The 7 Types of Books Every Entrepreneur Must Have In Their Library

Think about the most successful entrepreneurs
in the world, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey or even Henry Ford. What do these people have in common? They all read, a lot. Just yesterday, I was discussing with an older
friend when he said something like, “I don’t know any entrepreneur who doesn’t read.” That statement is very true because it’s almost
impossible to be a successful entrepreneur if you’re not a reader. If this is understood, then we should talk
about the kinds of books entrepreneurs should have in their library and that’s what I want
to share with you in today’s video. If you’re new here, consider subscribing so
that you won’t miss other interesting videos like this. Books that make you believe in yourself
About 12 years ago when I was preparing to be an entrepreneur, most books I read were
motivational books. I read almost only motivational books because
when you’re starting as an entrepreneur, you’re like someone who is about to move a mountain. Though you may not know how difficult it would
be, you sure know that it’s likely going to be more difficult than most things in the
world. I don’t want to sound as if I’m exaggerating
what it means to be an entrepreneur but let the truth be told, entrepreneurs are not normal
human beings. You must be a crazy person to think you can
change the world and the status quo which have been in existence before your father
was born and that’s what entrepreneurs do think. Now, for you to fit into the shoes of the
people who are crazy, begin to believe that they can change the world, then, you must
have a lot of books in your library that make you believe in yourself. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur,
then, you must have a lot of motivational books in your library because you need someone
to make you believe in yourself, every day. Books about new technologies
Few weeks ago, a friend visited my office and he wanted me to tell him how to succeed
in business. Since he has been running a business before,
all I needed to tell him is how to promote a business to make it successful. Then, I told him what most people don’t know;
every generation has technologies and every entrepreneur who wants to succeed must understand
those technologies as deep as he understands his business. If you want to build a successful business,
you have to pay attention to and have a deep understanding of the existing and emerging
technologies. Why is this important? Well, if you don’t understand technologies
in your generation, you won’t know how to use them as leverage and if you don’t know
how to use technologies as leverage, you won’t be able to compete with other smart people. Take for instance, many writers in the world
write and wait for someone to help them publish their book and also wait for a thousand people
to come and buy their books. Well, I’ve written many books and I never
wait for a publisher. I write my books and self publish them, often
for free with PDF and that’s not where the real game is. The real game is the fact that I made thousands
of dollars from my books simply by promoting them on the internet. Aside from books, every of my business rely
heavily on technologies, from a small technology like a telephone to a more sophisticated one
like Artificial Intelligence. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur,
you have to understand the technologies in your generation because if you don’t understand
those technologies, you’ll be fighting today’s battles with the yesterdays’ weapons and you’ll
lose. If you can get books to read about new or
emerging technologies, you can use the internet to read and watch videos. Autobiographies and Biographies of successful
entrepreneurs At age 12, Larry Page read the biography of
Nicholas Tesla and by reading that, he understood better, how to achieve his dream of becoming
a successful investor. Reading biographies and autobiographies of
successful entrepreneurs and successful people, in general, is one of the best things you
can do with your time. This is because the story of those who have
become successful is like the light into the darkness and secret to their achievements. Reading biographies show you the hidden attributes,
trait, and sacrifices behind some of the most successful people in the world and that makes
you know how to achieve what those people have achieved. I told you at the beginning of this video
that when I was starting, most books I read are motivational books but these days, I prefer
autobiographies and history. Books about human psychology
If you want to be an accountant, well, you may not have much to do with understanding
human psychology. Engineers, doctors or lawyers don’t have much
to do with human minds when you compare their works with that of an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs have to build a team, inspire
the team, create a product the people want and market those products the way people want. You have to deal with creditors, investors
and other people every day of your life and this is the reason why you must have a deep
understanding about how human minds work. Marketing. Marketing. M arketing Think about your blood. It’s the most important thing you have in
your body because if it dries off, you’re dead. That’s how marketing is to a business. Marking is so important that, if any business
misses it, there is no way they can live. Though a lot of marketing is about understanding
human nature, reading some great books about marketing can help you to understand how to
use the understanding of human nature to sell to humans. History about your industry
A few months ago, I was studying the history of radio, newspaper and the TV. The reason why I was studying this media outlet
is that I have a media company. Though my media company doesn’t rely on radio,
newspaper or the TV, but since it’s a media company, I must understand how the industry
has been growing and what influence changes, or I won’t be able to build something that
last. To be a successful entrepreneur, you must
understand the future and try to be there before everyone. The single most important thing you can do
to understand tomorrow is to seek the understanding about yesterday. History doesn’t just happen. It does repeat itself again and again, so
if you understand yesterday, you have insight into tomorrow before anyone does and that
understanding can help you to crush your competitors. History about the world and cultures
Look at the history of some great companies we have today and you’ll notice something;
a company can be very successful in a particular country or region and this same company will
be a complete failure in other parts of the world. One of the reasons for these common failures
is because people are so different. Take for instance, I’m an African. Maybe you’re from Asia or Europe. Yes, we’re humans but we’re also very different. The culture, values and the environment are
different even within the people in the same country. The Northern part of my country is far different
in culture and values from the South or the West. The implication of this is that people tend
to use and understand languages from the perspective of their cultural upbringing so a particular
marketing message that works very well in India may be a total failure in Brazil. As an entrepreneur, you’ll do yourself a great
favor by having some books about the history of different part of the world. In my library, I have a book about the history
of Africa, a book about the history and biography of the American founding fathers and I watch
a lot of documentary about happenings in every continent of the world. Understanding some basics things about different
people and cultures in the world will help you to customize your marketing message in
such a way that it could resonate with them. How do I get these Books? Whenever we talk about books in our video,
there will always be questions such as: “Where can I get these books?” or “Can you give me
some names of the books?” This is what I think: books are like lovers. I don’t necessarily have to like the lady
you love and I may even hate the books you like. Take for instance, there are some very famous
books I’ve read because everyone in the world says those books are good but when I read
them, I simply can’t seem to see anything much in those books. This is usually because our level of understanding
is different and maybe due to few factors. Now this is what I’ll advise you to do; search
Google for some keywords like, “The best books about anything you want to read” and when
you see the titles that seem to make sense to you, Google those titles to check their
summaries. When you go through the summary of a book
and you love to know more about what the book teaches, then, you can buy such books. Thank you very much for watching our videos. We’ll like to give you another interesting
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20 thoughts on “The 7 Types of Books Every Entrepreneur Must Have In Their Library

