The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Writers

hey guys welcome back to my channel it's nice to see you again instead of doing a writing advice video I actually received a question on tumblr from my ask me anything page which I will link down below in case you guys are curious about what the habits are of Highly Effective writers and so although I don't know what other writers do I have done some research on them as well as myself and I like to think of myself as a successful writer since I do have a book published and I have two more that I've written that are in the works to be published so I've got a little bit of research and also put in my own methods before being successful today I'd like to do a video about the 10 Habits of Highly successful writers so let's get started with that number one read a lot read in your genre so you can focus on your subject area but also read outside of your genre so that you can broaden your tastes writers need to read in order to prevent their style from going stale the power of reading is probably what inspired you to be a writer in the first place so stay connected to that feeling and keep reading number two manage your time wisely we're all busy but busy isn't an excuse so when we write before work or after on the weekends or during the week an hour a day everyday you need to be specific with yourself about when you're actually going to write when you're going to commit to write especially when you're first starting out you can log and track your hours if you need to as if it's a full-time job being hard on yourself in the beginning will give you an idea of how many pages you can produce in a given period that will help you how to set and meet your goals one thing is for certain though do not wait for inspiration don't try to find time to write make time make it a part of your daily schedule and stick to it number 3 set goals with deadlines and make a detailed plan to achieve them some people prefer weekly goals other people prefer yearly goals most likely your yearly goal will be to write a book or to finish writing a book by the end of the year the reason why many people with this school fail is because they did not make a specific plan or a detailed plan to achieve this one overarching goal so I prefer to set one overarching goal plus quarterly and monthly goals to go along with my overarching goal this may sound like a lot of goal-setting but it's really not because each monthly goal contributes to your quarterly goal and if quarterly goals contribute to your overarching goal so all of these smaller goals are just the plan to help you get to your one big goal at the end of the year which is to finish writing a book for example last year my overarching goal was to have the sequel to the Alpha Drive novel which is called Ora Omega completely edited and finished by the end of that calendar year a set word count goals for myself for q1 and q2 of last year which was thirty-five thousand words completed by the end of each quarter now if you can do the math there thirty five thousand plus thirty five thousand is 70 thousand words so 70 thousand words was more or less the rough draft that I would have for big worker when I get so by June I had seventy thousand words written which is a pretty great first rough draft q3 goals included editing and reworking the novel so that it could be ready to read for beta readers q4 goals included recruiting beta readers and also incorporating their edits into the novel and then sending that draft to my editor now I'm not going to lie my q4 goals have moved into q1 of 2016 but I'm still on schedule to release this book when I originally intended and I honestly think that without these specific goals these monthly and quarterly goals would have been almost impossible to move forward and be where I'm at today so setting monthly quarterly in an overarching goal they're all really important in helping you meet that overarching goal number four find your happy place you need to determine what kind of writing space you need to be in in order to make yourself the most productive some people can work in busy and noisy places like cafes or maybe even waiting for the subway or train whereas other people prefer locking themselves in a quiet location where there are absolutely no distractions and they cannot be disturbed find what works for you and make a promise to yourself that you will only write in that environment because that environment is what helps you be the most productive writer that you can be number five finish your work don't write your first chapter and then stop to edit it because most likely what's going to happen is that you're going to keep stopping and editing and reworking that chapter until it's absolutely perfect and to be honest you're going to completely lose your flow like I've mentioned in previous videos writing and editing are two very different things and they use different sides of the brain when you're writing keep the writer hat on and let the right side of your brain run with its creativity once you've written the entire first draft and in the entire first draft then you can go back and edit but finish your work first number six develop a thick skin if there's one thing you need to learn in life it's that in general people are mean there will always be haters no matter if you are a writer if you are a some sort of artist or a singer or a dancer or you're in the public eye or maybe you're just a regular old Joe who is not in the public eye they're always going to be haters no matter how perfect and polished and amazing you think your book is there is always going to be someone out there who just doesn't like it or maybe just doesn't like you don't believe me I went on Goodreads the other day and I typed in Harry Potter and believe it or not there are people out there who have given the entire Harry Potter series two stars two stars you guys for Harry Potter now I know this isn't the majority but this just proves my point that there are people out there who just are mean or they just don't like what you write and that's okay you just have to remember there is nothing that you can do about it and you just have to develop a thick skin maintain your confidence as a writer and just let the negativity go as Eleanor Roosevelt once said no one can make you feel inferior without your consent so remember that number seven grow your author team besides your family and friends who know how important writing is to you you also need to find other people to have in your corner beta readers critique partners your editor your cover designer all of these people need to be in your corner having people like this in your life will not only help support your book but they will also help support you as a person one of my beta readers whom I met online ended up becoming my critique partner and one of my best writer buddies out there trust me you need people like this build your team and your community and the whole writing editing publishing experience will be so much more amazing than you ever could have dreamed number eight love your readers your readers are the reason you are business without them your story wouldn't be heard and it wouldn't be read so make sure while you're writing for yourself that you're also writing for your readers honor and appreciate your readers investment by doing your very best work and just make sure that your readers time reading your novels make sure for them it feels like it's time well-spent and not just a pointless sacrifice number nine communicate your readers or fans reach out to you via social media whether it's YouTube Twitter Tumblr Facebook Instagram make sure you pay attention to them love your readers because they are the ones taking time out of their day and their lives to read something that you wrote they are volunteering their time to do this so answer their questions acknowledge their tweets and respond to their face many of them want to be a writer someday just like you and the one advice from you as to how you got where you are be that author that you wish you could have talked to when you were first starting out readers are part of your author team and you need to nurture them number 10 love what you do this is kind of an obvious one but writing is hard writing a book is even harder and promoting a story that you wrote to masses in the hopes that they'll love it just as much as you do is even harder so I love what you do because at the end of the day if it doesn't make you happy then maybe it's time for you to find something else to do just remember very few writers really know what they're doing until they've done it as Joseph Chilton Peirce once said to live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong that's all that I have for you guys today those are the 10 Habits of Highly successful authors if you like the content please thumbs up and subscribe to my channel my debut novel the alpha drive is available for purchase on Amazon in both paperback and ebook so I would love for you to check it out I'll put the link down below for you as always if you have anything you like for me to talk about in one of my next videos you can tweet at me at a third person tip or you can leave a comment down below you can also go to my ask me anything box on tumblr if you'd like to leave a question or a comment anonymously I post new videos every Tuesday I will see you guys next time bye

