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so I've noticed that more TF tubers are branching out into other games or other styles of content with varying degrees of success RT game for example has done really well he's growing at an insane rate but seriously side note congratulations Daniel if anyone deserves it it's you but unfortunately other creators have been met with overwhelming backlash and that's something that's created kind of an air of fear surrounding well anything that isn't tf2 and since I'm interested in making variety content as well I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring so to speak so it's gonna be interesting the tf2 community has always been one to lure you in grab on and hold on tight and I don't mean that as a compliment in the past creators such as star and mu silk faced heavy backlash for branching out which I don't think is a good thing and granted in those cases there were other circumstances that caused the negativity to intensify in a way star as far as I know left in a way that was very blunt very rude and burned a lot of bridges which may have been justified but it still explains why the whole thing was as messy as it was music took the commercial route with this channel personally I think that's ok it's his job and everything but doing so is certainly open for criticism so I'm not saying that they shouldn't have been criticized that's open for discussion and interpretation where I think the problem lies is that people are getting the source of the backlash confused the common thread between these two is that they both left tf2 for other games that's not inherently a bad thing but when people see the response that happened I think they're assuming that that's why they face such negativity and then they do the same to other creators when they branch out in a way that doesn't warrant such a response this whole air of negativity surrounding variety content has made a lot of TF tubers scared to branch out even if they want to and this creates kind of an endless loop of content creators starting out growing but then being too scared to evolve and then burning out because of it now don't get me wrong I'm not trying to place the blame on the viewers or subscribers here in fact I'm trying to approach this from both perspectives because I think there's a solution here that we've been missing so let's take a look at this from an audience's point of view when a content creator starts making content that you enjoy that's not fun right there's something that people become accustomed to and its loss can cause a kind of void similar to how you might feel after finishing a great TV show or anime or is story driven game additionally fans might have developed a personal connection to the creator much like they might develop a connection to characters in a show and of course this is often one-sided since it's physically impossible to have a mutual relationship with that many people but despite this many viewers could feel a sense of betrayal when the content stops this is only intensified when you consider how tightly knit the tf2 community is there's also this connection to tf2 itself I mean let's face it this games been around for a while and it won't be around forever content is one of the things that keeps a game alive and the loss of a creator can feel like the game is getting closer to dying so all in all when someone stops making tf2 videos there's just this overwhelming sense of sadness loss betrayal and fear I've also felt this same way before I used to be a huge fan of salty fish's videos well I still am but anyway when he initially started making overwatch videos there was a brief moment where I just thought oh is he gonna stop making tf2 videos I love his tf2 videos dammit I didn't end up acting on that feeling for reasons that I'm gonna talk about here in a second but yeah it's scary dude I get it it's just here's the thing so far I've been talking about a creator stopping tf2 videos altogether and explaining why I think that prompts the response that it does and that's something that we could definitely discuss but what I'm trying to say is that this same response happens when someone starts making variety content as well I guess in a way it makes some sense it's the beginning of the end in a lot of people's minds but honestly I don't think it should be approached that way variety content can sometimes be used as a stepping stone for the end of tf2 content but that's usually only the case because creators were too scared to do it sooner their channels were already further along in their lifespan so to speak interestingly enough though non tf2 videos can be used as a way to extend how long tf2 sticks around on their channel and yes I realize I'm saying tf2 a lot anyway let me explain so a lot of times content creators need to take a break to avoid burnout I know this phrase gets thrown around a lot but youtubers are people too they need breaks from time to time and that completely natural variety content can be used as that break since the creators often love making content but are tired of making videos of a certain kind or of a certain game or you know etc usually what happens in the tf2 community though is that they're too scared to make videos of other games for fear of that backlash that we talked about earlier and that's very often demoralizing for the creator and ultimately that leads to burnout faster but if that variety content were supported and that fear wasn't as prevalent as it currently is creators could take a break when they need while still doing the thing that they love which would prolong the lifespan of their tf2 content someone who feels supported and appreciated will usually do more than is required of them if that makes sense is counterintuitive as it might seem supporting the non tf2 videos from your favorite creators will actually make the tf2 content last longer so what does this all mean what should you do as an audience member and what should content creators including myself do well I think that creators should be able to make the content they want to and not be harassed for it supporting that content as an audience member will go a long way but the subscribers are in no way obligated to watch content that they're not interested in look I get it most of you are subscribed to me for tf2 I'm under no delusions that you're here for my winning personality that's something that a lot of content creators fail to realize unfortunately while it's important to establish that a tf2 Burres non tf2 videos are often totally similar to their main videos so if you enjoy the tf2 there's a good chance you'll enjoy the other stuff too I still see a lot of them claiming that subscribers have to watch their non tf2 content because it's the right thing to do and that's not how content works my dude but here's the thing supporting a creators videos doesn't necessarily mean watching all of them all the time it could just mean giving the video a try it could mean clicking on an ad every once in a while it could just mean not making a massive stink when they upload a video that isn't tf2 and even if you just don't care you only care about the tf2 and nothing else okay fine the optimal play is still to support their non tf2 content remember making them feel appreciated isn't just a moral thing it also improves their content across the board and that includes tf2 honestly establishing that support is the norm is just the default would go a really really long way for tf2 YouTube culture as a whole so yeah if you're a creator of tf2 content and you're getting a little tired of it don't be scared to branch out like obviously don't expect them to get the same amount of traffic as your tf2 stuff but this isn't something that you should be terrified of and if you're an audience member don't give them a reason to be terrified again you don't have to watch all of their videos but I'd really recommend that you support them all the same hopefully this all made sense and didn't just come off as a massive salty rant because my Borderlands video didn't get as many views as mighty of two videos or whatever it's not anything like that I just I don't know I really feel like if we can change the culture surrounding tf2 Burres doing variety content then the whole scene will just become a much better and more appealing place

