crossed paths with him but I took one of Mike's I think it was point of contact one of his last two books paperback and I was going down to Key West I was gonna see Hemingway's house and I have never read to have and have-not which is a really cool book about a guy that kind of gets forced into smuggling and and I took that and that was fun and then when you're an author when you were published author you have no shortage of books to read because everybody wants a blurb so I've got a stack of stuff that my editor has sent me and there was another great AARC of a book that I think's coming out at the end of the summer called deep state which is a political thriller it's not it's not a political book per se you hear that term used a lot right now the deep state and all that kind of stuff this is just a it was just a hooky cool title for a great thriller and so I took that with me so I try to read a lot and then there is some television that I really love for the right and one of the shows that just gets my creative spark going because I never know what's gonna happen next is the Ray Donovan series on Showtime with Liev Schreiber I think what a great series it's fantastic I mean here's a guy who by all accounts is a pretty bad dude but you still it's still a family drama and this guy gets kicked around like nobody's business and things don't go his way so I'm a big reader and I don't like television cutting into my reading time it's really important that I protect that time and I don't want to get sucked into binging everything on Netflix and I don't so I'm very particular about what I watch we're watching the Chernobyl thing right now with the kids which has just ended and we're catching up because they're now at a school and they can watch it with us but I really seek out fabulous fabulous writing because great writing is great writing no matter where you see it and you can learn from it and that's my goal like I said getting better between each book is watching other great writers work well speaking of that I know that you've had some things in the works for a while with the Scott Horvath on the big screen um if you could choose right now between a Scott Horvath movie with with the director that you would want and the casting that you would want or a television series which one would you choose that's a great question I don't know if you saw the 6 episode series that was done on Luke hoorays book the night manager with Tom Hiddleston that was such a great adaptation of that book as an author as an artist as a purist I know you can turn each one of my books into a season of television and nail it all if you're gonna make a movie you're gonna have to trim a lot out of my books a lot of compromises a movie it's a lot of compromises so my goal would be a hybrid deal would be to get a you know I want my cake and I want to eat it too so I want a I want a full feature-length movie and then I want to do episodic television there's what which is actually what we're looking at right now in Hollywood trying to put that deal together and we're getting very knock on wood we're getting very close but it's hard to say because it's the golden age of television right now and I look at you look at the success of Game of Thrones george RR martin eight seasons they did and everybody saw it would everybody have wanted eight Game of Thrones movies I don't think you would have gotten eight movies out of that but you did get eight series eight seasons of television so I'm trying to figure I'm trying to do that math I'm trying to figure out which is which which is gonna satisfy my readers the most and is gonna earn me new readers right because that's really why I'd want a TV series or a film to be done if you could have something as successful as the Bond franchise then movies are the way to go I mean that's really exciting and and they can be real real cultural touch points I mean bonds iconic if I could do something with all the people I want to work with in Hollywood and get a film at the level of a Bond movie then film is unquestionably the way I'd want to go if I could get everybody yeah that's what I'd want to do yeah it's a different thing that if you look at those Ian Fleming novels there's Bond dolls they were they were pretty thin yeah and you generally have have one plot going through with with a couple little side things but it's generally one one main story as opposed to a Scott Horvath novel that that really needs to be television I think anyway I think to fully capture what I put into each of the novels I think television is the way is definitely the way to go and I mean we're looking to we so right now backlash is my 19th novel the 25th Bond is shooting as you and I are recording this and so but it's taken them from the 1960s to now to get 25 done and I've got 19 so you know that's a that's a long long time with a lot of different actors playing bond and everything so right now it's the golden age of television in Hollywood and people are binging and they really like that stuff so it to most accurately unpack my books TV is TV is the way to go no question with all the stuff that you're doing and I know you're on a book a year publishing schedule and and you've said that when you finish a book that you spend time becoming a better writer doing things that that help you with the craft what kinds of things do you do to to work those muscles and to to continue to learn even after you know nineteen novels and I'm assuming you're you're probably well into the 20th novel now yeah I've just started the 20th which makes