Tehelka Poetry – With Sudeep Sen

so the boy gargle is part of the long sequence of bones I wrote about the dark it was a trip to the dark for two and a half months and in kalkan was actually not part of the stall I had a young son there and he wanted to go to cargill big curly because he was at an age may was playing with guns and he said Bob I want to see bullets in sure and so on so of course we went there it was a very unremarkable place you know where nothing happened but of course in a fur report everything is buried in memory then you can see through everything so that was the context of the fun gargle our street of smoke and fences gutters gorged with weed and reeking scorching iron grooves of rusted galvanized a dialect forged with burning asphalt and a sky that moves with Thunderhead kumily grumbling with rain 10 years on I came searching for war signs of the past expecting remnants magazine debris unexploded shells shrapnel that mark Baum wounds I came looking for hosts people passed skeletons charred abandoned brick what's a man that once housed them I could only find whispers whispers among the clamor of a small town outpost in full throttle every day chose catching outward signs of normalcy and life in that bustle I spot war lines of a decade ago though the story lines are kept buried wrapped in old newsprint there's order amid uneasiness the mere sins cry the monks chant baritones merging in their separateness at the bus station black coughs of exhaust smoke screen every the roads meet and after the crossroad ritual diverge skating along the undoubted lines of control a porous Garland with crack beads adorns tiger hill beyond the mountains are dark memories and beyond them no one knows and beyond them no one wants to know even the flight of birds that wing over their crests don't know which feathers to down chameleon like they fly tracing perfect parabolas I look up and calculate their exact arc and find instead of flawed theorem you

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