Ten Steps to Writing and Publishing Your Family History

6 thoughts on “Ten Steps to Writing and Publishing Your Family History

  1. My great grand pop was born 1845, he was in the Indian war's he was not sent to Liberia. Now he labeled Black & someone is posting the wrong picture; it's a cousin born in 1900. We know he's full blood Timucuan. Can we correct that?

  2. I've been working on a family history that seemed very manageable when I began, but has had scope creep! This was very helpful in assisting me in getting my mind around how I will do it. Thank you!

  3. I am presenting a Daughter of American Revolution informative presentation on how to write a Family History Book.  I made such a book through My Canvas, ancestry.com's publishing software.  I really didn't have the information about numbering when I wrote my book several years ago.  But, I am going to share your information, as well, because it's useful in correctly presenting genealogical material. Thanks for this presentation which will greatly assist me in my presentation this weekend.

  4. Missed this webinar last week and just viewed it. Thanks for helping me get a handle on organizing my writing. The steps and tips were exactly what I have needed to get going. I really appreciate the NEHGS excellent and free (!) webinars.

  5. I'm only 25 minutes into this and already it's been extremely helpful.  I'm a great detective, and a huge information seeker, and I love to write and share information.  I am not so great at organization and detail work!  Having somebody lay out the possibilities and explain the process is fantastic.

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