Telly Savalas–Biography

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  1. Telly Savalas & Anthony Quinn, are real true life tough guys,nice guys & intelligent gentlemen in their life time, witch they incorporated in their business of making great movies…nuff said.

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  3. They offer teddy another james bond movie more than two times after on her majesty. The fifth james bond movie

  4. Well like Anthony Quinn, their private lives were a horror to those close to them. Great actors, but as men..???

  5. In the spring of 1978, I was helping a man pull wire through pipes in the parking garage at Universal studios in LA, we ate lunch in the hotel lobby, Mr. Savalas came up to the table and started talking to me out of the blue, asking questions about my life. That really shocked me. At the time I was just working part-time for a man who was putting in security cameras at the studio, I was in the active duty Marines station at El Toro and was just earning a little extra money. He was wondering if I was Greek. 🙂 He stayed at the table until we were done with lunch and made small talk. I reminded him of someone he knew in the old days. When I was in boot camp at San Diego in 1974 and bald-headed the other Marines called me Kojak. Some people think that I look like him. You can look at my picture on here and see That I kind of look like him.

  6. Still think Kojak was the best cop ever. Just listened to Telly on ‘The Extraordinary’ an Australian TV show talking about his ghost story, a chilling experience he had when he was young.

  7. One of the best grittiest series ever kojak was. No CGI and no tricks. Theo, crocker, stavros, sapperstein, rizzo and frank his captain they made kojak pure class. It was filmed on the streets and came through as almost believable how real they made it. R.I.P telly and who loves ya baby, wee always will.

  8. What a beautiful sexy man he was and still is, there is only one Telly Savalas, I kardia mou sou anikei ❤️

  9. I was going to live in Athens and remember watching Kojak there. That summer I visited my parents in California and saw the series there as well. Very entertaining.

  10. It's a shame that we're a generation removed from his peak years. I have said that he would have been the perfect Lex Luthor.

  11. I've always thought that a Kojak 2 could had perhaps been made staring James Gandifini lead actor of the sopranos, whom would had made a brilliant modern day Kojak detective, & using some of the soprano cast from the series as updated detectives working with him. But unfortunately as we all know James died a few yrs back so that dream will never ever be accomplished with that particular actor. Yes imo Mr Gandifini would had made a hella great Kojak 2 detective for the 21st century.

  12. PLEASE pray that I Am immediately AND automatically bless with my own comedy show that last fifteen years or more THANK YOU. Thank you all for all your Loving PRAYERS..Thank you the blessed Lord and saviour JESUS CHRIST.

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