  1. Some NOTES here:
    1. THAT MAKE YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: Entrepreneur is not easy journey and these types of books may help you grow
    2. NEW TECHNOLOGY: Every generation has new technology to grow business and its crucial to get hands on to that.
    3. AUTOBIOGRAPHY & BIOGRAPHY OF SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE: This really gives you the real secret sauce of their big achievement which may help you.
    4. HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY: This helps in building team, maintain and also create a product that customer wants and market the way people wanted.
    5. MARKETING : This can help you understand human nature and how to sell your product to them
    6. HISTORY ABOUT YOUR INDUSTRY: This can definitely help you predict the future and be there before everyone does.
    7. HISTORY ABOUT THE WORLD & CULTURES: This is important because its important for any business to understand the cultures & upbringing of people to your product salable.

    As always, my precious passion is to share summaries like started doing it on my channel with PDF summaries✌
    This was one of my favorite video 👏

  2. I love how this list is "types of books" and not specific books. Since we all interpret the messages various books have, what I get out of one book, you might not. And what you get from one book, I might get from a different book. Great video, great message! Thanks for sharing and encouraging people to consume more books. 👍👊

  3. Thank you for this.

    By watching many of your videos, I'll say…we think alike and have a lot in common.

    I'm still starting, I've not started a real company yet. But I've set up something like that and it's working.

    I'm also very ready to fail from time to time.

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