26 thoughts on “The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Writers

  1. I'm in the process of writing a book and you just helped me a lot. Can you help me understand finding that team you speak of.

  2. I'm an aspiring author in need of structure inspiration, and I really enjoyed this video! Thank you for the concise and enjoyable information; also, I appreciate that your background music isn't annoying! 😉 Best wishes on all of your endeavors!

  3. My number one plan stop being a slacker if I could do that I would have wrote 20 books since 2000. Now I'm writing my first comic it's a blast I can't wait to finish it.

  4. I would love to see a video about how to develop relationships between characters (Friendships, family and romance) in a way that feels real and not forced because it is something that I struggle with. By the way, I love your videos, they are so helpful. I haven't read your books yet but I will get to it 🙂

  5. I was one of those crazies that didn't like Harry Potter at first. The first book had so many grammatical errors that I could barely focus on the plot. She got better editors for her later books so I was able to enjoy those more. 🙂

  6. Really enjoyed this video. I tend to procrastinate and put off finishing my stories. you have given me a little inspiration to get myself back in gear. so thank you

  7. The thick skin one is so important. I wrote a lot through high school and the early part of university and I generally only let family and friends who heaped praise on me because it was so much better than what they could do or in a genera they didn't read or they just were two kind hearted to not say that it was wonderful. then some chapters off to publishers, got a stack of form rejection letters and one rejection full of wonderful constructive criticism that I was not prepared to take at all at the time. I stopped writing seriously for years though it was something I couldn't give up fully because I loved it too much. I've only recently started working on a novel seriously again and I've let some of the same family and friends read the first few chapters. many of them came back to say that it was really good and I'm having to poke them to more harsh about it. I keep telling them that this is my baby and I want them to tear it apart so I can make it stronger but most don't seem to get it.

    oh and the best way I think there is to develop a thick skin quick is to work in a call center doing customer support or perhaps something in the service industry. you kind of have to get a thick skin there

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