"The Author" Kill Everyone Challenge – Hitman

47 thoughts on “"The Author" Kill Everyone Challenge – Hitman

  1. I wonder what would happen if you gather all of the fire extinguishers around the map and circle them around a Target and dropped a breaching charge, I wonder how fat in the air They will fly 😂

  2. 4:15 for every action there is an equal opposite reaction. if his gun made those two guys (who probably would weigh around 190 each) fly backwards then that would have to be around 400 LBS of kickback from the pistol. Not even agent 47 could shoot a gun like that. same principle with rifles.

  3. Nice to see a Striker Kill Everyone Challenge, can you do more Striker Kill Everyone Challenges because that will be fun. Always love your content

  4. Shite….. Even when you give them warning shots left and right half the time before you blow their brains out they are shitty guardsmen….

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