The Adventure Zone: official graphic novel introduction reveal with Patrick Rothfuss

and is it level uh-huh that right smack dab in the middle it's pointed down at you I mean the the camera hey there my name is Pat Rothfuss and a while back the McElroy is asked me if I wanted to write an intro to their comic that was coming out actually that is a lie that is super untrue my name is Patrick Rothfuss and when I found out that the McIlroy's were doing a comic version of The Adventure Zone I said who do I have to to write an intro to this because I love your stuff that's actually a lie as well welcome to graphic novel theater processes that I honestly can't remember at this point I have written an introduction to the graphic novel adaptation of the award-winning and internationally renowned is gonna take forever I should have really had a big coffee before this helped my hair by the way hi hello hey there everybody my name is Pat Rothfuss and through a series of fabulous adventures and lost bar bets I wrote the introduction to the graphic novel adaptation of The Adventure Zone which is a D&D podcast that I loved dearly the McIlroy's have asked me if I would like to read that introduction to you here now on this video today that's about as pretoria I think as anything can be so now I'm gonna do that thing that I just said that I'm gonna do when it comes to the adventure zone and the McElroy's as a whole I'll admit that I've been late to the game my friends have adored them for years but I'm stubborn so it wasn't until November of 2016 that I finally caved to peer pressure and began sampling their unique flavor of artisanal auditory D lactation I listened to an episode of my brother my brother and me and the McIlroy's hit my life like a new religion within two months I had listened to more than 250 episodes of Mubeen bam and I would have made it through the entirety of their archive shortly thereafter but that was when I had had but that was when I discovered the adventure Zone if learning about map in BAM was like a religious conversion the adventure zone was like suddenly falling in love plus getting hit by lightning plus coffee plus hugging lin-manuel Miranda while eating an ice cream sundae okay I'm not doing a good job of this let's start again for those of you who may not know I'm a fantasy author my books have been translated into 35 different languages and sell millions of copies all over the world I mentioned this not to brag but because it's the easiest way to prove that I know a little bit about stories my story for a living I'm pretty good at it so let me say honestly and sincerely that the adventure zone is some of the finest storytelling I have ever experienced in any genre ever I also know a little bit about role-playing I've played D&D my whole life since 1982 I worked my way through every addition except fourth and these days I play the Indian packed stadiums with acquisitions incorporated I guest star in critical role I've it has I've visited the DMD offices and we're currently working on some secret II collaborations that I cannot mention because of NDA's with that in mind I'd like to say that the McIlroy's have done something with D&D that I've never seen before they've done something I didn't know it was possible to do they've made something magical and loving and kind and beautiful and the world is better because this story is in it I've listened to the entirety of the adventure zone more than three times over the last eight months I'm not just a fan I'm a missionary I'm a zealot I'm not saying I'm working on my girl cosplay or anything but yeah fine I'll admit it I'm working on my Morel cosplay what you hold in your hands if right now you're holding the graphic novel okay caveat there is a unique experiment a brave even remarkable thing this comic is an attempt to translate pure audio improvisational storytelling into a visual medium I've done some work in comics and I can't think of a harder transition for a story to make and I adore what the McIlroy's and they're brilliant collaborator KO adapter and artist Carrie peach have done here not just in the reflected light of my admiration for the adventure zone podcast but as an entity distinct unto itself I already know the story but there are surprises here I know what's going to happen but I love seeing these good good boys beginning their marvelous adventure all over again

22 thoughts on “The Adventure Zone: official graphic novel introduction reveal with Patrick Rothfuss

  1. This video should be retitled: Patrick Rothfuss – On the struggles of dealing with ADD.
    At least judging by that intro.

  2. "You made something magical and loving and kind and beautiful and the world is better with this story in it." Beautiful and succinct synopsis for the Adventure Zone.

  3. Man this nearly made me cry :,) Really does describe in words how I feel about taz, and the community surrounding it. Thank you for this wonderful intro, but you never had to convince me (I preordered it the day it came out). Can’t wait to read this intro for myself

  4. please for the love of god turn down the noise used between cuts, it's incredibly loud in comparison to rothfuss' voice

  5. Wow could you like, not have an EAR SHATTERINGLY LOUD CUT BEEP right at the beginning of your video.

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