my wife very happy because she complains I don't start them early enough and then I you know my weeks bleed into the weekends and over Christmas vacation with the kids we don't go anywhere because I'm nailed to my desk I try to read books about the craft of writing and I've so I will look at what's out there now what's been what people have loved in the past and I look at screenwriting books too because the the artists storytelling is the art of storytelling and I've got there's one book that I picked up screenwriter friend recommended it called save the cat and it had a great opening suggestion or rule for authors that you really need to show your protagonist as being likable and he used for example I don't know if you remember the movie sea of love with Al Pacino and Ellen Barkin and outputs you know that movie opens with a sting where the NYPD is trying to get parole violators people that have not showed up at court and all this kind of stuff they send them letters welcoming them to this big hotel ballroom on a Saturday saying you've won like Yankees tickets and come on in we want to do a ceremony and congratulate you and so Pacino's standing in the hall they've got a whole these bad ex-cons inside and they're getting ready to arrest them all and a guy shows up late and he's a parole violator or whatever but he shows up with his kid and the kids got a Yankees hat on and a baseball glove and I mean this is Wow Pacino could bust the guy right there or he could let the guy go into the ballroom and his kid could see all these people arrested on Moss inside this ballroom but Pacino without letting the kid see shows the old man his badge and the old man kind of stops and looks and is petrified you know am I gonna get busted right here in front of my little boy he thought we were coming here for baseball and Pacino looks at the father and says catch you later it's such a great opening you know it's you right away like that character and that's probably one of the biggest lessons that I learned going into writing the current book backlash is what do I do to immediately set Scott Harvick up as likable and I found an opportunity for him to give assistance to somebody he didn't need to help somebody they could have looked the other way and let something bad happen at this person but instead he's gonna help this person even though he doesn't need to so you know that it isn't you know I'm gonna I'm gonna escape at all costs no matter how many lives I've got to extinguish on the way out to eat all that matters is my freedom know this guy still has a code you know I've had people call harvest the ultimate Boy Scout and things like this but he's a human being and he even though he's got to go out and do some incredibly dangerous and sometimes vicious things he still has that spark of humanity inside him that has not been snuffed out and that's the constant battle for him is not allowing it to be snuffed out because he doesn't want to go to that place that exists once the spark is gone it's a very dark very bad place and so he fights hard not to get dragged in there and as much as we love the gunfights and the explosions and you know all of that stuff what we really connect with is Scott's humanity and and you keep bringing that around for us each and every time we'd love to see a man struggle to do the right thing and to to cling to his humanity and that's exactly what it is and it's funny prior to writing this book I'd read an interesting Oh years old review in the New York Times of a translation a new translation of the Odyssey and I ended up buying it and I used it for the epigraph in the beginning of the book and what was interesting is this article talked about that soldiers leaving for war should read The Iliad because it'll let them know what they have to leave behind before they set foot on the battlefield but soldiers returning home from war should read The Odyssey because it will tell them what they need to then leave on the battlefield before they set foot on the soil of home and I've I thought that was really interesting so I dove into the Odyssey a little bit and I was looking for parallels kind of between Odysseus and Ray Donovan you know you think you're on the right track you think you're almost home and suddenly this ill will this ill wind blows you off course or this happens or that happens and I wanted to kind of draw some subtle parallels between the journey Scott harvests taking in backlash and what what Odysseus went through in the Odyssey thanks a lot Brad I've never gotten to ask a guest this so will I be able to put a brad Thor 2020 sign in my yard next year no I gotta tell you but what you can do is I'm inventing an app that doesn't let you tweet after the second bourbon or after five o'clock at night I'll let you have a free I'll let you be a beta tester of that app my wife can't wait for me to unroll that so you can be a beta tester on that one no I always exceed 70 political headlines since April of 2018 I'm sure my publisher is even happier than my wife is you know I was really frustrated that the party I used to belong to claimed to be the party of fiscal responsibility and told me once they had control of the house the Senate in the Oval Office that they would cut deficits cut the debts they would think of our children's future they would stop spending so much money and that just wasn't the case and when I made that announcement saying you know I wanted to get into the primaries so I could you know bring up the issues that were important to me fiscal responsibility was number one we