1. He rE-rEaD tHe rAvEn bOyS and I was here thinking I won't find anyone who read it because it's not exactly really popular!!!!!!! yassssssssssssss

  2. A book bone would be best used for things like cookbooks I would think, or it would be good for when you’re on one page for a while

  3. While walking back to class my friend was walking and reading, and she walked right past the classroom, almost all the way down the hall.

  4. I work in a bookstore and we actually sell things similar to some of these and tbh I cringe when I have to sell some things XD

  5. Dude the flop is amazing because then I can eat at the same time, holding bowl and chopsticks in the other hand ✌️✨

  6. BOOK DARTS!! YES!! I have been using them for a while and have recently given some to my friends. They are far better than any old bookmark and super snug too. 11/10 Product

  7. My mom has a book weight like the first product but it's leather. It's nice for cookbooks because it keeps it open to the page you need and you won't get messy fingerprints on your book

  8. I don't even like to mark my book that I'm adapting into a screenplay. Had to do it for a class once (or needed annoying post-its), but unless I got a copy specifically for marking, then no.
    And then my copy of the book gets ruined in the rain in my backpack. My backpack, a doomsday device for books. :.(

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