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  1. I should also probably clarify that this video is about a creator moving to variety content, not stopping TF2 content altogether. That being said, my opinion on the latter is largely the same – I think it's totally okay to move on from something that doesn't interest you (that applies to both creators and viewers). I just wanted to make the distinction because some of the main points in the video rely on the difference between them, like how viewers sometimes see the switch to variety content as something that brings about the end of TF2 content rather than something that keeps it alive.

  2. Pichu! (I feel like the opposite, I am burning out a bit and want to make a TF2 video, but I can't get into doing it, but the thing is I am a low-quality channel that is small and also the reason I burnt out is that my brother lost the 3DS which most of my videos are on, while my that aren't are hard to make because my brother is lazy and refuses to record)

  3. Muselk is starting to make tf2 videos again on his second channel (sometimes)more muselk is the second channle

  4. Coming back to this, I'll just say, the reason pyrojoe was hit hard was due to his choices, not the change off of TF2… Fortnite is a mistake to jump into, not other content as a whole.

  5. I hope Skymin does well with her new style.
    If she can, that'd be one more success story for variety content, making more people feel comfortable making new and interesting videos.

  6. abit late but i figured id give my two cents here.
    I'm personally fine with you tubers doing what they want. what im not fine with is being lashed out against when i don't watch there other content.
    for instance with that you tuber Travingel. he still does tf2 to this day but because he was such a little bitch about his switch to variety back in the day it sucked all the fun out of his videos. in his older stuff he was always fun to watch always laughing. he genuinely had a great personality and could probably move onto any other game. but when he realized his tf2 stuff was all anyone cared about he became bitter and resentful.
    Flat out lashing out at his fans in his videos one of them starting off with "well tf2 is the only thing that you guys want to see soo fuck it…. maybe ill actually have fun this time" . and the sentiment wasn't much better in other videos at the time. i get it, really i do. its frustrating to feel pigeon holed into a specific type of content.
    but yeah guys… hard to believe but when ya build your restaurant up on deserts. swiftly changing to a burger joint is going to loose you some clients. but that in no way means you wont gain new clients…. stop being alittle bitch about this shit. do what ever makes you happy.

  7. TF2 is a greater game than Overwatch will ever be, no doubt about it; but I still prefer Overwatch for various reasons. (Like the fact that the interface is the slightest bit user friendly)

    (TF2 is the greatest first person shooter of all time, I mean, come on, you can't beat over a decade of popularity)

  8. Bruh I’d kinda like to see your branch out into single-player games like Skyrim or something, I think Skyrim vids from you could be great because (at least I feel) you are a magnet for silly shit

  9. I personaly dont care if you play something else but most time they change game to fortnite or back then overwatch the problem is that theres way to many fortnite streamers / youtubers i dont like those game its overrated and boring to watch

  10. I mean the only reason I watch your videos is cuz you're one of those youtubers who don't play fortnite, that's the only reason I enjoy your content, so if ya want to branch(?) out I don't really care, u do u

  11. If the game wasn't just the latest Fortnite or Overwatch (or any new, super popular game!) People would be a lot less upset, loads of people would get pissed if you say made a Fortnite video, but probably wouldn't care if you played portal 2 co-op or something. People hate this variety content you talk about, but they hate these new games a lot more, if they liked Fortnite or Overwatch, chances are, they wouldn't be playing tf2

  12. The thing about muselk is that now he is playing just fortnite this is not variety. He played overwach tf2 and some retarded games untul fortnite.

  13. My (ex) fav Youtuber- MsBreezy- burned out of GMod one time, and she came back. Muselk stopped for a bit and came back. LazyPurple came back. So that means basiclly anyone could come back to any type of content.

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