don't own this country you and I are stewards of this republic and it's our job to hand a freer more successful more secure more prosperous nation on to the next generation that was given to us and we don't do that if we're running the spending through the roof and this is I like tax cuts I'm a small business guy I like keeping as much of my money as possible you can't give the country tax cuts and increase your spending at the same time you have to the way to do this is to if you want to spur the economy of tax cuts that's great but then you got to you got to get your spending under control as well you can't increase spending and cut revenue coming in it's just if you and I ran our households the way Washington runs its the federal government we'd be out on the streets but we don't have printing presses they do this right they can pull in money we can't well it's each of our job to use our voices where we can and to try to bring some common sense to the conversation you know what I was just reading Federalist Papers I was reading 9:00 in particularly 10:00 by Madison and what that's one of the things that Madison talked about was that it's the job we actually do need a quote unquote political class they have to be responsible but their number one job is to explain to everybody else how the mechanisms of government work so that the voters understand why things are done and you also need a experienced group of politicians so that they can take the wishes in the will of the people and then say okay how does this measure up against what's good for the republic as a whole so Madison was saying that people who understand politics should speak up about politics and try to educate their friends and neighbors and things like this so it's an important role that those of us who care about the Republican understand its workings that we do speak up and we try to educate our fellow Americans so that they can make better choices so that they can understand how how government works in why it's important that we all be educated and unfortunately people kind of phone it in these days there's there's not the Civic interaction that we used to have we're not as well plugged into how the country works and all that kind of stuff so but anyway so that's the law no you don't get a brad thore for president 2020 bumper sticker I'm sorry not gonna happen well well we'll put anyway Brad the new book backlash is out today when folks are hearing this they can go pick up their copy it's available in hardback Kindle edition audiobook anyway that you love to connect with Scott Horvath you can today Brad thank you so much for the book and for for doing what you do lots of us out here appreciate it and thank you so much for being so generous with your time and coming back on the show today it's always a pleasure thanks for having me thanks for listening to this episode of author stories go to Hank garner calm to find all of the archives of the show and be sure to subscribe while you're there now stay tuned for a special audiobook clip from Richard Gleaves that Jason Crane series on Walpurgis night when the moon is high hells bells ring and witches must answer they dapple their breasts with rendered fat of murdered babes straddle their brooms and take to the sky as the devil wills to speed through dreamy midnight air to the summit of the broken burg that haunted peak shrouded in swirling mists where a glen of gnarled limbs and wan moonlight awaits to host their de Boches and blasphemies now to the brach in the witch's ride the stubble is gold in the corn is green there shall the Carnival sabot be seen and the devil shall come to preside the accuser elopes from the bowels of hell a sure-footed goat-headed many horned beasts with cloven hooves and a staff of bone he perches upon the witch altar to brood in cerulean half light a wing in silhouette with watchful red eyes the witches gather and bow to their master upon his charred rump give the shameful kiss then imps beat the drum and a round dance begins lash ourselves into frenzied hags past the chalice of pure marrow broth whip the ground with your hair tread the sky with your feet dance with joined hands around Satan's cold fire then find out a Nuke of nettles and moss and lay with the rough skinned beasts of your choosing suckling some rancid teat of desire but hissed the cock crows away away gather your tatters and broomsticks and wits back to your huts to your thresholds and hearts and become once more at the red break of day the furtive adder in your neighbor's garden the ghost host of the Salem sorcery tour dazzling in his steampunk Victorian morning crepe let the spell heed woven trail through the twilight air like a hag across the moon then chirped isn't that silly and bowed sweeping the wet grass with his satin ribbons top hat the tour group gave a polite round of applause nobody believes that stuff today but the Puritans sure did they took which is very seriously if they went down in the morning and bought eggs and one was rotten surely the devil had come in the night gone OOP Tiggy then scampered off on his little hooves and who's in league with the devil witches we're taught that the Puritans were super nice and cute with little buckles on their hats but it's not the case folks they were fanatics witch hunts don't happen in a healthy society they hated kids they hated women they were crazy and that craziness he turned on a spot casting a protective circle around the stone garden of the witch Memorial got these people killed

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